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His Crazy Queen

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She's 25, she's freaking rich....a billionaire. She's the richest and the most successful lady in South Korea. She's the daughter of the former president Banks. She's the owner of Krystal group of companies, the biggest in Korea. She's also a fashionista, a fashion idol who owns Arizona's fashion institute, the biggest in Korea and popular for idols patronization. She lives a lavish and extravagant lifestyle. She can buy hundred different car brands at the flick of a finger. She spends billions at a standstill. Cosmetics, shoes, clothes of different designers, jewelries, shoes and brands of bags are her babies. She spends money on them everyday. She has been tagged a shoppaholic. To top it all, she's a sociopath. A f*cking crazy one. Her name is ARIZONA BANKS, the psycho herself. The first daughter of the rich BANKS family. She has two juniors.... Adam and Cassidy. Adam eye candy, he's 18. Cassidy Banks, the pretty baby of the house, the last born...she's 15, a student of Flowers high, junior class. The parents are former president Paulson Banks and Rita Banks. Arizona has a rival, her name is Arielle Lee. Arielle is the daughter of an assemblyman, she's the owner of Wealth group of companies, the second biggest in Korea. She's also a fashionista like Arizona, another fashion idol, she owns Arielle's fashion institute, the second most popular after Arizona's but at times, it competes with it. Arielle is proud and arrogant, she never gets along with Arizona, they hate the sight of each other. Arizona believes a lot in dramas and her whole life depends on it. She loves romance movies but she hates romance for real. Why?, Due to the ups and downs involved in love, she's not ready to cry over a guy. Guys and men flock around her but .. she's not a fan of feelings. She calls all men snakes.... different species. Things changed when she met a cold guy. Vince Mendelssohn. Who's he? How did they meet? Cold meets crazy Surely some crazy occurrences will take place. You don't wanna miss this swears. Buckle your belts and get ready to laugh a lot as I take you guys on this enjoyable spree



Arizona's cries filled the whole office and anyone passing by will think something bad really happened.

Her gorgeously pedicured legs are on the table and she has a big bowl of popcorn with her, she hugged the bowl to her chest.

She's eating the popcorn as she cried, watching a drama on TV.

"How sad" she sobbed, eating from the popcorn again.

She has finished almost a roll of tissue in wiping her tears.

"Guys are wicked, how could he do that to her" she cried, eating from the popcorn again as she continued watching the movie.

Her manager entered the office and sighed, knowing she's at it again.

"Ligament is that you?" She asked, still not looking away from the TV.

" Manager Yang, not Ligament" he replied, coming in fully .

He sighed, seeing the mess of tissues on the ground.

"Those aren't real tears" he said and Arizona looked up at him.

"This movie is heartbreaking seriously, how could Hoseok break up with Jenny after five years of dating, five f*cking years Ligament" she sniffed.

" It's Manager Yang, not Ligament" Yang replied, folding his fists

Arizona continued crying while eating popcorn.

"All men are snakes, Hoseok is a cobra" she cried

"Then can I call Mr Banks a python?" Yang said and Arizona glared at him.

" My dad?, Are you crazy?, Are you crazy!" She shouted, throwing the popcorn bowl at him

He avoided it and it landed on the ground.

She stood and put off the TV before wiping her fake tears.

"And you should really take this TV out of this place, it's an office,not a living room" Yang said.

" I get to decide how my office will look like ok?" she replied and gasped.

" My blue car is arriving today!"

"Another car?, You bought three cars this month already and this is just the twentieth day of the month, you have more than thirty cars that you haven't driven in your garage, Arizona!" Yang cautioned.

Arizona smiled and flaunted her hair

"What's so wrong about it?, I own my money anyways, I'm thinking of buying a skyscraper by next month, oh I need another private jet too,I got tired of the current one, then I'll buy...

"The whole Korea should come next, you'll buy the whole Korea at this rate, look Arizona, I know you have the money but....

"Why are you here?, The last time I checked, I'm done with all my scheduled appointments for today" she interrupted.

" Mr Kevin is waiting at the institute already" Yang replied and her eyes widened.

" Zanillia's manager?"

" Yes, so you have to meet him as soon as possible if you really wanna get the contract" Yang said and Arizona smiled.

" Yes!, Arielle is so dead!" She gushed, walking into her dressing room.

Yeah, she has a dressing room in her office and it's full of luxury just like her dressing room at home.

She changes anytime she needs to go out.

She came out twenty minutes later, looking more stunning in another dress, she retouched her makeup too.

"Let's go Ligament!" She said happily, almost bouncing on her heels.

" It's Yang... Yang" Yang muttered as he walked beside her.

They took the elevator downstairs and her staffs kept bowing as she walked out with Yang.

Her guards joined her in front of the company and Yang opened the car door for her.

"I don't need guards, stay back" she ordered and the numerous guards stepped back

She got in the car and Yang got in with her.

"The institute" Yang said and the driver drove.

Arizona kept pressing her phone, ordering every new designer she comes across.

"ding!, This bag!" She said, ordering the fifth one.

"Can you just stop already?, We've been on the road for just ten minutes and I can't even count the number of shoes and bags you've ordered... please!, Just please!" Yang cautioned.

"Ligament?" She called

"It's Yang" he replied.

"Have you ever bought me a pant?" She said, looking at him while tossing her phone on her Palm.

" How could you say something so ... Vulgar" Yang said and she grinned.

"I own my money!, Seems like I've been too lenient on you these days, I should make you drink aloe vera juice once we get back to the office" she replied.

Aloe vera juice is a drink she specially made, a mixture of juice and aloe vera...f*cking bitter.

Any of her staffs who misbehaves will have to drink three cups.

"No, ok my lips are sealed" Yang held his lips and she scoffed.

She smiled and returned to her phone but noticed the car is not moving.

"Hey what's happening?" She asked the driver.

"Someone is causing commotion upfront" the driver replied.

" Commotion?, On this busy road?" She raised a brow and got her black shades.

" Where are you going?" Yang asked.

" To stop the commotion" she replied richly.

" But....

She's already out of the car before he could finish.

She put on her shades and smirked before starting her stylish walk to the scene.

A woman who looks obviously rich is busy throwing the things of another obviously poor woman across the road, the poor woman is busy begging but it seems the arrogant rich one is not ready.

The rich woman suddenly slapped the poor one and she fell blindly.

Arizona got to the scene just when the rich woman made to throw another thing.

"What's happening here?" She questioned the woman

She brought down her hand and faced Arizona.

" Who are you to question me" she barked.

" Who am I?" Arizona chuckled.

" This worthless thing was selling milkshakes beside this road without taking permission from anyone!, She's destroying the face of Korea!" The woman shouted at Arizona's face.

" Stay back!, You smell gross!, Was your perfume made of garlic?" Arizona fanned her nose with her hand.

" What!" Mrs garlic-scent replied shockingly.

"So because she was selling her wares beside the road, you started tossing it away, do you know if this is her only way of living?" Arizona said.

" I don't care!" Mrs garlic-scent said and kicked the poor woman with her heels.

Arizona turned Mrs garlic-scent to herself and slapped her soundly, making everyone gasp.

"She's Mrs Yeji, the chairwoman of Gold group" Yang whispered behind her.

" Oh really?" Arizona said and slapped Mrs Yeji on the other cheek.

"Arizona!" Yang cautioned but she slapped Mrs Yeji again and again till she fell.

"How dare you!" Mrs Yeji said, her eyes red already as a result of the slaps.

Arizona pulled the poor woman up and wiped her tears.

"Yang, one of my debit cards" she said.

Yang gave her one and she gave the woman.

"004, spend it judiciously" she said .

"Huh?, For me?, gamsahamnida!, Jungmal gomasseumnida (Thanks, I'm very grateful)" the woman said and Arizona smiled as she walked away.

Mrs Yeji spranged up.

"Arizona!, You're going down for this!" She spat.

"So you know my name, I don't know what makes you stupid but whatever it is, it's working perfectly" Arizona replied and left with Yang.

" The battle line has just been drawn!" Mrs Yeji yelled after her

" Arizona, Mrs Yeji is old enough to be your mother how could you" Yang whispered beside her.

Arizona stopped and turned back.

"Why didn't you tell me that earlier" she said and walked back to Mrs Yeji.

Yeji smirked.

"Here to apologise?" She glared.

"No, to complete your dose" Arizona smiled and slapped her again.

" Arizona!" Yang gasped.




"That'll be all for today, let's call it a wrap" the cheerful lecturer said, packing his books.

" Yes sir" the students chorused.

Vince took his two books and stood.

His jean is faded, same as the shirt he's wearing, his sneakers are far from good but his face is handsome.

"Are you going already?, We still have one class left" Chrissy said beside him.

Chrissy is a rich girl... everyone in the school is rich except him.

He's here on scholarship right from his year one till now cos of his extreme brilliance.

Chrissy is his only friend.

"I won't be able to wait, I have to go work part-time" he replied.

"You got an additional one?" She asked, standing up.

" Yeah" he replied.

"You have three before, plus this additional one, making four, Vince the stress" she said, holding his arm.

" I wasn't born with a silver spoon like you, I have to work to support my junior brother and mum" he replied.

" But I can help, I can give you a black card and you won't have to work again" she offered.

She offered that several times but he has always turned her down.

"Can you borrow me your new textbook?" He asked, ignoring the question.

"Of course" she replied and quickly brought it out.

He took it and made to go but she held him still.

"I'll give you a ride, lemme drop you" she said.

"No, you should stay for the last class so I'll get the note from you tommorow" he said and she let him go reluctantly.

" Ok, see you!" She said.

He left class and Chrissy inhaled before sitting.

"Just how many part time jobs will he do" she muttered.

Vince was still walking out of school when he bumped into Summer.

Summer is the daughter of the owner of the school so she always gets away with anything she does, good or bad.

She has never tried doing good though.

"Hey golden boy" she said, touching his face but he stepped back.

He tried taking another way but she blocked him again.

"Why don't we click?, Like get closer?" She smiled, trying to touch his face again but he held her hand.

She moaned b*tchily and smiled.

"I love your touch, how I wish it was on another place, my b**bs" she winked.

"You have a lot of money, buy some dignity if possible" he glared and threw her hand off before leaving.

Summer chuckled, watching him till he left her sight.

"You belong to me... Vince" she smiled.

Vince hasn't gotten out of the school when his phone rang.

He brought out his phone ... The screen is filled with cracks already.

It's Blaze calling, his junior brother.

He picked quickly and Immediately heard struggling sounds

"Hyung!" Blaze's voice said urgently.

"What's up?" He asked quickly.

"The house owner is here, threatening to throw us out" Blaze replied.

" Where's mum?" He asked.

" She's trying to beg but Mrs Yun is not ready to listen!" Blaze said.

" I'll be there" Vince replied and hung up.

He stopped a taxi which drove him home.

He got home and truly the house owner, Mrs Yun is not smiling.

"It's been six good months!, Six months since you losers payed your rent!, I'm not running a charity organization!, It's my house and you need to pay!" She ranted.

" Mrs Yun... please...." Vince tried to beg.

" Don't beg me I'm tired of it!, People will think I'm wicked if they see me shouting like this,not knowing you guys are the real devils!" She yelled.

" We're sorry, I promise to pay up before the end of this month, I promise" Vince pleaded.

" You better!, If you don't!, I'll throw you guys out!, Seems you guys were cursed with poverty!, Find a way to lift the curse and pay me my money! " She said and left angrily.

" Mum you didn't shout with her did you?, You know it's dangerous for you" Vince said, holding Alena.

" I didn't" she smiled sadly.

" Hyung" Blaze said.

" Stay with mum, I need to go work right now" Vince said.

" I need to go work too, I got a part time job too, you can't be the only one working" Blaze said, putting on his worn out shoes.

"I told you to just focus on reading, you're resuming school tomorrow remember?" Vince protested

" Bye mum!" Blaze smiled, rushing outta the house.

" Let him be, you know how stubborn he can be" Alena said.

" I'll be on my way too" Vince said.

" Alright" Alena smiled as he left the house too.



All her staffs and students bowed in greetings as Arizona walked in.

The video of what she did to Mrs Yeji is trending fast but as usual, she cares less.

Yang led her into her office where Mr Kevin is waiting.

Mr Kevin is the manager of Zanillia

Zanillia is a multibillionaire in China, she's currently in need of a new fashionista for her dresses.

Arielle and Arizona are both struggling to get her attention so it's like survival of the fittest.

Anyone who gets the contract will surely become more popular.

"Hey Mr Kevin" Arizona sat in front of him.

"Miss Banks" he smiled naughtily.

Yang excused them.

"The showcase is next week, I need you to tell me Zanillia's preferences" she said and Kevin smiled.

" Nothing goes for nothing" Kevin smiled

"If I get you right, you want something in return" she replied.

" You're just as smart as you've been described, well yes" he replied.

"What do you want?" She asked and he stood.

He walked to her and stood behind her.

She suddenly felt his hands on her shoulders, caressing it.

"You" he whispered and she smiled.

She licked her lower lip slowly.


"Yes you, a night is ok" he replied, still caressing her shoulders.

Her expression suddenly changed and she grabbed his arm, twisting it hard.

"Aarrgh!!!!" Kevin screamed in pains.

Arizona stood and flipped him across her shoulder.

He landed on the ground heavily, his tailbone almost breaking.

"Snake!, Freak!, You want me?, Hahahaha!, How funny, you?, You must have been born in an highway cos that's where most accidents happen" she glared.

Another look at his shoes, she pulled them off his legs.

"No! shoes!" He shouted.

Yang rushed in and his eyes widened when he saw Kevin's position.

"Arizona!, How could you take his shoes, he can't possibly walk out with only his socks, what did you do to him?" He said, facing her.

Arizona looked back at the socks on Kevin's legs and smiled like a witch.

"Thanks for reminding me Ligament" she said and went back to Kevin.

She ripped the socks off his legs.




Arizona's limousine made it's entry and she hopped out, looking stern.

The guards surrounding the house bowed as she entered the house.

Rita and Paulson (her parents) are already waiting in the living room.

She removed her shades and settled on one of the couches.

"Cold water" she said and one of the maids got it for her.

She took it and gulped it down slowly before giving the cup back to the maid.

Rita and Paulson kept looking at her in awe.

"Hey" she said and the maid came back.

"An apple, slice it into four pieces" she said.

"Yes miss" the maid bowed and left.

She came with the sliced apple and Arizona took one slice.

She took a bite and faced her parents.

"Good day mum, what's up Dad?" She smiled.

"And what's so good about the day, the whole of Seoul is talking about you Arizona!" Paulson


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