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Contracted Marriage

Contracted Marriage

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Contracted Marriage Prologue Robert fails to secure a job contract and he has no other choice than to fake a marriage. He goes into a contract marriage with Kimberly his secretary, at first first she refuses but due to her mother's Ill health and she lacks money, she has no choice no choice than to give. Robert's Ex girlfriend and soon to be stepmom becomes and obstacle. Will Rude Robert fall for crazy Kimberly, Will Robert Ez girlfriend agree with that, I guess you don't want to miss out. Read to find out what happens in this suspense filled story.

Chapter 1

🤵👰Contracted Marriage🤵👰

{I fell for him first 🥀}

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Luma Writes

©️ Chapter one

Kimberly was sited in her office, as she ruffled her hair in anger. She was supposed to have a meeting in the next five minutes, but she figured it out that she forgot the U. S. B at her place of residence. Her house is really far , and going there now won't solve anything cause the meeting was gonna hold soon. And she knows her boss is grumpy and all , he'll fire her immediately. She was still thinking of what to do , when her friend who also works in the company walked in.

Why do you look tensed? is something wrong?

I forgot the U. S. B at home, and the meeting is in five minutes".

OMG you're going to be in serious trouble with the boss , you know how he is"

Instead of talking about that , can you just give me an idea of what am going to do?"

Well you have no choice but to tell him , and it must be now. Just don't talk back at him when he says something silly ,I know you kim"

I've heard you"she said

After the little advice she was given, she ran as fast as her legs could take her, so she could meet up with her boss. When she got to his office, she knocked hastily.

Come in "he said, and she walked in immediately.

Sir I have something to tell you I.... "she was trying to say , but he cut her off with a bang on the table.

I don't have time for your complains, let's just go to the board room , our guests are there already"he said, as he stood up.

" But sir... "she was saying

" No buts just keep what you have to say for later , and just follow me to the board room.

They exited the office, and in less than two minutes, they got to the board room. They were all sited , with smiles on their faces.

"Good morning gentlemen, sorry for keeping you waiting, so can we go to what we're here for? "he said, and they nodded positively.

" Get to it , and don't mess up cause I must not loose this opportunity"he whispered to Kimberly, and she swallowed hard .

" Diva company have made computers that are placed into groups according to their size, processing , power , design and cost. These groups are :Super computers ,Main frame computers , Micro computers , Personal digital assistants (PDAs) and Embedded computers. Main frame computers are really powerful and can have hundreds of simultaneous users . Micro computers are commonly used at home, and also in schools. Children can access anything through the use of this. Personal digital assistants which is also called (PDAs) can be used to input data using a stylus (pen) on a touch -sensitive screen . "Kimberly was saying, but she was cut off..

" We've talked about this before , can't we just see the photos?" one of the men said, and Kimberly swallowed nothing.

" Please calm down , it'll be shown on the projector now"the boss said, and he shot Kimberly a glare.

" Where's the U. S. B?" he asked , and she began to tremble.

" Isn't there any picture of your company products or what ? I'm out of here"one of the men said, and he stood up.

" Why don't you all just calm down, I think we should reschedule this meeting" one of the man said, and they walked out angrily.

" Thanks for saving my butt uncle" Robert said , and he turned to Kim.

"To my office now" he yelled , and she flinched.

She ran to his office, and she had a scary look on her face.

🌻Kimberly's POV 🌻

I knew he was obviously going to fire me , but I did as he said. He walked in with rage , and he sat on his chair with anger written all over his face.

Where's the U. S. B" he said, and I gulped

I forgot it at home"I said, and I opened his eyes in shock.

How can you be so careless , what's it even doing in your home? I asked you to keep it in your office, cause I knew we were going to use it today "he said, as he ruffled his hair.

I'm sorry sir"I said, and he hit his table.

Don't tell me sorry , that's all you know how to say. You made me look like a fool in there , what type of human being are you? You're just too childish, I never knew you were this dumb"he said, and I couldn't take it in anymore.

I know what I did was wrong, but that doesn't give you the right to insult me. You're just a grumpy jerk who doesn't know what to do than to get angry . "I said, and he opened his eyes in shock

So you dare talk back at me? You know what ? you're fired"he yelled , and sighed

I knew you were going to fire me anyway , well I don't need your stupid job , just eat it and go to hell jerk"I said, and I stormed out of his office..

Who the hell does he think he is?how dare he insult me" I said , as I went to my office to get my things.

You're totally jobless now "I said inwardly, and I palmed my face.

🎱 Robert's POV 🎱

Like who the hell does she think she is? how dare she talk back at me? "I said, as I was really mad.

Kimberly has been a very good worker for the past few years she's been working for me , but I don't know what got into her. She changed suddenly and it makes me angry. She made me look like a big fool during the meeting, and I'm sure I won't get the contract. I was still in thoughts , when someone stormed into my office without knocking.

Hey bro"Olivia said, and I rolled my eyes.

I'm not in a good mood , please come back later"I said, and she opened her mouth

Like seriously? you're throwing your only sister out of your office? "she said, and I stood up.

It's not like that , it's just that I think am going to loose the contract, that's why am so mad"I said, and she sat in front of me.

Is it that or you're still thinking about that Scarlett of a girl. Her wedding with dad is this week"she said, and I rolled my eyes.

Why do you have to remind me about that? thinking about it makes me angry and irritated"I said, as she cleared her throat.

Scarlett is my ex girlfriend, she broke up with me because she wants nothing but money. I met her in a coffee store some years back, and we fell in love. During our relationship, she began to request for money. At the start , I thought she needed it for something important , but when it became her hubby, I began to suspect her. I stopped giving her money, and she became angry. Some months later , I found her in bed with my dad . I was really angry , and really ashamed of my dad. Ever since mum died , dad hasn't been with any woman, but does it have to be my own woman?. I knew full well that all she wanted was my dad's money , and now their getting married.

"Earth to robert " Olivia said, bringing me back to conciousness

What's on your mind?" she said,and I rolled my eyes.

What are you even doing here? aren't you supposed to be at the firm?"I said,as she frowned.

I own the firm ,so I can choose to be absent any time I like "she said,as she smirked.

Anyway I'm not here for that ,I just want to tell you about my new case."she said,and I rolled my eyes.

Not again 😒




Kimberly be calming down now!!🤣

Let me be angry too ..😬

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Chapter 2

Contracted Marriage

{I fell for him first 🥀}

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Luma writes ✍️

©️ Chapter two

🎱 Robert's POV 🎱

Anyway I'm not here for that ,I just want to tell you about my new case."she said,and I rolled my eyes.

Not again 😒..

There's this new case am working on , but this time around its so bad and somehow, maltreating... it's about a woman who was maltreated by her husband ,she couldn't bare the pain anymore so she committed suicide. Before strangling herself,she wrote a letter and the content was her story.How her husband use to beat her , abuse her mentally, physically and sexually."she said,and I was kinda touched

How can someone be so wicked? isn't she human?" I said,as she turned to me .

Most guys derive pleasure in seeing ladies hurt , just because they're stronger than them.They know they're helpless,not all of them can fight back&


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