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Fate never played fair when it came to love. Separated from her mate due to an ancient curse, Aurora becomes the cruel and merciless princess who reviled in blood shed all hope seems lost for her as the vampire Kingdom watches the princess ruin ancient traditions. Albeit unknowingly Mirabelle, far away from her mate, lonely and poor, vows to make a name for herself and return one day to exact vengeance. Years go by and with effort on hard work on both sides, things seem work out and a happy ending seems to be in the works for these two but then an ancient foe long thought dead, arises and things may not be as they seem..... Read to find out more loves... 😌🌹


********Aurora's POV*********

"Being a princess had never been easy. Much more being a Vampire princess, it was exhausting. Watching people, fake smiles, boot licking, drama and theatrics and the most annoying part of it all, royal gatherings just like this one where politics and all sorts of things were discussed. Glasses clinked, blood wine was sipped, chattering, tidbits of conversation, nobles sucking up to each other. So familiar and yet so tiring. I badly wanted to leave but it was tradition. A princess never misses these gathering except when absolutely necessary. Urrgh inescapable and boring. I needed some form of entertainment". I turned around and saw a servant walking past then I smirked. "Time for some fun" . He was human thus an easy prey.

I signalled him to come over as I took a glass from his tray and sipped from it.

"Hmm this wine seems a little bit different from the others don't you think???". I asked the servant. He trembled in fear before replying "Yes your highness. If you say so your highness". Ha now it was time to taunt him. "But I just didn't say so, I believe so" he looked so confused and I was enjoying it " of course your highness.The wine is very nice". "You lowly servant what makes you think so, or have you ever tasted the royals blood wine before hmm" I asked as he shivered with fright. "No your highness, I wouldn't dare, it's treason". "Then why would you say it tastes different and even agree with me or have you indeed committed treason". I sensed his discomfort as I laughed inwardly. Humans were so weak and pathetic.


"I believe he said it tastes different and agreed with you only because you said so princess". I turned with an amused look who just spoke and my eyes landed on a pretty little thing. Blue eyes, silver hair, rosy cheeks and a rather full figure with assets. I let my eyes roam all over this delicious look figure and then my mind wandered to how she would taste. "Hmm and what do you think about the wine Bellazza" I asked the cute little servant girl with an amused look on my face but a plan in mind. "Errr I wouldn't know my princess. I've never tasted it". Hmmm this one sounded feisty. The male servant behind my looked increasingly ashen as he tried to intervene". Your highness, please forgive her impertinence "." Slienzo" I sharply told him. Hmm he was so noisy. "Partire" I dismissed him with a flick of my wrist. He looked sorry for the pretty creature with me as he walked away.

"Hmm why would you ask


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