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Billionaire's Ex-Wife Returns With A Baby

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“We are divorced, Adams.” She sighed and wanted to walk away, but he held her. “It doesn't matter.” He answered, his voice laced with determination. “I don't love you anymore.” “That doesn't matter either. What matters is that I want you, and there's nothing you or anyone can do about it.” ***** Alicia's life has been a series of ups and downs. She suffered abuse from her husband and his family because she couldn't give him a child. She thought she had seen it all, but not until the day she returned home only to receive a letter of divorce from her husband. She pleaded but was met with deaf ears, and so she signed the documents and left. Little did anyone know that she was pregnant. She returned six years later with her baby girl only to find her Ex-husband craving her once more. How will she take this, and what other surprises does fate have in stock for her?

Chapter 1

Alicia stood in front of the mirror checking herself out for the one hundredth time. Her husband Adams had informed her that his parents invited them over for dinner tonight and she was so nervous because she knew what his parents were like, so she needs to look really presentable in order to avoid getting them upset because they seem to find little or no mistakes in anything she does.

She has been married to Adams for 3 years now and there was no sign of pregnancy. They've gone for different kinds of tests and the doctors told them they were okay. She had no idea why she wasn't getting pregnant.

Adams had been patient with her but she knew it was all an act. Time came and he started joining his parents to curse at her and abuse her.

She's an author and her career as an author was going downhill, she didn't want her marriage to follow suit either, but she had no choice.

A knock on her door jolted her out of her reverie, she took a deep breath before going to answer the door. When she opened it, she met the house help standing outside.

"Good evening Ma'am. Mr Adams is waiting for you downstairs." She informed her.

"Alright, I'll be there soon." Alicia replied, while managing to force out a smile.

The maid nodded before leaving.

Alicia hurriedly went back to check herself out, she didn't look bad and was satisfied with her appearance, she just hope her inlaws won't have anything bad to say.

She hurriedly grabbed her necklace and put it on, then she took her purse before exiting her room and going downstairs to meet her husband.

When she got downstairs, Adams didn't even spare her a glance and simply went outside. Although this act did hurt her, but she was already used to his cold behavior by now, she hurriedly went after him to avoid getting scolded.

The drive to his parents house was silent, all through the ride Adams didn't say a single word to her, nor did he even look at her, she wanted to strike a conversation with him, but she knew better not to since she knows he's only going to ignore her.

They finally arrived at his parents house, when the car came to a stop, he simply got out, not bothering to wait for her. It's as if she's invisible to him.

Their marriage wasn't always like this, everything was once so perfect until Adams parents began to demand for a grandchild, at first Adams wasn't bothered by this, but his parents words eventually got to him and he also joined them in pressuring her to give him an heir. When she failed to give him a child, that was when her once blissful marriage turned sour.

By the time she went inside, she met them already seated at the dining and the maids serving them dinner.

"Good evening Mom. Good evening Dad." She greeted, but Adams mother glared dangerously at her.

"It's Mrs Bridget or Ma'am to you, or do I look like your mother!" Mrs Bridget snapped. "Do we look like your parents or are you trying to curse us!?"

"I...I'm sorry Ma'am."

"Never in your life make the mistake of calling me Mom or calling my husband Dad, we'll never have been unfortunate to birth a barren woman like you, you're nothing but a promiscuous woman and you've brought shame and disgrace upon this family!" She cussed.

Her words pierced deep into Alicia's heart, causing her so much pain.

"I'm not barren Mom, and it's not my fault that I haven't been able to bear children, God's is the one who gives kids, so please stop saying such words to me every single time. It hurts hearing those words from you." She cried.

Mrs Bridget scoffed loudly. "Don't think your stupid crocodile tears will make me feel bad or hate you less Alicia. And I'm quite sure you're familiar with the saying that goes 'the truth always hurt'. What I'm saying to you is the truth." Mrs Bridget retorted. "You're just a barren woman, you have no womb and everything around you is failing, you're just surrounded by negativity and it was huge mistake that my son Adams got married to a shameless and barren woman like you, now you've brought nothing but shame and disgrace to us!" She spat.

"All my mates brags about their daughter inlaw giving them grand children, but you! I can't even brag about one child coming from you, just one! Whatever's happening to you right now is simply what you deserve, and I pray my son's eyes finally opens and he does the right thing by getting rid of a disgrace like you!" She seethed.

Alicia kept on shaking her head as hot tears streamed down her cheeks. She looked at Adams hoping he would say something, anything at all to defend her, but he remained un-bothered and was simply eating his dinner, she looked at his father and the eyes that stared back at her was one filled with nothing but disappointment.

She couldn't bear to stay there any longer, she ran out of there crying bitterly.

The night was so cold and Alicia was literally freezing outside, but she didn't seem to care, after all, it wouldn't matter to anyone if she dies from this cold.

It took a whole lot of time before Adams finally came out, he only looked at her briefly before going to the car.

Alicia stood up from the staircase she was sitting on, she wiped off her tears before going to meet him.

Once again, the ride home was in total and complete silence. When they returned home, Adams left for his room and didn't bother talking to her.

Alicia went to sit on the couch crying softly when her phone suddenly rang, she sniffed before fetching it from her purse, seeing it was her Doctor calling, she hurriedly answered the call.

"Hello Doctor."

"Mrs Alicia...''

''The pregnancy test results are out.''

Chapter 2

Alicia's car pulled up in front of the hospital, she was so nervous that she could barely sleep last night, and the minute the sun came out, she got ready quickly and drove down to the hospital.

Adams has no idea that she even took this test, she woke up one morning feeling so sick, and all her symptoms were the signs of pregnancy, she even googled most of the things to be sure and despite the fact that what she thought was confirmed, she didn't want to get her hopes up only for it to come shattering again. She had secretly gone to the hospital and explained everything to her Doctor, but the Doctor had then told her to take a test before they could conclude on anything at all, and although she was skeptical about it at first that it even took a lot of talking to convince her to take the pregnancy test.

She waited in her car for sometime as she tried to calm her beating heart, when she calm, she finally came out of the car and went inside the hospi


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