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Tripti Narayan

  • 👁 14.7K
  • 6.2
  • 📚 2


His Cruel Revenge
  • 👁 14.7K
  • 7.5

Teja Narayan is a neurosurgeon. She changed a lot because of her past. She is a confident, lovely, innocent, bold, and self-esteem person. Tanish Kashyap is the CEO of Kashyap Enterprises. Teja is his obsession. He forced Teja married to him for revenge. There are two reasons for his revenge:- 1. Teja slapped him which hurt his male ego. 2. Teja is his obsession. But, Tanish's father decides to marry his choice of girl. Who is this girl Tanish's father choose? Is Tanish getting married to Teja for his revenge or did something else happen? This is the sequel of Dream- An Ambition. I hope you will love it. I highly recommend you to read Dream- An Ambition first.

Damian's Forced Bride
  • 👁 20
  • 5.0

Bhawana Tripathi is a sweet single mother who loved his child Angad Tripathi. She looked so happy in front of everyone but she didn't tell her past anyone. She works in Sharma's Enterprises as the CEO's secretary. She was living a satisfied life with her family. Damian Knight is the ruthless CEO of Knight Corporation. He is the mafia king who everyone knows as the devil. He has been looking for Bhwana for the last three years since he met her. How is Angad connected to Damian? What is the past between Damian and Bhawana? How did they meet? Let's find out in this story.


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