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Cry Please, I Beg You

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Lucas, a man bred to command and to go over the heads of others. He doesn't know what a kiss is, a caress, much less a loving word. His cold parents guided him to become one of the biggest mafia leaders in his country. By chance, he meets the only person capable of bringing a little warmth to his cold and bleak existence. She must "adapt" to living a life by his side, which makes her constantly go through circumstances that are very difficult for many people. But that she, with a big smile, always does the impossible for him. It makes him develop a terror of loneliness and coldness to which he was accustomed before meeting her. Deriving in many bad decisions that will not only end up driving her away from him. But also, developing fear, horror, aversion and even disgust towards him. Will Lucas be able to pick up the pieces of her delicate and shattered heart? While Ximena, for her part, changes completely to become a shark among sharks.


Hugh ha ha.

"Ximena! Came back! Let's not make this more difficult!”

A girl with a slim complexion was hiding under some dark stairs in the middle of the night, while a black-haired man was looking for her along with other men.

My name is: Ximena Ramírez. That man is… my husband.

In the past, he was the man I loved the most in my life and for whom I would have given absolutely my all.

Heh! Well, I did.

I left my family, friends, money... dignity... I have nothing left...

Now I am running for my life and hiding.

I do not even know why; I have not had anything or anyone for a long time. He made sure of that even without me noticing.

I am a stupid.

Why run now? Why want to escape?

Because… I'm not even allowed to die…

The first time, it was poison: I suffered locked up in a room only receiving food and water for ten months.

Until I begged my husband while he was taking me at the time, to at least allow me to sunbathe.

The second: I cut my wrists, it was painful, and when I slowly lost my mind believing that I had finally achieved my freedom. I cried with joy with some relief, however, I woke up four days later, tied to a hospital bed.

I was not released, until I tried to cut my tongue by biting it: I returned to the room, however, now with a warning.

If I tried again: My parents would die with me...

They didn't deserve that; their stupid and disobedient daughter married a terrible man who they thought could change with their help.

They strongly opposed it, however, she even threatened with her own life if they didn't let her do it.

Afraid of losing their daughter, the youngest in the family, they accepted with all the pain of their hearts.

Her three older brothers, not reconciled, desperately sought a way to get her away from him, everyone knew what kind of inhuman beast that man was.

Everyone except her... Or maybe yes.

He superbly believed that she would be able to make him change. But reality hit her.

full when he discovered the murder of his third brother much later...

What did you expect? Love? Attention? A family? That man knows none of those things.

He is always cold and indifferent, rigid, and dry.

No one can be around you without feeling stressed and uncomfortable. I stubbornly turned a deaf ear to it and tried to be the perfect wife, caring, understanding, kind and accommodating in whatever he asked of me.

The dream lasted. Just one year. But...

How did we come to this?

The fear of loneliness

Upon learning of her brother's death, she asked her husband for permission to go to her parents' house.

But what he got was a burst of anger from him. At first, she didn't know anything, she just got scared because he didn't like her to go out.

Due to his work, many fervently sought moments of weakness to take advantage of him. Or rather, get rid of it.

Ximena always stayed on the sidelines but tried to be an unconditional support for him. However, he was always cold and distant.

Something that little by little, disappointment after disappointment, was cooling what at first was a heart on fire.

And what destroyed him mercilessly was the sad death of his older brother.

Lucas had never complained about being rejected by his family. They never visited his parents, but he hadn't stopped her from calling them.

Until a certain moment.

One way or another, it was impossible for her to call them, whether it was the work


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