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Daisy Crystal

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She's 25, she's freaking rich....a billionaire. She's the richest and the most successful lady in South Korea. She's the daughter of the former president Banks. She's the owner of Krystal group of companies, the biggest in Korea. She's also a fashionista, a fashion idol who owns Arizona's fashion institute, the biggest in Korea and popular for idols patronization. She lives a lavish and extravagant lifestyle. She can buy hundred different car brands at the flick of a finger. She spends billions at a standstill. Cosmetics, shoes, clothes of different designers, jewelries, shoes and brands of bags are her babies. She spends money on them everyday. She has been tagged a shoppaholic. To top it all, she's a sociopath. A f*cking crazy one. Her name is ARIZONA BANKS, the psycho herself. The first daughter of the rich BANKS family. She has two juniors.... Adam and Cassidy. Adam eye candy, he's 18. Cassidy Banks, the pretty baby of the house, the last born...she's 15, a student of Flowers high, junior class. The parents are former president Paulson Banks and Rita Banks. Arizona has a rival, her name is Arielle Lee. Arielle is the daughter of an assemblyman, she's the owner of Wealth group of companies, the second biggest in Korea. She's also a fashionista like Arizona, another fashion idol, she owns Arielle's fashion institute, the second most popular after Arizona's but at times, it competes with it. Arielle is proud and arrogant, she never gets along with Arizona, they hate the sight of each other. Arizona believes a lot in dramas and her whole life depends on it. She loves romance movies but she hates romance for real. Why?, Due to the ups and downs involved in love, she's not ready to cry over a guy. Guys and men flock around her but .. she's not a fan of feelings. She calls all men snakes.... different species. Things changed when she met a cold guy. Vince Mendelssohn. Who's he? How did they meet? Cold meets crazy Surely some crazy occurrences will take place. You don't wanna miss this swears. Buckle your belts and get ready to laugh a lot as I take you guys on this enjoyable spree


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