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Bounded by Mr. Campbell

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Ariya Stewart had always dreamed of finding the perfect job, and it seemed like fate had finally smiled upon her when she landed a position at Campbell Advertising. From the moment she stepped into the office, she was enveloped by welcoming vibes from her new workmates, a group of strong and talented women who exuded confidence and success. However, Ariya soon noticed an odd similarity among her female colleagues. They proudly bragged about their own one-night experiences with their boss, Christopher Campbell. It seemed that these encounters were almost a rite of passage in the company, a peculiar norm that Ariya couldn't fully comprehend…until she experienced the steamy night first hand. Yet, it didn’t just happen one time, however, every exhilarating night spent with Christopher was accompanied by the lurking danger of secrecy. Ariya knew that sneaking around corners and hiding their connection could only lead to trouble, waiting for the moment when Christopher would inevitably make a mistake and would shatter their lives and bring them to the brink of ruin. In the midst of her passion and desire, Ariya wrestled with her emotions and the realisation that her heart was no longer her own. Would their forbidden romance lead to a path of destruction, or could Ariya find a way to navigate the treacherous waters of love and power within the confines of Campbell Advertising? Only time would tell if their connection could withstand the storm that lay ahead.

Chapter 1

[Ariya’S POV]

"Finally! I found you. Did you really think you could escape and hide from me for so long?"

My muscles trembled when I heard a deep voice. The room was dark, but it was quite cold because it was fully air-conditioned.

"Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?" I cried out. I sat in a corner, clutching my knees. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop myself from crying due to intense fear.

But it seemed like thunder was laughing as I couldn't make out the man's face. Nevertheless, I knew he was tall and had a large build.

"Playing innocent now, huh? Never has anyone dared to scam me. But you, who do you think you are? Did you really believe you could just escape from me like that? Now I will punish you for what you did to me!" he angrily accused, making me shiver even more. I gasped loudly as I didn't realize he had approached me until he suddenly pulled me.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Please let me go!" I continued crying and pleading, but it seemed like this man was not listening to anything I said.

"Save your fake crying for yourself. You won't fool me again!" he snapped at me, tearing my clothes without hesitation. My entire body trembled even more with fear.

"No, please! Have mercy, please!" I cried loudly, begging him.

"Why? Don't worry, I'm really good in bed. I'll just make the most of the money I paid you. I've seen your face. You're so pretty. Very pretty that I was smitten. And you used that beauty to deceive me after getting my money!" he snarled and forcefully kissed me.

My whole body tensed as I didn't expect that. His strong arms tightened around my waist, and no matter how I struggled, I couldn't counter his strength. "Wait, let me go! I didn't deceive you, I don't even know you!" I insisted while he continued to forcefully claim my lips.

"F*ck! You taste so good," I heard him groan. I screamed when he bit my lips. He wasn't listening to me, and his kisses became even more intense. Now, I could taste the blood from my wounded lips.

He lifted me and threw me onto the bed, quickly looming over me. Suddenly, he tore my blouse. My fear intensified as he proceeded to destroy my bra.

Now, my well-endowed chest was exposed in front of him. It seemed like he was leering at them. I begged him again, but he seemed even more enthralled by what he was doing to me.

Who is this guy, and why is he so angry at me? I don't remember deceiving anyone. I'm not a deceiver. I never deceive anyone. "No! Ahh!" I cried out loudly and screamed when he forcefully grabbed my chest with his hands.

"F*ck! I like your breasts. They are firm and more than a handful. You are so f*ck*ng beautiful, Ariya. Is this what you use to deceive many men, huh? Now, we'll see how much you can take. I will f*ck every fiber of your body. I will f*ck you hard even if your p*ssy bleeds while doing so!" he angrily threatened.

Every word he said was full of insults and demeaning remarks about my body. "You demon! I'm not a bad person. I don't know what you're talking about. Beast! Let me go!" I angrily shouted at him. Who gave him the right to do all this to me?

"Yes. I am a devil, but only to those who are more evil than me. Like you. Scamming people is one of the things I hate the most!" he said, destroying the remaining pieces of clothing on my body.

He stepped back from me, so I quickly got up and retreated. I covered my whole body with a blanket.

My eyes were used to the darkness, so I could clearly see how he slowly undressed in front of me. I looked away and tried to focus on my surroundings.

In this room, it seemed almost impossible for me to escape.

"Please, have mercy. I really don't know what you're talking about. I didn't deceive you. Please, believe me!" I continued to plead, although it seemed to have no effect on him. This man is so ruthless. He is cold and merciless. He had nothing in mind but to ravage me and took his vengeance on something which I know nothing about.

"Why, did you feel sorry when you deceived me? Now, I'll make you feel that you messed with the wrong person!" he sneered at me and forcefully pulled my legs. I screamed and fell onto the bed. He forcefully removed the blanket covering my naked body.

"Please... stop. It really hurts," I weakly begged as he buried his face in my intimacy. The excruciating pain shot through my abdomen and up to my head. It felt like my body was being split in two, and even my thighs trembled.

"No! I paid a big sum for this. If you're a virgin, then I deserve this for paying twenty million for you," he replied, fully penetrating me. 

I screamed again at the unbearable pain, thinking I might lose consciousness.

He pressed himself against me and claimed my lips. This time, his kisses were gentler, without the brutality. I was just grateful that he wasn't moving. With the size of what was inside me, I felt like I would lose consciousness if he did.

"D*mn! I want to move. But I will give you time to adjust," he whispered. He lowered his kisses to my jaw, cheeks, and down to my neck.

My hair stood on end as he licked my sweaty neck. But I cried out again when he thrust inside me.

"Please, stop," I continued to cry and whimper due to the pain. I wanted to push him away and fight back. I wanted to hurt him for violating my dignity, something I had carefully preserved for my fiancé. Kevin had respected me, and we hadn't gone beyond kisses and occasional touches.

But this brutal man, so relentless, ruthlessly claimed my body. He destroyed the purity I had guarded so carefully, all fueled by an anger I couldn't comprehend. He accused me of deceiving him for twenty million, but I had no idea what he was talking about.

"Ah..." I cried out again as he bit my shoulder. Each kiss felt malicious, and even his squeezing of my body sent shivers down my spine.

"I will move now. Just endure the pain for a while. It will go away," he said, widening my eyes. Before I could protest, he started thrusting back and forth, intensifying the pain in my private area.

Tears flowed again. I held onto his shoulders tightly, trying to push him away. But he took my hands and placed them above my head. Then he started moving faster.

"No! Stop! Oh, God, it's hurting so much!" I pleaded, crying. But there was no way he would stop. Instead, he plunged himself deeper and faster, groaning with pleasure as he continued to assault my body with his rough actions.

"D*mn! So tight and so good! F*ck!" he grunted loudly, ignoring my pleas. He was enjoying himself, indifferent to my pain.

"Stop, please. I can't take it anymore. Enough!" I continued to cry and beg. But instead of slowing down or even pausing, he seemed more motivated. I felt full, and it seemed like there were wounds inside my private area.

"Oh f*ck! This is the best fcking I've ever had!" he exclaimed loudly, trembling on top of me as he released his fluids inside me. I winced at the rapid and deep thrusts.

After emptying himself, he pulled out. Even that caused pain in my private area. The fluids he deposited mixed with the blood from my damaged virginity.

I turned to my side, my entire body shaking with painful sobs. I heard him dressing again, including the sound of his zipper.

I gasped when he approached and kissed my cheek.

"From now on, you're mine! Get ready for our wedding tomorrow!" he whispered, making my hair stand on end. My whole body, especially my private area, hurt so much, but I still managed to face him.

"What? Why would I marry you? After you violated me, now you're forcing me to marry you? Just kill me, you beast!" I spat at him. Large tears welled up in my eyes again.

"I didn't violate you because you were paid for your service. And if you don't agree to marry me tomorrow, I'll finish off your family, and I'll present their heads to you one by one!" he threatened angrily. I gasped again and froze. I couldn't speak because I didn't know what to say after being threatened like that.

Without getting any response from me, he left me alone in the room. All I could do was cry and cry, not even realizing when my grief led me to sleep.

Chapter 2

I WOKE UP feeling like my head was being hammered with pain. It felt like I had been beaten up, and my whole body was sore. The muscles ached terribly. Once again, I found myself crying over a fate I never thought I'd experience. Why did all of this happen to me?

I slowly got up. The room was spacious and looked beautiful, but to me, it was like hell, and a demon resided here.

"You're awake! Good!" I turned towards the door and froze when I saw a tall man entering.

I momentarily stared at his striking handsomeness. He had thick eyebrows and deep gray eyes. His nose was sharp, and his lips seemed to have lipstick on, even though I knew they didn't. Was he the one who took advantage of me last night?

"Am I that handsome that you are already smitten? Don't worry, I am all yours since you will be my wife starting today!" he declared with a smirk.

I snapped back to reality, and the intense anger I felt returned. In my


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