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Marvy Hyacinth

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Born into an extremely influential family in the Far West of the United States, Janis Walter, of course had every right to throw her weight around in every which way she could. She possessed characteristics most people who believed in gender inequality thought was supposed to be for the male gender, and unfit for a feminine goddess like her. But you know one thing? They were wrong. Janis considered them all wrong and they dared not challenge her. On the opposite side was Jax Storms. Not wealthy, not poor... Just in between. Sure, like every western man, he was masculine, but what happens when he comes in contact with Janis who was overbearingly domineering? And in the most unlucky way too. They had a one night stand! ~. .~ Janis gasped in shock when she saw Jax, after haven not seen him since that night. Memories from that night immediately hit her like a moving truck, and she flushed, her cheeks turning red immediately. He didn't look like he did the last time she had seen him; he looked very different, more sophisticated and very rich. To her surprise, he turned out to be the CEO of the corporation that was closely in range with hers. "Hello." Janis said and his eyes narrowed immediately, before giving her a fake smile that didn't even reach his eyes. "How are..." "I didn't come here for a reunion." Jax cut her off and eyed her. He didn't like how she smiled at him, he believed it was fake and she was just like her younger sister, who looked down on people who had no status attached to their name. "Then what did you come here for?" She asked, unable to believe that the CEO standing in front of her had been the designated driver who got her pregnant. "I want custody of my child." He deadpanned and the smile drained from her face.


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