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Embracing the Devil
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Artemy Loskutov... Known for his icy demeanor, merciless nature, and lethal skills, I command respect and instill fear in everyone who crosses my path. Love and affection have no place in my existence; my sole purpose is to exact vengeance upon the detestable Cavalieri mafia, responsible for my mother's untimely demise. When I stumble upon a young woman, battered and hiding beneath my bed, I spare her not out of kindness, but view her as a mere possession, a toy to be manipulated. Rebecca Cavalieri... I had grown accustomed to men who sought to exploit, harm, and discard me. Trust is an elusive concept, and my heart remains hidden beneath layers of anguish. Artemy, however, managed to unearth and rekindle the flickering flame within me. He awakened my dormant emotions. But if he uncovers the true extent of the danger I pose to him, I risk losing not only his affection but also my very life.

Bounded by Mr. Campbell
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Ariya Stewart had always dreamed of finding the perfect job, and it seemed like fate had finally smiled upon her when she landed a position at Campbell Advertising. From the moment she stepped into the office, she was enveloped by welcoming vibes from her new workmates, a group of strong and talented women who exuded confidence and success. However, Ariya soon noticed an odd similarity among her female colleagues. They proudly bragged about their own one-night experiences with their boss, Christopher Campbell. It seemed that these encounters were almost a rite of passage in the company, a peculiar norm that Ariya couldn't fully comprehend…until she experienced the steamy night first hand. Yet, it didn’t just happen one time, however, every exhilarating night spent with Christopher was accompanied by the lurking danger of secrecy. Ariya knew that sneaking around corners and hiding their connection could only lead to trouble, waiting for the moment when Christopher would inevitably make a mistake and would shatter their lives and bring them to the brink of ruin. In the midst of her passion and desire, Ariya wrestled with her emotions and the realisation that her heart was no longer her own. Would their forbidden romance lead to a path of destruction, or could Ariya find a way to navigate the treacherous waters of love and power within the confines of Campbell Advertising? Only time would tell if their connection could withstand the storm that lay ahead.

Embracing the Devil (The Continuation)
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Rebecca... Once, my heart longed to soar, but he shackled my desires, plucking my dreams like feathers from a wounded bird. Then emerged my rescuer. Through a trail of crimson, he sought me out. Love courses in his veins, a fervent desire to liberate his captive Angel. Yet, how can I take flight anew when my wings lie shattered? Artemy... The battle rages on, a war of love and torment. If he believed he could shatter her and fade into oblivion, he miscalculated. I'll hunt him down, shattering him as he did her. A solemn oath to my Angel guides me. I vowed to grant her flight... I swore to salvage her very soul. And my promises are unbreakable, unwavering as the night.


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