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CEO is ex-boyfriend

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Cindy comes from a wealthy family. Her father is the chairman of the Farrah jewelry group. Mike is a famous singer but comes from an ordinary family. They meet by chance and fall in love. But after a while, Cindy said goodbye because she no longer loved him. Mike is heartbroken and hates her. Cindy's father's company went bankrupt, she lost everything. Four years later, she applied for a job at the Skymond company. Skymond's CEO is again Mike - something she never thought of. Why did he hire her? Is it because he wants to get back with her or get revenge for the year she abandoned him?

Chapter 1 Birthday party

At Farrah's mansion - there is a birthday party for Cindy, the only daughter of Mr. Brian. He is the chairman of the Farrah jewelry group. In addition to the jewelry business, the company also invests in real estate and has branches abroad.

Mr. Brian is an influential man in the world of jewelry, so the guests at the party are famous executives in the upper class.

Niki - Farrah's housekeeper with Mrs. Ann - wife of Mr. Brian - standing in front of the gate bowed to greet these guests.

Guards strictly guard and make sure not to let anyone infiltrate inside.

The maids were busy with their work, some prepared the food, others decorated the party, and arranged the tables and chairs.

In a quiet room where the outside noises could not be penetrated, Cindy wore a beautiful red dress, the front part of the skirt was short to the knees, showing off her white legs, and the back part was pulled. endlessly long. The dress hugged her body tightly, revealing her s*xy curves. Cindy wears yellow high heels, exuding smooth pink and white skin.

Cindy just turned 20 years old, beautiful, pure, and talented. On the surface, she looks weak, but she's not. She used to learn karate.

The dress that she is wearing is the dream of every girl in the world.

Cindy's family is very wealthy, her father and mother can give her anything she wants, including a house, car, and plane.

Cindy's life is not lacking in anything: bags, dresses, jewelry, credit cards... To protect her beloved daughter, Mr. Brian always has two bodyguards with her everywhere.

Cindy feels like god favors her over other girls. But, she is not happy living in a luxurious mansion. She always feels lonely.

Cindy's friends dare not talk to her, because they fear her noble status. Some other friends only know how to flatter and compliment her. They use the best words for her, treat Cindy well, and want to be close to her just for their own ends. Because her family is very rich.

To Cindy, they were fakers. However, she still had to smile, thanking them for their birthday wishes.

Cindy stops dancing when the music ends. She lifted her skirt and walked out into the hall to join the party.

This evening, Cindy was the standout. She had just come out of the door, all the lights were on her. With a smile on her face, she reluctantly nodded to them.

While everyone was having a good time, Cindy went out into the garden, because she didn't like noisy spaces.

Cindy sat on a swing full of roses, looking up at the moon in the night sky.

Suddenly, a voice rang out. "Today is your birthday, why do you look unhappy?"

The young man who just spoke was William Dennis - the only friend in Cindy's life, who could be called sincere. He's three years older than Cindy.

William is not like those fake people. He is kind and takes care of her. Someone she can trust. So no matter what, Cindy shares it with him.

Talk a little bit about William's background. In terms of wealth, the Dennis family ranks first, and the Farrahs come in second.

His father died five years ago, so his mother - Mrs. Sam is a banker of Dennis. William is the heir to the Dennis corporation but he doesn't want to follow the way his mother arranged. In fact, he has a club in the city center and is running it.

Cindy stood up, walked over, and hugged William excitedly. "I kept thinking you weren't coming."

"Your birthday, why didn't I come? Because of the traffic jam, I'm late. The party has just started. Tell me, why aren't you happy on your birthday? ?" William sat beside her.

"I don't like my current life one bit." Cindy sighed.

"Why? There are so many people who want to be in your position." William blinked and asked.

"I'm tired and stressed. As the daughter of a rich president, I always pay attention to my words. I have to eat this, I have to wear that. I can't have a life of my own. my will. Dress, house, car... I have it all but for what? I have no friends except you." Cindy looked inside the house - where everyone was happily chatting. "They're fake people. They flatter me all the time."

William put his hand on Cindy's shoulder. "You can't choose your destiny but you can create your own joy and change your life. Come on, don't be sad. Today is your birthday, cheer up. And guess what, I What gift to give you?"

Cindy pursed her lips and said. "A necklace."

William put on a sulky face because she guessed correctly. Cindy laughed. "Every time it's my birthday, you give me jewelry. Necklaces, rings, or earrings."

"You know me clearly." William took the square box from his shirt pocket and handed it to Cindy. "Open it, I guarantee you'll love it."

Cindy took the box and opened the lid. Her eyes widened as she looked at what was inside. "The 'Milky Way' necklace, there are only five in the world. It was really expensive, I really can't buy it. How did you get it?"

"My mom's a banker, there's nothing I can't buy. Do you like it?"

"Of course. I've been wanting 'Milky Way' for a long time. Thank you very much." Cindy said in a happy voice.

Her hobby is collecting shiny objects and filling her bedroom.

Born into a family of jewelry traders, Cindy inherited a passion for jewelry from her parents. She wants to be a jewelry designer like Cartier in the future. Cindy stared at the 'Milky Way', a smile forming on her face.

'Milky Way' is made of silver, shining beautifully, radiating cool energy, a combination of silver and Moonstone gemstones.

William looked at Cindy's smile, his heart melted in happiness. In fact, he has been secretly in love with her for a long time.

Handsome, rich, kind. Any girl wants to marry William, except Cindy.

To her, he is both a friend and a brother whom she can share at any time.

Chapter 2 Arranged marriage

The party ended. Everyone has returned. William said goodbye to Cindy and walked over to his car, which was parked outside the gate.

Waiting for the wheelchair to roll, Cindy turned inside the house. She replaced her current dress with a simple nightgown and climbed into bed.

Her birthday party this year is the same as every year, nothing has changed. Food is made from high-quality ingredients. Her friends still fake smiles at her, complimenting her with clichés. Only William's gift made her happy.

Cindy looked at 'Milky Way' again and then put it in a box, she put the box in the drawer. Lying for a while, Cindy felt thirsty, because she ate a lot of cakes earlier. . She jumped up, got out of bed, opened her bedroom door, and went downstairs to the kitchen.

Cindy opened the refrigerator, pulled out a bottle of water, and drank it in one go. She put the other half of the water bottle in the refrigerator and went to her bedroom. As she passed her


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