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Damian's Forced Bride

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Bhawana Tripathi is a sweet single mother who loved his child Angad Tripathi. She looked so happy in front of everyone but she didn't tell her past anyone. She works in Sharma's Enterprises as the CEO's secretary. She was living a satisfied life with her family. Damian Knight is the ruthless CEO of Knight Corporation. He is the mafia king who everyone knows as the devil. He has been looking for Bhwana for the last three years since he met her. How is Angad connected to Damian? What is the past between Damian and Bhawana? How did they meet? Let's find out in this story.


Author's POV:-

" You hid about my child from me. Tell me, you bloody b*tch? " He roared while holding her in a tight grip in his office. She tried to free herself from him even if she knew that her power was nothing in front of him. She hates being near him. His touch was like a knife to her.

When he saw her trying to free herself from him, his rage increased, and he tightened his already tight grip, which made her scream in pain. Her eyes watered, and tears fell from her eyes because of the pain. Her pain made him soften, and he loosened his grip a little. Then he roared again, " BLOODY, ANSWER ME!!! "

" YES, I HID ABOUT MY CHILD FROM YOU BECAUSE I DON'T WANT HIM NEAR YOU AT ANY COST. YOU ARE A MONSTER! I DON'T WANT YOUR SHADOW TO EVEN TOUCH MY INNOCENT CHILD. NOW LEAVE ME! LET ME GO!!! " She screamed as all years of pain and what he had done to her came in front of her eyes. He chuckled at her comment, which made her more scared. She stopped trying to free himself and looked into his eyes, which scared her more than anything else.

" Oh, really? You know! If I want to, I can easily take his custody from the court and make sure you never meet him while he lives his whole life with me. " He stated, and she looked into his eyes which held the determination she was scared to face. It's a nightmare she had been running from since she found out about her child's existence.

" No, you can't do this. He is my life. Please! I beg you. Please don't snatch him from me. " She fell on her knees and begged, without caring about her dignity as her child is more important to her.

" I have a better option for you if you agree. " He stated, and she looked at him with hope, which was going to shatter her hopes and dreams.

" Marry me! " He stated, and her eyes widened.

" I have a fiance, and I love him. I can't marry you. I won't. " She stated and looked into his eyes which held nothing but darkness. He glared at her when she confessed her love for her fiance. After all, she was his the moment he saw her. He chuckled darkly, scaring her scared soul more.

" Then you should see this. " He said and video-called someone. The person picked up the call and saw the scene, which made the lady frightened. Her fiance had beaten black and blue. He looked like he needed urgent treatment. Someone raised the gun at his forehead, which made her scream for him.

She looked at the devil in front of her, who stood like he don't care if her fiance died or not.

" Please leave him! He didn't do anything wrong to you. " The girl said while crying. The devil smiled at his statement and was mad that her girl had been crying for some other man.

" Either you marry me, or your fiance and his family die. Also, I will take my child from you. Now the choice is your baby girl. " He stated, making the girl lose the whole hopes and dreams she saw for her life.

She took a deep breath and wiped her tears. She looked at the man with blank eyes and said, " Yes, I am ready. "

Chapter 1- Bhawana Tripathi!

A few years ago:-

Author's POV:-

A woman was running in the middle of the road in Kolkata in the heavy rain. She was protecting the child from the harsh droplets of rain by covering the child with the drape of her saari. Her saari was running, and some blood patches were showing on the lower side of the saari.

She saw a house near the forest and ran towards the house. She knocked on the door, and it was opened in two minutes by a couple who got shocked to see the woman's state.

" What happened to you, sister? " The woman asked the bloodied woman.

" Please! Please! I request you. I beg you. Please take care of my child and adopt her. If she stayed with me, they would make her a prostitute. I don't want her to become. " The miserable woman said while showing her baby girl to her.

" What are you saying? Who are you? " The man asked, looking at the woman with worry and con


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