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Her Baby's Daddy

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Born into an extremely influential family in the Far West of the United States, Janis Walter, of course had every right to throw her weight around in every which way she could. She possessed characteristics most people who believed in gender inequality thought was supposed to be for the male gender, and unfit for a feminine goddess like her. But you know one thing? They were wrong. Janis considered them all wrong and they dared not challenge her. On the opposite side was Jax Storms. Not wealthy, not poor... Just in between. Sure, like every western man, he was masculine, but what happens when he comes in contact with Janis who was overbearingly domineering? And in the most unlucky way too. They had a one night stand! ~. .~ Janis gasped in shock when she saw Jax, after haven not seen him since that night. Memories from that night immediately hit her like a moving truck, and she flushed, her cheeks turning red immediately. He didn't look like he did the last time she had seen him; he looked very different, more sophisticated and very rich. To her surprise, he turned out to be the CEO of the corporation that was closely in range with hers. "Hello." Janis said and his eyes narrowed immediately, before giving her a fake smile that didn't even reach his eyes. "How are..." "I didn't come here for a reunion." Jax cut her off and eyed her. He didn't like how she smiled at him, he believed it was fake and she was just like her younger sister, who looked down on people who had no status attached to their name. "Then what did you come here for?" She asked, unable to believe that the CEO standing in front of her had been the designated driver who got her pregnant. "I want custody of my child." He deadpanned and the smile drained from her face.

A Badass and More.

In a faraway hall in a hotel, two lovers were quarrelling.

"How dare you do that to me?" The female yelled at her love partner.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, but I needed the money." The male pleaded.

"Can't you please understand me?"

"Understand you?"

The female huffed.

"You just cheated on me."

Unable to take it any longer, he yelled back at her.

"Because you kept asking for things I couldn't afford, I had no other choice but to do this to earn money."

His female counterpart took a step backwards.

"So you're trying to blame me?"

"If you weren't too materialistic, even after knowing I lost my job and had no stable job at the moment, and had understood me... Maybe, just maybe I wouldn't have retorted to this." Her male lover yelled back at her.

At the other end, the door to one of the hotel rooms opened smoothly and a graceful figure walked out of it.

Wearing an expensive black cashmere coat over a Chanel tank top and Gucci camo pants, with a beautiful silver YSL purse adorning her outfit, you could easily tell she was an expensive lady with class.

Not only was her outfit on a rich level, but her jewellery also stood out too. Her ears looked like they held white rubies with them, and her neck was more defined after a white diamond necklace sat on it like it was made to sit there.

Her eyes caught sight of the two figures at the other end fighting over something and she smiled. She walked towards the duo.

As her 10 inches heels moved on the tiled floor with every click, she got closer until she was just about a metre from them. She walked closer.

As she got to them, the two had to stop fighting to adore the way this lady looked. The other female in particular couldn't help but feast her eyes on the expensive-looking lady.

Calculating how much everything she wore cost, the fighting female couldn't help but wish in her mind that everything she wore was hers.

The lady walked to the man and kissed him romantically, not minding his girlfriend was with him.

Too shocked, the male couldn't move.

The lady broke the kiss after some time and then spoke up.

"You were awesome on the bed last night. Though, one piece of advice... Improve a little on your size. Your 5 inches wasn't that satisfying."

Then she smiled at him and glanced at his girlfriend who had her mouth wide open and smiled at her too. Feeling like her work here was done, she turned her back on them and walked on, her smile quickly disappearing.

"You're so unbelievable. We're done here."

That was the last word Janis heard from the duo arguing. And it was the voice of the female.

She was so good at stuff like this... Breaking up couples whom she had trapped with her money.

She enjoyed things like this.

She had more than enough, and combined with her parent's wealth, spending money on unnecessary things was not strange to her.

Rather, it had become a habit...

Something she had to do daily.

Stepping out of the hotel's main space and into the driveway, she beeped her Ferrari open, got into it and drove off...

... To her next destination.

Her name was not something new.

It was well known.

Successful young ladies were not rare, but she was extraordinarily Successful.

Very successful, she had everyone at her beck and call.

She was...

Janis Walter!

Janis's Ferrari pulled into a club almost on the outskirts of the city.

It was a very popular club, and Janis was a regular there.

but got out of her car,, as usual, the security left their posts by the doors of the club and rushed to her side.

Janis handed her purse to a lady who ran to her out of habit, and she walked behind the bodyguards as they headed inside the clubhouse.

Janis picked out the VIP seat as she had always done every time she came here and a bodyguard pulled out the chair for her to sit on, and only after she was seated did the lady earlier place Janis's purse on the table she was seated on and left together with the bodyguards.

Janis smirked as she watched them leave and return to their posts. She was no stranger to these gestures, but they amused her all the time.

Imagine being slaves for money...

I mean, there was nothing Money couldn't do in this world!

It gave her happiness.

It was her everything.

And she loved every bit of it!

Suddenly, like she was in a movie, her countenance changed and she snapped her neck to the side and turned all serious.


The bartender left his place behind the bar desk, tending to the drinks and hurried to go answer her.

"The regular, right?"

"Yes, get me the regular." She replied without hesitation.

Only when the bartender turned his back to go get her order did she change her mind.

"Hey, wait."

The bartender slowly turned to her.

"Yes, miss?"

"I'll get something different this time, but I don't know what. Give me a suggestion."

Janis stared at the man.

"We have warm drinks, we have alcohol-free drinks, we have drinks with very high alcohol percentage, we..."

Janis interrupted him.

"Get me a drink with very high alcohol. I'm so happy, I want to get tipsy."

"But miss, you drove here..."

Janis waved her hand in the air like she was clearing off the man's words.

"I'll just call a substitute driver."

The bartender knew it better to agree than argue with her, so he just dropped it.

"Okay, if you say so."

"Get me some snacks that'd go well with it as well," Janis ordered.

"Alright, I'll do just that." The bartender replied and left.

Janis opened her purse zipper to bring out her phone. She made a quick phone call and texted quite a few times.

In this club, she never danced.

She only visited here often to throw her weight around and boss the people around here.

She never felt bad for it at all.

After all, it was all her money's magic.

She couldn't care less.

So, all she could do here was use her phone as a company.

In less than three minutes, the bartender showed up again with her order.

Paying respect to the drink, she dropped her phone back into her purse and started drinking and munching on the snack.

Soon enough, she was tipsy as hell and felt drunk.

So, she just dropped the bottle in her hand down and put her head on the table.

She's Janis Walter!

"She's wasted."

"Truly wasted. I told you, didn't I?"

"Indeed, you did. But, how did you know she'd be here?"

"You forgot I visit this bar frequently? I spotted her one time here and decided to keep tabs on her."

"You did well, more so calling me at the right time."

"Shall we seize this opportunity? There's no one watching us right now."

"Of course."

He picked up Janis's purse.

"This purse should cost quite a lot, why don't we take it?"

"Or we could take the diamond necklace instead. It definitely would cost more than the purse and everything in it."

"That's a good idea too, But why not take the two? What's stopping us?"

The man smirked.

"I agree. It's not like she'd remember anything since she's so drunk. And no one is likely to stop us, because out of h


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