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Enchanted love

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"Don't wear a white colour dress and please don't let your hair open. I would appreciate it if you never use this pink shade lipstick" he said in a full serious yet husky tone that surely gives chillness to her spine. She never gets intimidated by anyone like this. Who the hell he is? She battled her eyes and looked to meet his brownies. She took the courage to ask him "why?" He smirked at her flustered face and bends to her height. She took steps back and hits the wall behind. "Because. I can't stop myself from kissing you" he said while the train just went away along with Clara who stood there paralyzed hearing Alex's words. Did he just propose to her? ###### Clara looked at the frame which they clicked before. A lone tear escaped her eyes. Will she be able to forget everything and move on? Alex regretted the moment he fell for that girl. He doesn't want to remember anything related to her. But is it even easy? Both looked at the stars and wished to forget everything,

Chapter 1: Its Him

"No" He snuggled into her neck, making her shiver with every touch.

"Leave me, Alex" she struggled to get away from him with a pout.

"I didn't hold you to leave this soon," he replied, still doing his work, making her nervous with his actions. She gave up and sat over his lap all exhausted.

"I love you, Clara," Alex mumbled, kissing her earlobe, gaining a blush from her side. He always loves the effect he is having on her.

"That's the problem, I love you too" she replied and rubs her nose with his.

The room which was decorated in red and white suddenly changed into black as Alex stood there with his eyes closed.

"Alex" she called him in her low voice, scared to make him angrier. She moved towards him to touch his shoulders while he shrugged off suddenly making her flinch with his actions.

"Don't you dare to call my name" his words made the entire room shake and it started collapsing around her? Her eyes lined with tears. She looked around and noticed that her happy colourful home turned to ashes inch by inch as she started hyperventilating. She didn't expect this change in her life for sure.

"Alex, please listen to me once" Her words died on her throat when Alex closed the doors harshly behind and left the place leaving her in darkness.

Her breathing went uneven and she felt a lack of oxygen at some point.

"Clara, Clara. Relax. What happened? Open your eyes. We are here with you" She heard her mom's voice behind as she tried to open her eyes. But she felt as if her lungs would shrink anytime and she wouldn't be breathing more.

"Please baby" her father's voice helped her to open her eyes finally and she came to reality.

After half an hour of calming down, she sat over her bed with her head hung low.

"What happened suddenly? You were crying in your sleep?" Bella, her mom cupped her cheeks as she looked at her with no emotions.

"Just a bad dream" Clara replied in a dry tone and got down from her bed in a swift way to get ready for her work.

"Clara, my dear, do you want to talk to me?" Ron Taylor, her father asked as she stood there contemplating for a second.

"I am happy, Dad. It's just a dream. I am fine" Clara replied, smiling at him. Ron sighed tiredly as he knew the meaning of her smile. She is too stubborn just like him and won't share anything in her heart. Will she ever be able to move on in her life ever? His eyes lost their hope day by day seeing her state.

"I will be late today. Don't wait for me for dinner" Clara screamed and left the home, making Bella and Ron upset yet again. They don't even know if she is eating her food properly at a time or not.


"Congratulations, Clara" everyone cheered up when she entered the premises. A small smile appeared on her lips. She wanted to win this at any cost and is happy now that she finally got the opportunity.

"You are selected among 500 doctors." Jason hugged Clara with a broad smile. Clara felt overwhelmed. She knows that she has high potential and will be selected for sure. But she didn't expect that she would get it with no politics involved.

"I need this" Clara replied and looked at the sky as if thanking the stars for helping her in this tough time. She ran to get the details.


The full-day went in a blink when Clara had to attend to all her regular patients to inform them about her leaving the hospital for the next seven months for a new project. She is expected to join thereafter for a couple of days. But it's not enough time to wind up her work here.

She removed her white coat and kept her stethoscope inside her drawer after caressing it. She didn't dream of becoming a doctor but she felt proud every day to wear this white coat and solve the problem of her patients. The only solace for her is the smile of her patients.

"It's 10" Jason informed Clara more like taunting so that she leaves the hospital at least that time. Clara rolled her eyes and took her handbag.

"Have this at least" he gave her a milkshake but she ignored it as usual and walked towards the entrance to get a rickshaw.

"You are a doctor yourself and don't care about your health? Why are you skipping your meals every day?" Jason is now very frustrated with her behaviour. He knew that he can't cross that line in their little friendship but he couldn't see her like this. She never shares anything with him.

"Good night Jason" she wished him with a smile and left the place by walking as if she didn't want to share her sorrows with anyone.

The silence around her is always her favourite. The walk from the hospital to her home is all silent and safe. Her parents must have slept. She enjoyed the cool breeze touching her cheeks as she walked faster to enjoy it more.

The dark street doesn't scare her as she knows that Jason is following her just in case. He is such a sweetheart. She and Jason have been close since she joined the hospital seven months ago. Even though she snaps at almost everyone, it was Jason who didn't go away with her words. Instead, he tried looking through it and always being there for her.

It's lightly raining, making her face go with droplets. She didn't even bother to wipe it as she was enjoying it.

A sudden splash of water towards her dress made her panic and anger that she stood before the car to stop it.

"Can't you drive properly?" Clara yelled at the driver. She knocked on the window as the mirror started lowering. She had a huge frown on her face and was ready to attack the driver with her cute solid words. Jason came running behind her to save the driver from Clara's wrath.

"Clara, it must be a mistake. He even stopped the car when you got dirty. So don't shout at him" Jason's words fell over the deaf ears of Clara as she stood there paralysed.

It's HIM again.

She slightly shivered as Jason supported her instantly. He supposed that shiver to be because of rain. But her eyes didn't leave those blue cherries which were staring at her like anything.

"Alex?" She mumbled more to herself as she stood there with no reactions.

Chapter 2 first meet

Seven months is not a big gap but it felt eternal when she met him after a long gap. She knew that if she stayed there longer, she would get a panic attack for sure. She doesn't want him to know that his presence matters to her anymore. She changed her expression to a rigid one as she turned her heels and walked towards her home ignoring both the men.

Alex clutched the steering in such a way that the blood stopped flowing in his hand. Meeting her is not a good thing. It unlocked many emotions in him. Why the hell does he have to take this route? He cursed himself as he drove at high speed to reach his home in the sane mind.

Both of them don't want to recall anything but who are they kidding? They both recalled their first meeting. It was magical and unique. How do they wish it never happened?


"This trip should be named as a mess," Alina yelled at everyone as she kept her luggage bag with a force that made e


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