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Arranged marriage with general manager

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When two souls are destined to be together, they must go through hardships, trials, and even obstacles, objections, and a series of trials that must be proven right at all costs before they can be together. Susan is in a loveless arranged marriage with the famous but arrogant CEO and rock star, Nick Connors. But he is in love with a proud model. What will happen when Nick's heart starts to flutter for Susan when he can feel Susan's pain, sadness, and happiness? Is he slowly falling in love with her? Besides, Sophia - Nick's girlfriend - is not easy to forgive anyone who intends to rob her boyfriend. Susan confronts Sophia but she won't let Sophia bully her. How will the love of the three of them play out?

Chapter 1

Susan Thornton, 20 years old, is an energetic, energetic, strong and brave girl. She is always on the right side. She was born in America but raised in Japan.

An unfortunate incident occurred that resulted in the death of her parents two years ago.

Since the incident, Susan has been trying to move on in life and forget the past, but it's completely impossible. Furthermore, Mr. Andrew, her uncle, wants her to return to America and live with him.

At first, Susan wanted to refuse her uncle's request, but then she reconsidered and decided to return to America, to start a new life despite knowing that her uncle's wife and daughter really hates her.

The new life may help her forget the pain of losing her parents.

As soon as Susan arrived at JFK airport, she immediately fell in love with the fresh air of the city. It was a bright, hopeful day, and Susan enjoyed the beautiful scent that accompanied the air.

After having an enjoyable experience with nature, she decided to leave the airport. The trip to her uncle's neighborhood isn't far away, but the moment she gets there, she's met by a crowd so terrifying that one can't see what lies ahead.

The crowd was so large that Susan was squeezed into the tight space.

The road is blocked, and people continue to scream only one name, Nick Connors.

Susan didn't know what was really going on. Crowds were no joke, and she was curious.

She bit her lower lip as she tried to get out of the suffocation.

She holds onto her handbag, making sure not to let anyone snatch it out of her hands, although it would be a completely bad idea if someone should even try that.

Suddenly, a man tries to grab her bag to run away, but Susan holds onto it so the man struggles with her bag.

"Hey buddy, do you want to die?" She asked with a frown, but it seemed that this man was more than just a bag. He glared at her and pushed her against his chest and that was definitely the biggest mistake of his life.

At this point, people began to pay more attention to Susan and this man, but that was not what she cared about.

"I would really forgive you, but now I won't." She pulled the bag out of his hand and hit him quite hard in the face causing the man to fall on the person next to her, thus alerting more people.

The man glared at her and moved towards her, but she simply moved aside and giggled. This is what she loves and cherishes the most.

"Hey, boy, you just act cold, you definitely don't want to get hurt, right?" She asked, but the man walked towards her angrily as if he really wanted to get hurt, and Susan was ready to make him feel the pain to the fullest extent.

She waited for him to come closer to her, and when he did, she caught his fist and twisted it. That simple act made the man angry because of the mocking laughter emanating from the people around and the party talking around.

He rushed to her side again, but this time she stopped listening to his nonsense, and she acted quickly. Before the man could make another move, she placed her free hand on his shoulder and hit him pretty hard in the groin with her right knee and the man yelled in pain. Other men stood near her.

Susan straightened, glanced at everyone around her, and slowly bent down to stroke her right knee gently before picking up her suitcase. She can't remember the last time she did this.

She straightened up again and everyone kept away from her, even those who were on the show going on.

"What's going on here?" A man who looked like a bodyguard asked, but the people around quickly pointed their fingers at Susan.

"She just hit someone." A woman spoke and Susan laughed and walked over to the woman.

"Everyone is exactly the same everywhere. Let me give you some good advice because it can help you a lot."

"What could that be?" The woman asked and slowly moved away from the smiling Susan.

"Next time? Before you decide to speak up, learn to say everything that happened, that way you won't get in trouble or get hurt because I'll also deal with women who don't seem to act fairly. Just try me." She tapped the woman on the shoulder and winked at her, making the woman flinch in fear.

Susan picked up her suitcase again, and everyone quickly made way for her, and she walked freely until she got into a taxi and left the area.


It took about 30 minutes before she reached her uncle's house. She got out of the taxi, stood in front of the house for a while, stared at it and she sighed before stepping inside.

She knows that from here on things won't be easy for her, knowing full well that her aunt and cousin's sister have a lot of grudges against her.

The moment she entered the living room, she was warmly greeted by Mr. Andrew, he got up from the sofa to hug her.

"My niece is finally back." He said as he stroked her face after breaking up the hug. He misses her so much after he last saw her two years ago at her parents's funeral.

"Hi uncle, how are you?" She said in a sweet voice while smiling happily.

"I'm fine, how about you? How are you?"

"Why are you asking her that? Don't you think she's very well? Or didn't you see what she did to that poor guy a few minutes ago?" Aunt Margaret interrupted their conversation. She looked at Susan with a lot of hatred in her eyes, but Mr. Andrew doesn't support his wife's nonsense. He shouted at Mrs. Margaret immediately because seeing Susan hurt was the last thing he endured.

Chapter 2

"Keep quiet, Margaret. Susan just got back, you can't even give her a proper welcome, already accusing her. You can't act nice for once and behave like a mother, okay?"

"What? Are you insulting me for this girl with no manners?" Mrs. Margaret asked and glared at Susan, who said nothing but stared at her aunt.

Susan was not surprised by Mrs. Margaret was a little bit towards her because she was used to it. In fact, Mrs. Margaret has always hated her since she was a child, so this is nothing new for her.

"Whatever, you can do what you want, but let me remind you that from now on you will live in my house. So I will not tolerate your nonsense words even a little, understand?"

"Yes, Auntie, I totally understand, Auntie, but that man tried to steal my bag, so I have to teach him a lesson."

"Is that so? What's so special about that stupid old bag of yours that it almost killed him? If he brings in th


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