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Babies for The Hot Billionaire

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Ariadne Caddel got the shock of her life when she visited her soon-to-be husband and met him on the bed with her stepsister. She felt betrayed by the both of them and took off her engagement ring, broke off the engagement without thinking twice. They didn't even look remorseful. Feeling pained and dejected, Ariadne went to the closest club she could find, seduced the first man she saw and had s*x with him. She decided to move away from the city and leave behind all of her past memories to start a new life. There, she discovered that she was pregnant with quadruplets that can only be for the mysterious man she had s*x with. She came back to the city to find the father of her children but the only thing she had on him was the customized bracelet with the initials "C. J. W." inscribed on it and the only person she has heard of that bears that initials is the Popular Cold-hearted and Playboy Billionaire, Conrad Jared Whitlock.

Chapter 1

Chapter One


I was walking with a bounce as I headed to my fiancé, Liam's house. I was feeling elated and bubbly as I just left the bridal store with my mom, we went shopping for my wedding dress, and it fitted me perfectly. I could already picture myself in the dress, walking down the aisle with Liam waiting to slip the wedding ring on my finger.

I arrived at his house and twisted the doorknob to find out that the door was locked. It wasn't a problem because he had given me a spare key earlier on so that I could be able to get into the house when he wasn't around.

I unlocked the door and walked inside, the sitting room was empty and I almost assumed that he wasn't at home, but his car was in the garage so that meant that he was in. I climbed up the stairs that led to his room and stopped at the door when I noticed some weird clothing items on the floor. On closer examination, I found out that they belonged to a female. Then, I heard some unusual noise coming from inside the room. They were not any noise but moans!

I barged into the room without second thoughts and I got the shock of my life. My fiancé, Liam, and my stepsister, Viviana, who I recognized by her dyed red hair, were on the bed without clothes on. He was ramming her from behind, and I almost threw up at the sight in front of me. They were so deep into their lovemaking that they didn't hear me come in.

"What is going on here?!" I asked loudly, even though what they were doing was very obvious.

They broke apart immediately after they heard my voice, with Liam scrambling to cover his naked self with the duvet, while Viviana sat on the bed without bothering to hide her nakedness.

"Ariadne... Nice of you to stop by." Viviana drawled shamelessly.

"Fancy seeing you here, Viviana," I said sarcastically. "Seeing you naked in my fiance's house is such a pleasant thing to see."

"Oh please." She rolled her eyes.

"Liam, care to explain what is going on here?" I turned to Liam and asked.

"Babe... It's not what you think..." He trailed off, his head bowed with his hands on it.

"Sleeping with my stepsister on our soon-to-be matrimonial bed? Yeah, it's surely not what I think it is!" I shouted when I couldn't hold in my anger anymore.

"You don't have the right to shout here! You're the cause of this if you don't know!" He yelled back.

"I'm the cause of this? Are you out of your freaking mind?!"

"Yes, you're the cause of it. If you had allowed me to f*ck you, none of this would have happened but being the prude that you are, you always refuse when I make sexual advances towards you and insist that we should wait till the wedding night!" He screamed in anger.

"I'm not a prude! I'm just doing the proper thing any sane lady would do. Only sluts have s*x with men they're not married to!" I uttered, looking pointedly at Viviana.

"Don't you dare call me a sl*t!" She retorted.

"Shut up that dirty mouth of yours!" I responded and faced Liam.

"You... You couldn't even wait for one more month? One more month to finally have s*x with me, so you decided to do that with Viviana? I can now see that you're a dog." I glared at him.

I was trying so hard to not cry in front of them. Seeing them together shattered my heart into tiny little pieces, and I would break down in front of them if I don't keep up my brave facade.

"I'm not a dog. You're the one that's a prudish b*tch. I turned celibate because of you for the first six months of our relationship, but I couldn't hold in my urges any longer, I've been f*ck*ng Viviana for more than two years now, even before we got engaged. I can't be celibate for three years because of a b*tch. I'm only with you because I want to get to f*ck your virgin p*ssy." He said and I almost stumbled.

"So that means you never loved me?" I said in a whisper and he laughed maniacally.

"Love? Love is too overrated. I don't do love, Ariadne." He chuckled darkly.

"I might as well break off this engagement then. There's no reason for me to be with you if you only want me for my body and not because you love me." I uttered and took off the engagement ring on my finger.

"Don't you dare do that, Ariadne? We're going to get married, and I'm going to f*ck you till your p*ssy stretches so wide that a tree branch will fit in you." He said like the psycho that he is.

"You're not the boss of me, you don't tell me what to do." I started and threw the engagement ring at him.

"F*ck you! F*ck Viviana! F*ck the d*mn engagement!" I shouted before storming out of the house with tears welling up in my eyes.

The moment I was out of the house, tears began falling from my eyes as if someone opened a tap on my head. I didn't bother to wipe the tears as I just wanted to let it all out.

I can't believe that I loved a man like Liam. He just wanted me for my body and nothing else. And to think that he was f*ck*ng my stepsister behind my back, there's nothing worse than that.

I thought of what I could do to forget about this devastating moment and a way to get over Liam fast and like someone switched on a lightbulb in my head, an idea suddenly came to my mind. It was not the best of ideas, but it seemed like the best thing I could think of with how hazy my head was at the moment and I might probably regret it, who cares? I'm going to get drunk tonight and have the fun of my life. I'm also going to give another man, a stranger -- the first man that catches my fancy -- my virginity, the one thing that Liam wanted so badly but never got. And this man won't even have to work for it, I'll be giving him willingly. It's high time I let go of this f*ck*ng virginity and feel like an adult woman.

On that note, I flagged down the first taxi that I set my eyes on and told the driver to take me to the nearest club, one where I could carry out my plans, but I didn't tell him my plans, of course. Ha! A very fun and interesting night await me.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two


The taxi driver dropped me in front of the club and I alighted after paying him. I stared up at the club's signboard, with "Lumina Lounge" written in neon light and italic style. One could hear the loud music coming from the club from a mile away.

I walked up to the bouncer, showed him my ID and he let me in after checking it. The inside of the club was exactly how I imagined it to be: sweaty bodies rubbing on each other on the dance floor, some people sitting and drinking, and other people chatting. This was exactly what I needed at the moment.

I went straight to the bar and sat on one of the stools. I waved for the bartender and he came to me.

"Hi, what would you like to have?" The blonde haired male bartender asked with a flirty smile. He seemed to be checking me out but he wasn't my type.

"I'll have the Devil's Spring Vodka please," I replied and he looked at me in a weir

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