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CEO's Hell

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Jonah Harris is a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic, unlike his twin brother, he is not difficult to deal with, moody and demanding. Until then, he had never looked at his sister-in-law with different eyes, until the day she kissed him by mistake and things ended up getting out of control. And found himself facing death some time later. Brian Harris is a demanding and hated CEO who runs his personal life the same way he runs his company. He has Elena, his wife, as a trophy wife and treats her as one of his employees. Rebeca Barker has been living in the hospital for the last year, connected to machines, waiting for a new heart, while with each passing day, her lifespan is shortening. When finally his heart is replaced, he believes that his problem was solved. She just didn't expect her heart to start haunting her, making her feel attracted to a doctor and fear a CEO with all her might. One secret leads to another and soon what started as a small mistake turns into something more. Can the doctor and patient uncover the biggest secret of all? The CEO's?

Chapter 1

It was not a day different from the others. The Mayo Clinic hospital was one of the best hospitals in the USA, which meant that a large amount of the population attended. There was the characteristic smell of antiseptic, whispers coming from the corridors and the waiting room, the sounds of intercoms, and almost frequently the screams of the mourners. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary for the resident surgeon until he was suddenly called into the emergency room minutes after coming out of surgery.

The familiar sound of the intercom rang through the halls, followed by:

"Calling Dr. Harris, report to an emergency. doctor Harris, come to the emergency "The soft and feminine voice, still repeats the message twice, while walking towards the operating room that had just been occupied.

But when he entered the room, after getting dressed again in surgical clothes with the help of one of the nurses, who would help in the surgery, he simply felt his whole body paralyze, as if he no longer had control over his own body.

The day that until then had started "normal", was quickly leaving that normality and becoming a true horror movie.

Right in front of his eyes, with a distance of a few steps, lying on the bed completely bloodied, was Elena. And the one word he always managed to describe, when he thought of her, was that she was simply the woman of his life and he hated himself every time for not having known her sooner, for not having loved her since his eyes had first laid eyes on her.

The woman of my life, he thinks, with a strange tightness in his chest when he sees her like that, practically dead before his eyes.

His mind, as well as his body, became foggy and he could no longer think of anything.

Like the nurse next to him and the others who were there in the room, he looked at him waiting for him to start saving the woman's life, who at all costs, they were trying to stop the bleeding. But simply the doctor's eyes were glazed on the patient, who with each passing second, was closer to death.

Finally, the nurse beside him decides to break the silence and ask the obvious:

"Dr. Harris, is everything okay? "When you don't get an answer, whatever it was, you decide to be more emergency and remember where you were and what was everyone's job there "We need you to tell us what to do, Dr. Harris, immediately, the patient's condition is not good.

Having said this a little louder and almost authoritatively, even if she wasn't on the same level as him or was his supervisor, the doctor finally comes out of that trance he had entered, holding his breath.

With a slightly furrowed brow and a bleak look in his eyes, he approaches the operating table, also placing himself around Elena, needing to look closely at her. The two nurses in front of him continued to move, but at a certain point, they stopped and looked at him again, before looking at the head nurse at his side.

"Dr. His Harris" voice rushes through his ears, loud and clear, reminding him that he still needs to save a life.”

Without saying a single word, he quickly surveys the patient's condition. Three shots to the chest, practically at close range.

The thin beige blouse that Elena was wearing was ripped in half, leaving a display of the black lace bra she was wearing. Almost unconsciously, her fingers passed between her breasts, as she always did, but it was enough to hear the noises of the devices around her, to remember that he was still there, a doctor and Elena, her patient.

The projectiles initially, at first glance, did not seem to have done much damage, but as soon as the surgery began, his opinion quickly changed. Elena's condition was serious, even more so because she had lost a large amount of blood and needed to replace it, causing another problem: her blood was AB negative.

There was no doubt that the people present there were not understanding his behavior at that moment and how would they understand? They had no idea what was going on in his life when he got out of the hospital when he stopped being Dr. Harris, a cardiologist, and came to just Jonah. He believed it would be too complicated, at least trying to explain the reason for being that way, for having all his structures shaken because of a woman. Because of that woman.

At a certain point, the doctor's hands began to shake, feeling useless in the face of that situation. How would he explain to his brother that he had failed to save his wife's life? Worse yet, how he would look in the mirror every day, knowing that he had let the woman of his life die right before his eyes.

He felt like the first year of his internship, in that same hospital, when an accident victim walked into that hospital and he felt like all the information he had stored in his brain bro, had simply evaporated, with nothing left. While his fellow trainees ran from one side to the other, trying to save the lives of the other victims of the accident, caused by fog on the main road, he looked at the bloodied woman in front of him with cuts spread across her face and unconscious, asking her herself what she had to do.

But he just needed a snap in his mind, to remember that above all, he was there to save lives until the last breath.

A bitter laugh almost came out of his throat, when he concluded that he was feeling that way again, as if he were incapable, pondering whether the best alternative at that moment, if not to call the other cardiologist. His eyes were already blurry and he could feel all the sweat accumulating on his face and neck, as he realized that even that wasn't going to make it; He wouldn't be able to leave that room and leave, he would rather face his fears and do his best.

And to think that it all started with a simple mistake of the twins, it even happened to their parents to confuse them, believing they were talking to one, but it was another. Of course, it often happened to people who didn't know them, who didn't know how to pay attention to the smallest details, and even though Elena had been married to her brother for almost two years, he could still see the confusion in her face every time she saw them together.

What could have simply been avoided, even by himself? It had just been a mistake, a kiss, which ended up being reciprocated by him, who until then knew he had no feelings for his sister" in"law, but it was enough to remove his lips from hers, to be sure that he wanted more, than that kiss in the form of a drug. , had gone straight to his brain.

It turned out that the whole situation became a big snowball, filled with an extramarital affair and a secret that they needed to keep at all costs.

Not only Elena had cheated on her husband.

The doctor too. The brother.

After the surgery, he quickly felt exhaustion settle over his body, he could no longer tell if he was mentally or physically exhausted from the shock he had received earlier, but one thing he knew: he had given his best once again and that was not why it was from Elena since her job at that hospital was to try to save as many lives as possible. His body and mind were completely anesthetized, it was like he was watching a movie, sitting in some uncomfortable armchair or sofa; Furthermore, he could feel everything and it felt like it was duplicated.

After throwing the bloody masks and gloves in the trash, along with the disposable surgical clothes, he leaves the operating room, in pieces, no longer trusting his medical diagnosis, doubting that his optimism that everything would be fine, could be trying to deceive him that the situation wasn't exactly like that, that he was creating an alternative reality in his head, more pleasant, so he wouldn't have to face the true reality that was behind those double doors.

Everything around him quickly froze, when he walked out that door and noticed a familiar figure as if he were standing in front of a mirror, but with some differences; Waiting in the hallway was his twin brother, who had not opted into medicine as he had and who believed that being surrounded by all sorts of illnesses could be harmful sooner or later.

He preferred to be surrounded by papers, walking in and out of meetings, and discussing stock values. He also preferred the coziness of his living room and how money could make a few steps to indulge his whims.

His heart fluttered in his chest, not like before, but now he could feel the sweat on his hands. Their gazes met and held each other and, at that moment, the doctor already knew what was coming and didn't need to move, his twin brother, in long strides, walked towards him, reducing the space between them, almost in a blink. of eyes.


I frantically move my crossed leg, once again concluding the discomfort the chair was causing.

Beside me, Beth looked quite an at ease in the hospital environment as she read one of the magazines she found in a pile beside her. She couldn't understand how anyone could feel so… good.

Chapter 2

Perhaps my aversion to hospitals was complicating things, as for the past year, the Mayo Clinic has become my home, while I'm hooked up to an LVAD machine, awaiting a heart transplant.

Every night I avoided sleep as much as possible, I tried to stay awake until dawn, afraid that if I slept, I wouldn't be able to wake up the next day; And when I woke up the next morning and saw the sun wanting to come through the curtains, I felt that I had one more chance, that this could be the day or not, that I would receive a new heart.

For a year, this was my routine, hoping to be alive the next day, hoping that the heart that would save me would arrive.

And arrived. On a stormy night, after a power outage throughout the hospital. It was strange to see the machine that kept me alive, just go out, as well as the lights and there was only silence. Less than thirty seconds later, the machine next to me turned on, as it had a battery, and after a few seconds, the lights.


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