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Bride of the Century

Bride of the Century

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A Billionaire politician died and left behind properties Worth billions of dollars for his kids to inherit. But a "clause" was attached to the will. Which was, " His son must provide his marriage certificate for the attorney before the he can get a dime from properties left for them" when he found out about the condition attached to the will, he was disappointed because as a playboy, getting married was never in his agenda, at least not now. But because he was desperately in need of money as a result of the debt he incurred at the club during his birthday party, he was determined to go to any length just to get the money.

Chapter 1

Eric'S POV

I pushed her roughly on the bed......

As I quickly bounced on her as we kissed each other passionately.

I disengaged the kiss and tore her blouse roughly as I yanked her bra off her exposing her two erected nipples.

She moaned softly as I pressed her boobs tight.

I took off her panties as I inserted my finger into her pussy.

She moaned sharply......

I placed my mouth on her nipples and sucked on them hungrily as I fingered her roughly.

"Arrhhhh...... Bry.... Ahhhh...." She moaned but I am not in for a quiet sex.

I quickly inserted my erected dick into her already wet pussy .

I slammed into her uncontrollably.

She kept on moaning as I fucked her so badly.

One could only hear the sound of our bare bodies as I slammed into her.

We continued until we had an orgasm.


I got out of the bathroom with a towel tied around my waist.

Exposing my broad sexy body.....

Without being told,,,,, I know I am super sexy and that my body alone cannot only make you drool but can also make you horny.

I saw her still on the bed with the duvet wrapped around her body.

She smiled seductively at me but I scoffed.

"You were so hot honey" She bit her down lip.

I faced the mirror combing my hair.

Why the fuck is she smiling like i'm her boyfriend???

"Get out!" I said with a hoarse voice.

"Huh???" She asked in surprise as I quickly turned to her.

"You heard me!..... I said "get out now" I ordered as she flinched.

"But I thought you loved...." She stuttered

I scoffed and shook my head in disbelief.

I quickly picked up a wrap of about 50 thousand dollars and threw it on her face.

"Take that and get your fucked up ass outta my bed and my room right now" I ordered as she gradually picked up the scattered money.

With my face still in the mirror,,, I applied some pomade on my body.

"What are you still waiting for bitch??? Get out of here" I screamed as she quickly rushed off holding her shoes.

"You're so unfair you bastard" She yelled as she stormed out of the room.

I ran my fingers into my curly hair and pushed them backwards.

What was she thinking???

That I'm gonna date her??

That's silly you know......

Actually, I have a girlfriend.

That's crazy right??? But it is true!!

She's the only one serious in the so-called relationship.

I don't give a fuck about relationships.....

The truth is,,, I really wanted to have her on the bed and I know she won't let me do that unless we are a couple.

So I befriended Ruby to fuck her.

Too bad I don't know how best to dismiss the damn girl.

Am already tired of her.

Oh..... I forgot to introduce myself.

Am Eric Adams....

And am a very handsome guy

My mom is actually late..... But my dad is still very much alive.

Mom's death was so painful and that was the reason why I hated the word "Love".

Though that story will be for another day.

I only have my grandma Claire... Who's my father's mom and my favorite.

She's one of the reasons why I live.

But grandma Claire lives in the states.... She's taking care of the family business over there.

She's getting really old and might return to the country anytime soon.

But I am not on good terms with my dad ... I despise him so much.

Together with his new family.

I have a sister though... A younger one.

She lives with grandma in the states.

Her name is Nadia.

I think that's enough introduction for now.

My cell phone rang aloud....

I glanced at the phone's screen.

"Slut no. 2" I said aloud what was written on the phone screen.

I sneered as I quickly rejected the call.

"Why can't this crazy slut get it into her head that it was just a one night stand with no strings attached" I shook my head as I lighted a stick of cigarette.



🌺 Arianna's POV:🌺

I cat walked on the stage in my long black ball gown.

"Good day everyone... Am your drama queen Arianna Bernardo.... Thank you!" I said as I presented before the audition judges.

I was applauded as I waved at them, smiling broadly.

"Your performance was quite amazing Miss Arianna but it's quite unfortunate.... You're not selected among the chosen ones" One of the judges said as I bowed my head.

I walked down the platform with tears circulated in my eyes.

I really needed this job.

I had borrowed money to buy the costume I am wearing.

How do I pay Madam Sherry??

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks as I walked back into the dressing room.

I quickly wiped off my tears and sniffed.

My best friend Gloria walked to me with a sad face as she hugged me.

"You don't have to worry.... You will surely be appointed among the chosen one in the next audition" Gloria consoled me.

"How do I pay Madam Sherry?" I cried

"Don't worry,,,, I will help you talk to Gary to lend you money OK" She said as I forced a smile.


I walked into our old almost empty apartment.

It was so quiet and I wondered why??

"Bibi! Laila!!! Am back" I said aloud as I got into the room.

I saw mother, Laila and Bibi sitting wearing a gloomy look.

I became worried.

"Welcome" They chorused

"Mother?? what happened?" I asked eagerly

Mother only forced a smile at me.

"It's nothing child... Just freshen up,,,, there are some left over cabbage stew and potatoes on the table" She said

"Are you sure mother" I asked not convinced

"Yes child... How was the audition?" She asked as I bowed my head in sadness.

"Don't worry my child... Everything will be OK soon" She said as she patted my hair and walked away.

I breathed heavily and turned to my little siblings.

"What happened to my mother?" I asked

"The landlady just left the house a few minutes ago," Little Bibi, who is seven years old, said as Laila nudged him.

"Oh Bibi... Mother warned us never to worry sister Arianna with that" Laila whose 10 years old muttered.

I touched their heads and hugged them.

We really needed to pay house rents too... that's the reason I need the job.

"Don't worry kids" I said, not knowing what exactly to say.

Tears circulated in my eyes.

🌺 Eric'S POV 🌺

We stepped into the noisy bar.

It's my birthday party🎊

So we are just gonna celebrate with my friends.

We danced as we drank alot of liquor.

This is exactly the kinda fun I want....

I danced and rocked and rolled with a new bitch I saw at the bar.

"Eric??" I heard a familiar voice as I was snogging the new bitch.

I turned around and saw Ruby with tears streaming down her cheeks.

I only grinned at her.

"You man hoer...." She landed a resounding slap on my cheeks and I smiled crazily.

"Go to hell.... We're done anyways" I said as I spanked the new bitch's ass.

"What?" She furrowed her brows.

"You heard me... AM DONE WITH YOU" I shouted as the crowd stared at us.

Tears welled down her cheeks as she stared around in embarrassment.

She quickly ran out of the bar.........

Chapter 2

Arianna's POV:

With my face buried in the pillow…….. I sulked bitterly.

How are we really going to cope??

What if the landlady throws us out of the house!

I sniffed hard.

Suddenly, I heard a door crack noise and I quickly sprang up.

It was already dark and very late.....

"Who could that be? Mother and my little siblings have all gone to bed" I thought inwardly as I tiptoed outside.

I quickly turned on the torch light.....

I heaved a sigh of relief.

It was my useless elder brother Miguel.

He was back and as usual drunk....

He has always been the family's black sheep.

All he does is steal, gamble and drink around... Lazing around all day.

"Just take a look at the time Miguel?" I confronted him.

He belched loudly as the stench of alcohol filled the whole place.

He staggered to the couch and fell on it heavily.

I sighed and shook my head as I locked the doo


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