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J. C. Rodrigues Alves

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A Baby for the Deceased CEO's  Son
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  • 7.5

Have you ever thought about waking up and not remembering your name or how you ended up in a hospital? Ivy, as she was named, is in this situation. With only three pieces of information about you. She possibly had a relationship, with the son of the richest man in Texas who was now dead. They had been kidnapped, which resulted in the death of the Oil heir and she was pregnant with him. Nothing made sense to her at that moment and the only person who could help her was Zack's father. Ivy would have Zack's baby. But she didn't give him any guarantees that she wouldn't fall in love with the baby's grandfather.

CEO's Hell
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  • 7.5

Jonah Harris is a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic, unlike his twin brother, he is not difficult to deal with, moody and demanding. Until then, he had never looked at his sister-in-law with different eyes, until the day she kissed him by mistake and things ended up getting out of control. And found himself facing death some time later. Brian Harris is a demanding and hated CEO who runs his personal life the same way he runs his company. He has Elena, his wife, as a trophy wife and treats her as one of his employees. Rebeca Barker has been living in the hospital for the last year, connected to machines, waiting for a new heart, while with each passing day, her lifespan is shortening. When finally his heart is replaced, he believes that his problem was solved. She just didn't expect her heart to start haunting her, making her feel attracted to a doctor and fear a CEO with all her might. One secret leads to another and soon what started as a small mistake turns into something more. Can the doctor and patient uncover the biggest secret of all? The CEO's?

My Dominat Pilot
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  • 7.5

Being against all the plans that his parents have made since he was a child, Robbie decides to follow his dream and try a place in the company of Victor Krum. Passionate about aviation, she manages to join the company and ends up in a loving disappointment. However, everything changes after a plane crash, where they end up on a deserted island, along with a few crew members. Ending up increasing the passion she felt for him, needing to fight for their survival, while waiting to be rescued, sharing their fears and getting closer little by little, until Robbie finds himself hopelessly in love.


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