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Sapphire Dee

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About me

Welcome to my page, a place were you can always read to escape reality. My name is Sapphire Dee and I have always been a hopeless romantic, always fantasizing about how my love life will be but since I can't have that now, I resulted to writing them in my books. I am just a girl that is doing what she loves. I am also a music addict and I don't have a favourite genre in particular as I just listen to anything that interests me. Oh, and I love dancing too! But that is what I do privately because I can't stand the embarrassment of having to dance in public. My favourite genre to write is Romance, but mainly Billionaire Romance as I'm sure a lot of us have imagined being with our hot, rich partners but life doesn't really go that way so we live it out in books. I should probably stop here before I write an autobiography.


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