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Command Me, Mr CEO

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“What I said before still stands. I am not allowed to touch you. Stop inviting me.” His voice was dangerously low and rough. He could see in her eyes that she knew just how aroused he was for her and, with his body pressed against hers, she felt it. Her hand was eagerly massaging between her legs. “I don’t want you to touch me. I can do that all on my own.” She breathed, letting out a soft moan. “Watch me, Dalton. F*ck*ng watch what you do to me.” She was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen, and as she pleasured herself, he couldn’t find it in him to regret what he was watching her do. He knew it was wrong, but with each blissful groan from her lips, his control slipped that much further from his grip. *** They were separated once but fate reunited them. She was half his age and the daughter of his old college friend. Their relationship was doomed long before it even began. But everything changed when she set her eyes on him again. Dalton, was devastatingly handsome and she couldn’t keep her eyes off him. A workplace romance was the last thing they both wanted but the more they tried to stay away from each other, the closer they get. He was impossible to resist and She was a seductress and his ruination. With obstacles standing in the way of their relationship; his fiancé, her Dad and with his empire on the line, will he be able to d*mn all consequences and take a chance on them?

Something Forbidden


Have you ever wanted something so bad and was told you can’t have it because it’s poisonous? Dalton was that man. Appetizing like wild berries, yet forbidden.

I hadn’t seen him in a long time and Knowing that I was going to see him again after many years resonated something inside of me – something dark, dangerous and sinful, all rolled into one.

I had just graduated from college with a pretty new degree in Mass Communication and a head full of dreams. But there I was, uninspired and disillusioned.

Nothing made sense to me anymore. Except him!

The only thing that made sense to me in that d*mn city was Dalton. I returned for him – to show him how much of a lady I’ve become. That I was no longer the little, bratty eighteen year old he desired so badly but resisted the urge to take her young teenage body.

I couldn’t help but wrap my hands while i went up, up, up in the elevator, imagining what he’d look like now. If he’d still be sexually appealing to me, if he had more grey hairs dotting his slick golden hair, if his ice blue eyes are still able to freeze me.

The elevator dinged, signaling I’d reached his office floor. When the door opened, I let out the breath I’d been holding.

Was I ready to see him again? I wasn’t sure... but, Dalton and I had unfinished business.

I pulled my tight black skirt up above my knees, leaving my long slick legs exposed. I left one button of my white shirt open and pushed my boobs up to reveal my cleavages before stepping out of the elevator and into the hall. The aim was to show a little skin to tease him.

The idea that at eighteen girls are sweet, innocent, little virgins seemed laughable to me. I mean, some of my mates had babies in high school.

As for me, at seventeen, I was pretty adventurous in exploring my sexual options. All I could think about was s*x. Who I could have it with, when, where, and how often. At eighteen I was s*x crazed. Dalton was one man I wanted so badly that I never got to have.

He was my father’s old college friend and his respect for their friendship meant more to him that his desire for me.

He was everything I’m not. He was commanding, experienced, and totally in control. He’s traveled the world, met big and important people, made big business decisions while I was still finishing from college and doing an internship in an Advertising agency.

When i turned twenty one, It felt like the right time... The right time to confront my demon once again. The right time to face my fears - the fear of being constantly rejected by him.

According to him, then I was a taboo – a teenager who shouldn’t be with a man the age of her father.

I steeled myself as I head for the door. Each footfall felt like one step closer to my ruination.

I continued down the hall, along white marble floors, and entered a large Reception room. The sight of luxurious, expensive, interiors made me freeze.

I’d never expected to meet the, CEO of Ambre, the biggest show promoter in Las Vegas in such a lavished office.

Dalton went from being a simple rich man who drove in Toyota to becoming a super rich man with a garage filled with different brands of luxurious cars. Incredible.

I shot myself out of my reverie and I approached the front desk. “I am here to see Mr. Dalton”. I said to the receptionist. “Petra Winchester, from Sydney Ad Agency. He is expecting me.”

Did I tell you I wanted to become a television presenter? Oh yeah… but that dream was thrown out the window the moment I figured it won't get me anywhere near Dalton. I needed a job that'd make me work closely with him.

“Ah, yes. His nine o'clock is running late, but he said to send you in. Follow me.” The Reception said.

I whooshed out a breath to stay cool, calm, and collected as she led me through the halls of Ambre – and when I entered into his office – the man I’d come to see leaned with his hand on one of those tall glass windows, staring out at the city like an emperor overseeing his kingdom.

An impeccable sky-blue suit framed his broad shoulders and dipped down to narrow his hips, before hugging his nicely rounded *ss.

When he turned and our eyes met, my reaction to him was immediate and potent.

The full force of his presence hit me in the gut like a fire bursting into life from the strike of a match. He was still hot as hell. Never seen a sexier fourty two year old.

Like a lion, his stare was fierce as he appraised me from top to bottom. I wasn't stupid dressing gorgious to his office. He gave the exact reaction I expected. And then I realized Nothing had changed in the way he looks at me.

Somehow, It feels like he never left. F*ck the age gap, deep down, inside my core, I knew I still desire to be touched by him.

Mr. Dalton, he’d be different. Unlike the boys I’ve been with – my boyfriend Noah, he never got it right. He was always in a rush, and it was over before it began. And that applied to the other boys as well. .. With Dalton, I knew he’d be different. He’d touch me the way I desired, and he’d take me the way I craved. Like a man, not like a boy.

I was not going to take his rejection this time without putting up a fight.

He gave me a small smile that didn’t quiet reach his eyes, “Sit” he gestured me toward a chair.

F*ck! That hoarse voice was my weakness. How does he have so much power with just the sound of his voice? He said only a word, one word, and his voice washed over me.

He was the man every girl dreamed about. The one that I had a mad crush on the second I realized what it meant to feel for a man.

I sat across the table and extended my file to him. I dropped my bag on a chair next to me and i crossed one leg over the other, trying to appear as professional as possible just so he’d regard me as an adult. Good thing I had figure that belonged on a late twenties and I dressed the part with a full face beat and a red lipstick.

I had lots of questions like; why he disappeared, why he cut communications and never kept in touch. But now was not the right time.

Ever since I entered his office, he hadn’t looked – no… he did look at me but not in a way a man looks at a woman he is interested in. He was keeping things professional or should I say, trying to make it seem as though he’d gotten over me.

I watched as he scanned through my papers and his eyes finally coming back to rest on mine. Light and darkness played in his eyes and for a moment, I forgot to breath under the weight of those eyes.

He studied me for a moment in a way that felt calculated. “If I offer you this deal, what will you give me in return?”

My heart did a tiny flip and I began to sweat

under the cool room. “What – what do you mean?”

"What will Ambre stand to benefit, Petra” My name rolled off his tongue like a sip of expensive red wine. Like he owned the right to it.

Of course I know what he meant. The sl*t in me wished it was my body in exchange for the contract. I would gladly give anything to have him splay me on his desk and take me mercilessly for all the stress I put him through few years ago.

I swallowed, “Business Focus and Growth?” I managed to mutter, unsure.

He snorted. “Your father told me how important this deal is to you as an intern… don’t blow it.” He said sternly. Almost like a warning. Again, he was treating me like a child and I hated it.

Bringing my father into the picture was almost as if he was being dismissive or placing a barrier.

“Does that mean…” I made to ask.

Curtly, before I could even complete the sentence. “ The deal is yours, Petra.”

He got up and walked towards a black leather couch at the corner of the office. Mr. Dalton sat on the couch across from me and spread one arm along the back. He rested an ankle on his knee in the perfect picture of poise and calm control. “If you need assistance with anything regarding executing the project efficiently, you can call the office.”

"Does that mean I get to come here anytime?” I asked, giving a soft smile.

He didn’t smile back, rather, his deep eyes flicked over my face, but this time the move seemed more calm than rigid. “No. Only when you need assistance.”

The smile that curved my lips is not that of someone who landed a big contract, it was one of victory. You know, the type on a baby’s face when gifted her favorite Barbie doll.

When I heard he came back, I knew the easiest way I could get to him was through this deal and my plan worked out perfectly.

“Thank you, Mr. Dalton.” I tried to keep it formal.

He nodded slowly, like a man in no kind of a hurry, a man with nothing to lose and with the luxury of time on his side.

"I'd like to invite you over this weekend. My Dad and I, We’d like to have you over… you know, to properly thank you?” I raised an eyebrow questioningly, not sure the reply he'd give. I was hoping he'd say yes.

We were interrupted by a gorgeous brunette who stood by the entrance of the office. “Sorry to interrupt Sweetheart, but the car has arrived for our meeting over lunch at Villa Monte”.

Sweetheart? Are they a thing? My world seized. I took a deep breath, trying to channel some of that calm control for myself, even if I only pretended. I was perfectly happy to fake it, even if I would never make it.

Dalton nodded to her, then turned his attention back to me. “See you by weekend… for the dinner of course.”

The Man She sees


Vegas was boring. Probably worse than I remembered it. It been two years since I last came home. I stayed back at Aunt Maggie's in New York City throughout the period i wrote my thesis and the city was a buzz.

I stood next to a mail post waiting for my boyfriend, Noah to come pick me up. I looked at the watch strapped to my wrist before looking both sides of the free straight road.

A white BMW with windows tinted so dark they seemed to be part of the interior walls rather than actual windows drew up at the curb outside the front of the building and stopped in front of me. The owner side window winds down and it was Dalton and the mystery woman.

His deep, dangerous eyes peered right down into the very depths of me, just like when I entered his office.

He looked angry. Maybe it was her. The woman that had her hands all over him was literarily not giving him a breathing space. And Dalton I know likes his personal space.

I felt sick to m


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