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Contracted to Two Billionaires

Contracted to Two Billionaires

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Evelyn worked at Underworld Bar to pay off her debts. She had just completed her service as stipulated in the contract. She took the documents to Phil, her boss, to free her but he asked her out instead. Evelyn, though about what her colleagues told her about leaving being impossible, she thought Phil was trying to tie her down with his fake proposal. Evelyn stabbed him and escaped. She was being pursued by Jackie, one of Phil's henchmen. She was caught but later managed to escape. She went to Sonny, one of her clients who seemed to be a nice person. Sonny helped her get to Chicago. She got a good job and everything was going fine until her new boss introduced Phil to her as his brother

Chapter 1 Underworld Bar

Chapter 1 Underworld Bar

The whip landed on my back once again. I was down on all fours like a dog. It wrapped around me and tore my naked body as the client pulled it with force. I groaned and clenched my fist tighter to bear the pain. The client also groaned. "Ninety two!!" he roared. He had told me he was going to ninety earlier but I couldn't say anything. That might annoy him and made him report to my boss. Phil, The General, as he loved to be called was the owner of the Underworld Bar in George county. He was not only feared by us, his workers, all the entire townspeople would never dare to cross his path. The whip landed on me again, I sighed weakly and blew air out of my mouth. I didn't know when this evil client was going to stop. I dared not question him. He groaned hard and started laughing. I saw a droplet of blood on the ground. It was my blood. The client pulled me up with the straps of my bra. "Tell me you will never do that again, tell me now" he yelled into my ear. I gasped for air. "I will never do this again, my Lord" I cried. He chuckled and let go of me. "I'll stop at hundred, I feel good already" he continued lashing me with the whip. I kept gnatching my teeth and exhaling to fight off the pain. I fell flat on my belly after the last stroke. I was breathing heavily.

The Underworld Bar was not just a bar. There was a 'Vent all your anger'department. That was where I was contracted to work for Phil to pay back my debt. Men that had been angered by their wives or bosses used to come and drop all the anger on us by hitting or whipping or any kind of molestations that would make them feel better. I checked all the bruises that were left on me by this last client. It wasn't the worst of my experience. I waited for him to go out of the room. I grabbed my dress and put it on. It was painful but I was happy today. Today would be my last day working for Phil. My debts had been paid fully. I got out of the 'VAYA' room and headed to my room. I rushed to my table and pulled out my copy of the contract with Phil. I tucked the hundredth box. I packed it up and came out again. I kept feeling pain everytime I took a step but I endured it all through. I knocked on Phil's office door. I was waiting for his response but the door opened instead and he grabbed my hand. He walked me back to the bar. I didn't understand what he was doing. "I have completed my service today, I want you to sign the documents" I explained hastily. He stared at me and beamed a smile. Phil didn't use to smile. He always yelled, roared and hit. "You think I don't know that. Wait for me here" he went back to his office while I wait.

Tega and Gina tiptoed to my side. They were my colleagues at the Underworld Bar. They worked as strippers and used to receive their payment unlike me that was paying off debts. Tega ran her hand on my cheek. "You look happy, Eve" she smiled mischievously. I couldn't maintain a straight face anymore. I smiled broadly. "I'm leaving. My debts are paid off" I revealed happily. Gina started laughing mockingly. "I was wondering why Phil was smiling just now. That's just the reason" she put me in suspense. I stared at both of them intermittently. "What are you talking about?" I asked impatiently. They both looked at each other and laughed again. They kept laughing until I started feeling woeful. Gina stopped and shook her head. "You must be very happy that you are leaving" she moaned and turned to Tega. "Should we tell her?" she grumbled. Tega snapped at me. "Of course I will tell her. Dear Evelyn, no one leaves here alive. The only way out of here is death" she concluded and whistled. I was confused. "I don't know about you two but I had an agreement with the general" I showed them my documents. Instead of checking it, they just laughed at me. I didn't understand what they werr saying. There was no reason why Phil would delay me. He could get many girls to work for him.

Tega and Gina took to their heels as they saw Phil coming back to me. He was holding a document, obviously his copy of the agreement. He grabbed my hand again and walked me out of the bar. He opened the door of his limo for me. I was bemused by his hospitality and formality. I entered into the car. He also came in through the other side. I presented the document to him immediately. He took it from me and put it aside. My heart skipped a beat. "I want you to sign that" I said impatiently. I remembered what Tega and Gina just said. Phil was quiet, he stared into my eyes. "You are so beautiful" he whispered to me. I was too confused to say any word. He was not even waiting for any response. "Not only that, you are exceptionally brilliant. You are the woman that should sit beside me on that throne" he continued. Phil's sweetness and words were surprising to me but I didn't care. I just wanted to be free. "Please sign the contract" I pleaded. He pointed to a table in our front. "Let's eat, my queen. We will discuss about that later" he beamed a smile. Tega and Gina seemed to be speaking the truth. I knew it was either I leave now or never. I grabbed the cutlery and waited for him to loose his guard. I thrusted the knife into his shoulder beside his collarbone. He cried out in pain and held the knife. I grabbed the car keys that was on the seat between us. I jumped out of the car. I rushed into his other car and started it. I drove it out onto the road.

Jackie, one of Phil's henchmen stood on the road, in front of the car and pointed his handgun at me.


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