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Falling For My Devil CEO Husband

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Gideon Henry. Billionaire. Powerful. Drop-dead gorgeous. He's one of the most prominent business tycoons in the country. But for me, he's nothing but a devil. He's done terrible things to me. He forced me to marry him. He made my life a living hell. He's the reason I lost the two important people in my life—the man I love and our baby. But when Gideon got into an accident and lost all of his memories, I didn't expect that he would turn into a different person. He's become kind, caring… and a loving husband to me. And I woke up one day… realizing that I'm already falling in love with him…

Chapter 1 You're a devil, Gideon!

"GET up, you little b*tch."

Gideon grabbed a handful of my hair, forcing me to look up at him. I tried to pick up my underwear on the carpeted floor below the bed, but he pulled me up and dragged me away from the queen-sized bed.

"We're not done yet, Bianca," he said, his voice rough and his eyes dark as he forced me to face the wall of our room.

"I-I'm already tired, Gideon," I muttered, my voice a bit shaky from tiredness and fear. I tried to c*ck my head in his direction, but then he stopped me. He grabbed both my hands and plastered them on the dark wall of our bedroom. The wall felt cold against my skin.

"Do you f*ck*ng think I care, Bianca?" he grumbled behind me. "I'm your husband. It's your duty to satisfy my needs. Now, shut up and don't move," he demanded.

Before I could answer, he had already parted my legs and slammed me from behind.

My mouth parted with a mixture of pleasure and pain. I let out a gasp as he pushed all of his manhood inside of me. Gideon was as huge as a beast. I always feel a tinge of pain every time he enters me.

"Ah... F*ck!"

Gideon growled as he started moving behind me like a wild animal, and soon after, the pleasure I slightly felt turned into pain. He's always like this. A monster in bed. He never once took me in a gentle manner.

"G-gideon..." I grunted in pain. I kept my hands steady as they bore all the pressure from his intense slamming.

My fingernails scratched the wall as he kept on thrusting behind me. Beads of sweat trickled down my face.

"Y-you're hurting me."

"Shut up, Bianca!" his dark voice echoed in the room. He pulled my hair as he continued to f*ck me from behind. "Just f*ck*ng take me, b*tch."

"B-but... I'm... already five months... pregnant, G-gideon," I croaked. My eyes went down to the small bump in my belly.

"What made you think that I cared about that child, Bianca?" I heard a loud groan escape his lips. "It's not even mine."

I instinctively wanted to place my hand on my belly... but I couldn't do it with my position. Instead, hot tears started to form in the corner of my eyes. I always felt helpless against him.

"You're evil, Gideon," I said, gritting my teeth. "You're... really Charlie's opposite."

He suddenly stopped moving behind me. Then I felt his fingers dig into my hips. I bit my lip hard. I could taste my blood in them.

"Yes. I'm a devil, Bianca," he barked behind my ear. I could feel his hot breath on my sensitive skin. "And unfortunately for you, you're married to one." He bit the shell of my ear, and I almost screamed in pain. "The next time you mention that b*st*rd's name, I'll f*ck*ng f*ck your brains out until you won't be able to walk." He resumed moving behind me. This time, harder. Faster. More forceful.

"You f*ck*ng understand me?"

No words escaped from me. I only managed to nod my head. My lips were already trembling, my voice rugged, my knees weak.

I felt like I would collapse any minute now. I just whimpered in silence as I prayed for this to be over.

"F*ck*ng sh*t!" Gideon's loud moan echoed around the room as he stopped slamming me. He finally let go of me. Hot and sticky liquid gushed between my thighs.

I balled my trembling hands into fists as I started to catch my own breath. I shut my eyes and stayed still for a moment before I turned around to face him.

Gideon was already putting back his clothes. He threw me a blank look as he picked up his expensive coat. He wore it over his dress shirt.

I wanted to run towards him and hurt him with my own hands. I wanted to scratch his face. I wanted to punch and kick him until he bled in front of me.

But I couldn't do that. I couldn't manage to stand up against him. The only thing I could do was to clench my fist as I slowly slipped on the carpeted floor, my knees giving up on me.

Gideon picked up my clothes from the bed and threw them at me. They landed on my lap.

I picked them up with gritted teeth as I met his eyes. "I f*ck*ng hate you, Gideon," I muttered, the corner of my eyes hot with tears.

He just arched his brows as he put on his million dollar watch on his wrist. "The feeling is mutual, my dear wife," he answered, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Make sure to get dressed later. We'll be attending my mother's birthday tonight."

He said before turning his back on me and heading to the door, leaving me there alone.

I clutched my clothes to my chest. Hot tears fell from my eyes as I leaned my head on the cold wall.

"I f*ck*ng hate you so much!" I shouted, my voice echoing in the four corners of the room. "I f*ck*ng hate you, Gideon Henry." I gritted my teeth as I wiped the fresh tears on my face. "You have no heart. You're a devil. A monster in human form!"

I loathed the day Gideon Henry came into my life. Ever since that day, everything in my life has spiraled. The man ruined my life, and I hated him for that.

But I hated myself more for being so powerless. For being weak. I couldn't even manage to stand up against him. Ever since we got married, I felt like I was living in a hellhole made by him, Gideon, the devil himself.

I placed my hand on the small bump on my belly and tried to feel the little bean growing inside me.

I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry for putting you in this fuckup situation. But don't worry, your mommy loves you, okay?

This baby inside of me... it's the only thing keeping me alive right now. He's my only light in this hellhole of a marriage.

I won't let anyone hurt you...

I promise I'll protect you, my baby. I won't let him hurt you. I promise I'll be strong for the both of us.

I didn't know how long I remained in the corner of the room before I picked myself up.

On my way to the bathroom, I saw our wedding picture resting on the corner of the carpeted floor.

I picked it up, threw it in the bin, then I entered the bathroom and stood under the shower. I let the hot water wash away all the traces of my husband from my body.

Chapter 2 Pregnancy suits you, Bianca

"BIANCA!" Amelia Henry, Gideon's mother, welcomed me with a big smile on her face. 

The woman was stunning in her emerald green dress and pearl necklace. She looked regally beautiful at her age. Amelia was already fifty-five, but she could still pass as a woman in her forties. 

"Amelia." I managed to return her smile as I kissed her cheek. "Happy birthday." 

Gideon might be a devil, but his family's different. Everyone I've met in my husband's family was nice to me. 

When Gideon introduced me as his wife to Amelia, the woman welcomed me with open arms. She even gave me a diamond necklace, an heirloom of the Henry family. 

"Oh, thank you, dear," she muttered. "Gosh, you look stunning," Amelia praised me as she looked at me from head to toe. "Pregnancy suits you, Bianca."

Stunning? Well, all thanks to my make-up and beautiful dress. 

When I stared at the mirror ear


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