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Billionaire Daredevil In Love.

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"Kitty, spread your legs." he commanded and pulled his p*n*s out of his drawers. "What?" I said sitting up, shocked. I tried to move away but he shoved me back on the bed. I crawled backward landing heavily on my back. "I said spread your legs!" he barked. "I-I'm not ready," I managed to say, and I wasn't. The last thing I wanted to do was have s*x with him, but he seemed suddenly keen on it. "Ready?" He said, his brow arched. "Who gives a f*ck about that? B*tch ready or not, I will have my way with you; don't forget that we're legally married now. This is your f*ck*ng duty!" I wanted to say something, but my mouth had suddenly gone dry, and the words remained stuck in my throat. He climbed onto the bed with his knee and pried my legs apart. Harshly, he tore off my thong, and I saw a lecherous smile spread on his face as he gawked at my genitalia. He slipped a condom over his erection and tapped my genitalia with his sheathed p*n*s. "This is going to be fun," he grinned evilly, and my heart dropped. Billionaire daredevil, Clayton Rocco, is an egomaniac and certainly, someone you wouldn’t want to displease. His alluring looks and sexual aura make every woman look past his arrogance, selfish lifestyle, and playboy acts. The young billionaire craved nothing else but the lust of ladies who warmed his bed at night, until he came across Nadine, a beautiful club waitress, a lady who stole from him. 23yrs old fraudster, Nadine Moore, swindles the wrong man and now, he wants it all, every single bit of her.

Chapter 1


I shut my eyes for the second time since the call began.

My phone was placed on the kitchen counter, while I used a knife on some vegetables. Preparing dinner just before my shift had to be the most aggravating thing ever.

"Are you even listening to me?" Naomi asked.

"Of course, I am!" I yelled from where I stood.

"Sh*t. Just a minute!"

I stood on my toes and tried to reach for the jam on top of the shelf.

The kitchenette was small, but I couldn't blame anyone. It was all I could afford, and since I've been saving for a better future, I have to manage this.

"You know what?" Naomi said. "Just do your thing, and I'll see you later at work."

"Uh— okay. I'll be there soon." I turned to look at the screen, and my lips twitched.

"I'm sorry, Naomi, I'll be there in—"

The call ended before I could say anything else, and I exhaled audibly. There was so much to do and very little time.

Naomi knew how occupied I was, so she kept her stories for later. I have no idea what exactly she wanted to say, but I knew it had to be one of her club stories.

Despite not being able to stand people, Naomi is the closest person to me. She makes my stay at the club bearable and less stressful.

I wouldn't say she's my best friend cause the word feels weird. I'll say she's the closest person to me after my sister, Anna.

"Oh sh*t," I blurted and turned to the pot when I realized my food was already burning.

I tried to wave the smoke off and just tossed the pan away.

When I finished with that, I changed the pan and started again. This was the most annoying part of having a sibling.

You wouldn't be able to do things without considering them, and again, you have to make them dinner even if it means going late to work.

I've had this job for only a few weeks and couldn't afford to lose it. Not yet, and not when I have a bunch of bills to take care of and a teenage sister who keeps asking for cash.

I checked my phone screen to see the time and calculated the minutes I had left.

I had barely forty minutes before my shift, and I was making dinner. I still had to take my bath and get my bag packed.

"Here smells nice!"

Of course, it scented nice. I rolled my eyes and continued cooking.

"Hi, sis," Anna said, and a small smile tugged on her lips.

"Hey. How are you?" I asked and loomed in her direction.

She dropped her backpack and fell to the dining table. "Tired and starving. What's for dinner?"

"Whatever you make," I blurted.

"Ourgh!! Nadine," she dragged. "I swear I'm starving."

"And I'm running late," I told her. "Come and have this, it's yours."

Her brows flickered, and she jumped up in happiness. "You're the best sister ever!!"

I tried to wriggle out of her hug and took off the apron. I placed it on the table and used my hands to trace my hair.

I tried arranging my red hair, but the strands kept slipping off my hands.

Anna Moore looked like she has been starved all her life, and she hastily took a bite from her plate of food.

When she raised her head to look at me, a furrow appeared on her forehead.

"What?" I asked. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

She chewed gently and paused. "You look weird. Like awful, but a bath can solve that. Uh— a perfume too."

"You are a f*ck*ng piece of sh*t," I laughed.

"Glad you got the joke," she chuckled and returned to her food.

I smiled and turned away. "I'll just have my bath and get ready for work. I'm working all night so don't expect me."

"I hate it when you work all night," Anna admitted.

"Yeah, me too. I have to be around annoying proud people, and I hate it so much."

After my shower, I felt good. A sudden sensation coursed through me, and I felt fresh.

I grabbed my usual T-shirt from the wardrobe and jumped up while wearing my skinny jeans.

Everything was going as planned till I couldn't find my shoes. There was no way I'd go to work wearing a pair of slippers, so I crouched to the floor and tried to find it.

"Here you are," I scoffed and stretched to bring the shoe from beneath the bed.

I used the wet rag to clean it and slid my legs into it.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I turned slightly to the left and packed my hair into a ponytail.

My hazel eyes looked beautiful as always, but I needed to get the perfect look.

There was nothing more perfect than owning an eyeliner and being able to use it whenever.

I lined my eyes carefully till I got the desired arc. My mouth opened slightly, and I used my fingers to clean the excesses.

"Don't ruin this," I told myself and used a wipe instead.

"You're running late!" Anna Moore's voice yelled from the dining area.

She was only seventeen, but she sounded so mature, and you'd mistake her for my age.

Well, the only difference was that she still depends on me for necessities and that is very okay.

Anna is my only sister, and I tried my best to cater to her needs.

"I'm coming!" I responded and reached for my bag.

It wasn't a fancy bag, just some shopping bag big enough to contain my cup of coffee, my next read, and of course, my clothes.

I dashed out and met Anna standing by the doorway. She was looking at the screen of a phone.

I looked closer, and it was my phone.

"What's that?" I asked when she kept looking blankly.

"Look," she said softly and turned the phone to me.

My heart sank.


Chapter 2


My eyes crinkle at the edges as I scowled.

I dropped the glass of bourbon on the slab and turned to face my brother.

"It's a good idea, Clayton. It's just an investment."

"No, it's not," I fired. "You don't expect me to invest in the same company that stole from me. I hate liars, Enzo. I hate them so fucking much."

He exhaled and turned to the other side.

This conversation was only pissing me off, but it was better we have it now.

The company Enzo wants us to invest in scammed me of 16 million dollars and got away with it because there was no trace.

I did my investigations and found out, but I had no genuine evidence so I couldn't sue them.

"It's ridiculous if you don't see how you can recover by investing in this business."

"What's ridiculous is how you think I


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