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He's A Korean Sex God - Hide Your Wives

He's A Korean Sex God - Hide Your Wives

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Meet Lee Chun, the son of a billionaire, he is super handsome, and oh yes! He is a sex freak. Lee Chun's many sexual exploits with the ladies have earned him the nickname Sex God. He is a real-time player who doesn't believe in love...Meet Ji-a, a beautiful bolf orphan girl, who has no one but herself and her lovely heart. What happens when these two very different souls meet? Find out in this blockbuster novel.

Chapter 1

Author's POV

The city of Seoul is very beautiful and lively place especially in the night where all the bright street lights mix together with the buildings light as well as the car lights to form a spectacle of beauty to behold from the horizon

A wonderful sight indeed but if you are looking for real spectacle there is no place to look than the Lee's mansion.

An architectural perfection, 90% of the building is made up of see through, pure bullet proof glass, the building stretches twice as wide as a football pitch and it towels high up...

A large swimming pool down at the ground and a medium swimming up in the building itself. It is situated at the bay of a sea, and from the building one could admire the beautiful ocean.

The design of the building is one of a kind, infact only one of such buildings exist in the whole world, that is because Mr Lee Hung paid millions of dollars just to pertain the design only for himself so no one can use it.

If anyone should build such a building they would be sued to court and not only will they pay huge compensation the building would also be demolished...

Mia, Lee Chun's elder sister just came back home from her business meeting. Stepping down gracefully from her white Ferrari, her long expensive silver-whilte heels making a slight sound as it touched the neatly tiled floor.

Mia always dresses smartly and flashy, she clothes herself only in the most expensive outfits, only the most famous designers can style her.

Today she is dressed in all white. A white jacket and jeans with a stylish white purse only her glasses were black. She has this thing she does, the colour of her dress always matches the colour of her vehicle.

If she is dressed in black, she drives in a black car. Dressed in red, a red car, now she is dressed in white and she drove a white Ferrari...

Mia is the first child, she is 26 already and a very hard-working lady being a very integral part of Lee's business empire success.

She ought to still be in a meeting with some clients of her father's company but she had to return home when she got a call, a call from her very good, pretty friend who is age mates with her and based in London.

Her pretty friend called an hour ago to inform Mia that she has just arrived at Seoul's airport. Mia was very excited, she hasn't seen her friend Min-seo for close to 4 years now since she went to London for schooling.

She must have grown more beautiful. Mia was really happy and excited to see her friend once again, so she called home and informed them to go pick up her friend from the airport and bring her home. She also cancelled her meetings with her dad's clients so she can go and welcome her friend Min-seo home ....

[ inside the mansion ]

“ Min-seo I'm back! "

Mia announced, excitedly as made her way into the first sitting room.

They have 7 other sitting rooms in the building...

She couldn't wait to give her friend a long tight hug but... She didn't see Min-seo anywhere in the large sitting room, only her younger sister Kia who was lying down, back flat on one of the sofas, her phone just above her face.

Kia is a 22 years old pretty lady, she loves partying and having fun a lot_ and oh yes! She is a social media freak.

Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebooking.. you just name it.

Let's just say she is the direct opposite of her elder sister Mia.

“ Kia, where is Min-seo ?

Wasn't she picked up from the airport? "

Mia asked but her sister who was still very much engrossed in her phone, to even noticed Mia had entered into the room let alone asking her a question.

Walking close to her.

“ Kiaaaa! "Mia screamed out her name and Kia jerked up.

In a sitting position now.

“ What?? Why did you have to call my name so loud?.. you freaking scared me. "

“ Where is Min-seo? "

She asked again, ignoring her sister's silly questions.

“ I don't know.. How am I to know? "

“ What! Didn't I call home specifically to inform you guys that my friend Min-seo was waiting in the airport so she can be fetched. Did nobody go to pick her up? Is she still in the airport!??? " She said, already flaring up in anger.

“ Of course we picked her up from the airport, one of the drivers did. She is in the building... Somewhere. I just don't know where exactly. You know this is a very big house, like it's really large and I'm not your friend's babysitter. can ask one of the maids, they ought to know where she is, " She said then lay back down resuming pressing on her phone.

Mia was much relieved when she found out that her friend Min-seo wasn't left stranded in the airport after all. She must be in one of the guestrooms but the problem is that they have 12 guest rooms in the mansion and it will be very difficult for sure to know which particular room her friend Min-seo is in.

‘ One of the maids should know '

Mia thought...

and just then one of the maids walked passed one of the passageways, the one just ahead of Mia.

“ Ha-yoon! " 

Mia called out and the maid came to her.

“ Good day madam, "

She greeted in a slight bow.

“ Where is Min-seo? "

She asked

“ Huh???_"

“ My friend? The pretty lady that arrived from the airport like an hour ago? "

Mia explained further.

“ Oh yes.. She is really, really pretty. " Ha-yoon said, smiling and laughing silly.

“ Is that the question I asked? "

Mia said in a slight frown.

“ Sorry madam. "

The maid quickly apologized.

“ Tell me where she is. Which of the guestrooms? "

“ Guestroom 7. "

“ Good, I need to see her, it's been so long, " Mia said making to leave

“ She isn't in the room presently Sir Lee Chun is showing her round the house. "

“ What!Lee Chun is home???? "

Mia had the face like she was experiencing a heart attack.

“ Yes Madam. "

“ Oh no! Oh no!... This is bad! "

Mia said then ran up the stairs heading straight for her brother's room.

She knew what mostly will be happening by now but prays that shouldn't be the case.

Lee Chun's POV

Oh yeah! This my sister pretty friend has the magic mouth, she has been sucking on my d**k for quite sometime now and it feels so f**king great!

She is one hell of a bad bitch!

She is rubbing my balls gently amid stroking and sucking my d**k...

She fasten her pace on my huge banana her saliva dripping down on the floor as she sucks me much more harder and deeper into her throat that my d**k was getting really hard.

“ Oh yeah... F**k! "

I swear.

All this while she maintained eye contact with me staring deep into my eyes as she perform wonders on my dick with her lips and tongue...whirling her tongue against my d**k was giving me unimaginable pleasure.

I need to f**k this bitch!

I need to f**k her now!!!...



What will happen next?

Oh no It seems like Mia's pretty friend Min-seo has fallen prey to Lee Chun's charms?

Will Lee Chun's get to seal the deal by f**king her or will his elder sister spoil the show?

Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 2

Lee Chun's POV

Oh my! This girl tongue must have sugar on it or something cause it's giving me too much sweetness.

Like seriously, she is sucking me so great that I feel like offloading all my c*m down her throat...

But not so soon, I can't c*m just yet. I have a reputation to maintain here.

I am the S*x god!

I mean I have a song written simply for my extraordinary performance.

This pretty bit*h won't make me c*m so easily. Never!

She will have up to 3- 5 orgasm before I have my first...

She was holding my d**k like it was some kind of rare trophy and she is pumping it into her mouth like it contains life giving oxygen.


She is really good.

I know she is determined to make me cum but sadly I'm in control of my joystick not the other way around. I decides when to c*m and when not to.

I place my right hand on the back of her head, pressing her head towards my d**k so it could enter even more deeper into her t


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