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Found You

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Rena feels that her youth must be sold in order to save her father's company. How not, the day after her high school graduation, she had to accept the fact of marrying a man she didn't know before. The man who will become Rena's husband is the son of her father's colleague. Rena tried to refuse. However, as hard as Rena tried, she couldn't because her father had locked her up. Will Rena's marriage make her happy? "Rena, tomorrow you have to get married!"  Rendi orders Rena's father.  "What? Didn't Rena hear wrong, sir? I still want to continue my studies. Just yesterday I graduated from high school. Dad asked me to get married. No, I don't want to," Rena refused.

Chapter 1. Arrange Marriage

"Rena, tomorrow you have to get married!"  Rendi orders Rena's father.

"What? Didn't Rena hear wrong, sir? I still want to continue my studies. Just yesterday I graduated from high school. Dad asked me to get married. No, I don't want to," Rena refused.

"But I have promised to marry you off to my colleague's son. And it has to happen. Otherwise, the threat is Father's company. Inevitably you have to get married next week. I have prepared everything. I don't need your approval. I'm just telling you.  ' said Randy firmly.

Rena, who had just planned to study abroad, suddenly disappeared because of her father's words.  It felt like Rena was sold by her father.

Just for the safety of the company, Rena must marry the son of her father's colleague.  Rena thinks that she will run away from her house.

Rena saw the state of her house.  Not like usual.  Quite a lot of his father's men are on guard.  Rena's bed was on the second floor.  Usually only one or two of his father's men.  But Rena saw that there were about ten people there.

"What is this dad doing? Why does it have to be like this?"  Rena grumbled.

Rena wanted to get out of the room at least to find out other things in her house.  Walked to the door of his room.  He had a hard time opening it.

Rena tried many times to open it but couldn't.  He just realized he was locked from the outside.

"Dad, please open my room! I'm going out. Dad!"  Rena shouted from inside the room while banging on the door.

But no one opened the door.  Rena keeps screaming for whoever can open the door for her.

Until Rena felt tired.  He went back to bed.  He lay down on the soft bed.

A heart that hurts so much because it feels like it's being forced to do something that Rena doesn't want to do.  It didn't feel like he was releasing a clear liquid from the tip of his net.  The heartache he felt and no one wanted to help him in the room.

At noon, the housekeeper came into Thea's room.  "Miss Rena, this is lunch. Don't forget to eat it, Non," he said.

Rena then got up from the room and wanted to break out of the room.  But it turns out that in front of Rena's room there are two of her father's men.

They block Rena.

"Let go of me!"  Rena rebelled with all her might.

"Sorry. Mr. Rendi's order is that Miss Rena is not allowed to leave the room. So we ask Miss Rena to return to the room as long as we don't use violence!" said one of his father's subordinates.

Rena tried harder and harder to rebel.  However, his strength was too weak to fight the two burly men in front of him.

Rena then gave up.  Guided in by his father's men.  Together with his household assistant.

Rena started crying again.  She feels that her father's men are too much.  But it was even more outrageous for his father to have ordered so.

For days Rena was locked in her room.  Looking at the photo of his mother who died one year ago due to illness.

Before she died, Rena was very close to her mother. Last year her mother died, making Rena very lost.  There was no longer a place for him to pour out his heart.  Because his father is very busy with work.  Rena hopes to study abroad so she can take her mind off her mother.

However, her father forced her to marry a man she had never met.

The afternoon before Rena's wedding day.  Rendi invites Rena to talk in the living room.  But the guard was tight enough by his father's men so as not to let Rena run away.

Rena looks shabby and weak.

"Ren, you agree that tomorrow you will marry the son of a colleague of your father's?"  asked Rendi.

"I'd rather die than marry someone I don't know," replied Rena without looking at her father's face.

"I'm sure that the man that you have chosen is good and can lead you. Because he has also met my father. Maybe one day you know you will be able to like him immediately. Trust me!"  said Rendi.

"Impossible. I know men if I don't know I also don't want to. Especially if I've never met. Dad, don't think that's ridiculous! Just tell me if you want to throw me out of here. I'd better g  rather than getting married," Rena replied annoyed.

Randy took a deep breath.  "Well, it's up to you. The point is that you will get married tomorrow. Period. You just go back to your room! Tomorrow there will be a time for you to leave your room wearing a beautiful wedding dress. My father has prepared everything for you,'' he said.

Rendi's men then took Rena to her room.  Without a fight Rena just obeyed.  Tomorrow just has to do the deed that the wedding probably won't do.  A lopsided smile rested on Rena's face.

The next day, when Rena had made up and wore a wedding dress, the groom's family had also arrived.

Rena's wedding ceremony was held simply at Rena's house.  For Rendi the most important thing is the implementation of Rena's marriage.

After feeling ready, Rena was picked up by Rendi.  Rendi feels proud that his daughter will finally enter the marriage stage.  Even though as a single parent, Rendi is grateful to be able to encourage his son to get married.

When the wedding will take place, Rena can not see the face of her future husband.  She just sat a bit away from her future husband.

Rena only saw if her future husband was tall and ideal.  However, Rena can also accept this matchmaking.  She wants the wedding to be annulled today.

The wedding ceremony will be held, Rena got up from her seat.

"Wait!"  shouted Rena.

All eyes were on Rena.

"What's the matter, Rena?"  asked Rendi from the wedding table.

However, it turns out that Rena fell.  When Rena wants to cancel her wedding, what happens is Rena loses consciousness.

Rendi's men then took Rena to her room.  A family doctor was called in to check on Rena's condition.

According to the doctor, Rena was just weak from not eating for a few days.  Her condition was quite weak, so Rena fell unconscious because she was no longer strong enough to support herself.

However, when Rena came to her senses, the penghulu immediately married Rena with the condition that Rena had just realized and Rena could no longer refuse.  Until Rena's marriage was declared valid by the witnesses.

Rena with a weak body can no longer make a sound.  His heart screamed for help, but his mouth could not make a sound.

Chapter 2. Become a Bride

Rena continues to cry, but those tears will not change Rena's legitimate destiny to become someone else's wife.  A woman who was accompanying Rena grabbed Rena's hand and said, "Come on, stand up!  You must shake hands with your husband.  Immediately wipe your tears, Rena."

"I don't want to get married," Rena whined.  Rena could not stand because her body was weak.  As a result, it was the man who was Rena's husband who approached Rena.

Lukman, the man who is now Rena's husband, extends his right hand to Rena.  Rena's father was also there.  Quickly, Rena's father grabbed Rena's hand and Lukman's hand was united.

"He is legally your husband, Rena.  Come on, kiss your husband's hand!" said Rena's father.  With trembling and crying, Rena brought her lips closer to the back of her husband's hand.  Rena's tiny lips managed to land gently on the back of Lukman's hand


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