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Paulidarlin 🥰 ❤️ 🌹

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About me

Introvert and cat lover💋. Bae with a lil attitude and tons of love for those who support me. Btw😉, believe it or not, music is medicine🎧😌


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"Beware of the day you come of age. A whole new world awaits" Being a psychic was unbelievable and stressful enough but being destined to save the world? That seemed impossible and especially for Laia. A normal human girl with a troubled past, she tries to live out a simple adulthood. But when she turns 18,an age she was always told to be aware of, things begin to change. She gets drawn into affairs of things she never expected, The supernatural. Things move faster down a dark and delicate path, friendships destroyed, betrayals and unknown enemies, Laia finds herself in a dilemma, the fate of the human world and universe lies in her hands. If you love suspense and thrillers, this is the book for you Hop on and let's go on this adventurous ride!

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He leaned in closer. “I want you Astria. I want to touch every inch of that body, kiss you, make you scream my name..” “Do you mean me or my body?.” “Oh, I will have both loves.” He captured my lips in a kiss. ****** Astria Monte is definitely not your average kind of City D girl. She has the brains, beauty, a very dark past but most of all..... A heart made of stone and walls guarding it well till Angelo came along. Angelo Caddel. Band leader and face of the “Extremes” boy band. He is a notorious playboy with non-committal views towards relationships, a cocky attitude, and a beautiful face to back it up. He has a run-in with Astria and to his astonishment, finds out that she does not see him as he sees himself; God's gift to women. He takes it upon himself to make her fall madly for him and teach her a lesson while at it. Unfortunately, he sees himself falling for her instead and becomes confused about how to express himself. Things take a wild turn amid death threats, paparazzi, suicide attempts, crazy exes, murder, and worst of all..... A CLUELESS Astria!

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Fate never played fair when it came to love. Separated from her mate due to an ancient curse, Aurora becomes the cruel and merciless princess who reviled in blood shed all hope seems lost for her as the vampire Kingdom watches the princess ruin ancient traditions. Albeit unknowingly Mirabelle, far away from her mate, lonely and poor, vows to make a name for herself and return one day to exact vengeance. Years go by and with effort on hard work on both sides, things seem work out and a happy ending seems to be in the works for these two but then an ancient foe long thought dead, arises and things may not be as they seem..... Read to find out more loves... 😌🌹


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