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Friendship Love Hatred

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Siddharth Singh Raizada and Arjun Kumar Bhalla are just like two poles apart. If Siddharth likes to mask his pain by his ruthless behavior, Arjun loves to hurt more by his venomous words. If Siddharth could control his anger to hide his emotions, Arjun could do to any extent to make Siddharth lose his temper. If Siddharth is an egoistic self-centered jerk, Arjun is an unemotional frigid psycho. There was a time when they both even can’t stand the opposite side of any team, but now they cant bear their presence even at a 100 feet distance. Time has passed away still they are standing at the edge where they seemed to be lost forever. Friends can become the best enemy if they part ways by some mere misunderstandings. Friends can only hurt us in a way more than we could expect if they turned to the other side of us. Here is a story where friendship, love, even hatred have special space in every aspect. A strong friendship where no one can even dream to break, but it’s lost forever with a small misunderstanding. True love which is formed only based on trust broke only with the lack of trust. The hatred is now living between these people who have nothing more left with. ***** Ishita Raizada, a beautiful young emotional girl is broken beyond repair. She is trying hard to cope up with the new changes in her life. What will happen when she meets the person who is the reason for her destruction again after two long years? Will they be able to forgive and now on in their lives? Arjun entered their lives only to make them more miserable. But is it only them? Mishty Gupta, a colorful girl who has sky dreams gets entangled with their lives. Can she be able to achieve her dreams by not meddling with these people? How will her life change with her entry into another mysterious group of people? Mihir Arora, the reason for Siddharth smile and he could make Arjun calm with just one smile. He is the only hope where everything can come to normal. Will he be able to bring his friends back to how they have been?

Chapter 1

Two years is such a big gap for anyone to forget about anything. But is it enough to forget anything? He closed his eyes to repeat the question. The tears which formed in his eyes gave the answers. NO, it's a freaking NO. Nothing can neither be forgotten nor be forgiven. Soon there will be days when he will be laughing the same as before without any depressions but the day is not visible to him in any near future.

Siddharth Singh raizada, the great-grandson of raizadas and the only son of business tycoon Raj Singh raizada who is ruling every corner of the world. He has built his empire, his own fashion house without his father's help. He has achieved everything in these two years thinking that it would help him to feel powerful and peaceful and as usual, he is wrong. Though he reached the top position, he still feels an emptiness at the end of the day. He doesn't want to give that credit to his past but still, it's the reason.

"bittu" a sweet voice pierced through his ears. No one has this audacity to call him as childish as this unless she is Ishitha Singh raizada. He smiled at irritation in that voice.

"dhi.. what happened," he asked as calmly as possible to cool down this sister of him who seemed to be p*ss*d off in this early morning.

"bittu, dad, he refused to come to this time also.... to your fashion show, "said Ishitha in her shaky sobbing voice. He just rolled his eyes as he knew this outcome. It's been 2 years dad had stopped talking to Siddharth. And Ishitha has never stopped making attempts to make everything the same as before. This every failure results in her heartbreak which surely Siddharth can't take it.

After consoling his sister, he entered his second home, his fashion house. Everyone just started working in jet speed looking at his arrival. This becomes a sort of drug addiction to him, to witness fear in the eyes of his employees. There was always fear and more to it respect for him. They knew about him as everything. He has always masked himself with an angry poker face. But the soft guy who still lives deep inside him is visible to his employees that are the sole reason they still work under him with this high temper of his which just burns everyone in a single blow.

"Just accept... The contract belongs to Royal groups... This big fat ego of yours is the only reason you lost this contract... "Randhawanth said eyeing him as if he won something next to impossible. This contract for collaborating with MK designers is not a big deal for Siddharth. But losing this to Randhawant, he can't let that happen. Randhawanth's phone started ringing. And who knows better than Siddharth what that call was about. He just sat across his chair and looked at Randhawanth's face which showed a million reactions, the reaction of anger frustration shock. Siddharth slowly sipped his black coffee to enjoy the scenery to the fullest.

"How's that possible" Randhawant snarled while Siddharth could only smile at his innocent question. Everyone in this business world knows the thing which is still unknown to Randhawanth.

"This will be SSR'S contract. or else there will be no contract" Siddharth told him as he hides his smirking eyes behind his glares making Randhawanth boil in anger. He seemed not to be pleased with his attitude but no one can help it.

And it's time for Siddharth to leave for a lunch meeting. He loves to drive his car especially when it's his first love Bugatti. Listening to his favorite music Siddharth drove at high speed.



"How much this post is important to you?" asked the CEO with having blank expressions over his face as if he doesn't want anyone to read his face. The girl who sat across him gulps in fear. The aura which surrounds them is surely sending a chill to the room. Raising his eyes to the girl, he repeats his question making her flinch by his tone.

"sir... I... really need this job. For my family, for my sister, for my mom" the girl tried her best to flatter the man with her sentimental drama. Little she knows that this man in front of her can never be buttered with the name of sentiments. His cold glares turned colder making her realize his displeasure by her answer.

"I need professionals who work with passion rather than those who work for money,(he closes the file of that girl) out," he said handling the file to her in the most polite manner ever he could present himself.

Arjun Kumar Bhalla, CEO of AK industries which is his industry of his dad Oam Kumar Bhalla. Arjun is known for his ruthless behavior when it comes to sentiments. He hates everyone who gives excuses for family, relations, everything. He doesn't trust anyone as if he has some problem with the word trust itself.

Putting on his seat belt he starts driving his Lamborghini. He just returned to Mumbai after two long years. And everything seemed to get changed to its best. He explores each and everything to his right side window to notice every d*mn beautiful thing in Mumbai.




"Jesus please let me fly over to that place at a time... I will break 102 coconuts for you" she prayed hard while on the other hand, she started her scooty

"Mishty, mental... coconut can be the best bribe to Ganapati pappa. You are bribing Jesus with coconut" snapped Payal, sister of Mishty while Mishty just winked at her sister in reply.

Mishty tries her ways best to reach for the interview at the time as possible. Her way of handling scooty is strong enough for one to say that soon there will be one accident. But she cares the least. Her main focus is only to drive fast and to reach her destination... She speeds up and with her other hand, she just wears her helmet she doesn't waste time.

Right at that moment, her scooty skipped with some force without giving her any warning. She was thrown away from her scooty which was sandwiched between Bugatti and Lambhorgini. She stood up abruptly and walked towards her baby, her scooty which is at her last stage of life.

"baccha... don't worry... I will save you at any cost" mumbled Mishty while caressing her scooty head as if she is consoling her child. She lifted her eyes to look at the damage she has done. These two cars, which were damaged due to her ignorant driving made her gulp visibly. But she chose to continue her drama of being a retarded talking with her scooty.

The two persons standing out there care least about Mishty's drama as they both lost in some thoughts deep. Mishty stood up as she thought there is nothing she could do.

"If you two can stop doing this eye lock romance?" asked Mishty in her low scared voice bringing both Siddharth and Arjun back to reality.

The world is so small. From whom they are running away, fate has brought it right in front of them. Siddharth gulps his pain deep inside while Arjun looks away as if he is not at all affected by his presence. The fight where both drags by their collars seemed to happened yesterday. But it's already two years. Meeting after two long years, neither of them seemed pleased instead they both were burning in hellfire.

Mishty couldn't comprehend the situation where she could sense the fire glares of the duo. She even couldn't guess if it's for her or not. "Listen, I am sorry I should have " Mishty tried her best to be so polite that they both could melt at her innocence.

"Keep this for your scooty and you can share this with that person also to take care of his car" commented Arjun while handling Mishty a cheque of 1 lakh.

Mishty blinked in confusion for some seconds that's when Siddharth stepped in between them giving another cheque to Mishty which is a blank one "use this to give tips to that CEO also" saying so Siddharth smirks at Arjun where he already tightens his fists ready to murder Siddharth. If looks can burn anyone, both Siddharth and Arjun would turn into ashes right now.

Mishty looked at both with her wide eyes. These two men should be insane. If they shout at her for being at fault, she would have forgiven them. But this insult, she can never tolerate them. She threw both cheques after scrapping them into pieces in no seconds. Siddharth and Arjun now turned to Mishty who is not at all pleased with their attitude.

"If you two can buy anything with your so-called money, why don't you try to buy some manners? It would surely help you two" snapped Mishty straight to their face in her annoyed tone.

"How that mouth of yours can work when you did this mess which would cost your life on repairing it?" asked Siddharth in his calm composure. Yet his silent cold words did it best to send fear chills to Mishty who is sweating purposefully.

"In the same way your mouth works, "said Arjun calmly making Siddharth more furious at his taunts.

Mishty found it wise to leave the place in silence when Siddharth and Arjun started their eye war again. After all, she has only 15 minutes left to reach for her interview. Siddharth and Arjun didn't bother to fight with Mishty more as they were already stressed out with this encounter. Siddharth gets back to his car followed by Arjun. Both leave the place not before murdering them with glares once again. The more they try to show their anger through their eyes, the more the pain inside pops out overpowering the anger. That's the sole reason they turned colder to hide their emotions deep inside where no one could find them.

Chapter 2

“Mam. Sorry, you are late for exactly 20 minutes. You can leave” said Rita with her polite smile to which Mishty bites her lower lip to control her little sob.

“Listen, I am sorry for my delay. But I can explain inside to them. Can you please excuse me inside?” asked Mishty in her little voice more like pleading. After all, it might be her last opportunity after the attempts of 1 whole year trying to get appointed in some prestigious company. If she misses this, she should give up her dream and should accept work for anything which could give them a fine amount as pay. Searching for jobs as per her qualification is the main dream of Mishty which was slowly shattering in front of her eyes making her eyes clouded with lots of emotions.

“Ma'am please I can't do anything,” said Rita feeling so sorry for this girl who is on the verge of crying.

“It’s ok Miss. Rita” saying so Mishty leaves the company. Even though she is a carefree bubbly girl who always share


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