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After the divorce, she became a female billionaire

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In everyone's eyes, Bertha and Derek had the wrong marriage. Bertha was married for three years and thought she would melt Derek's icy heart, but she was wrong. Derek's heart only goes out to Laura - his ex-girlfriend. Derek treats Bertha poorly. One day, she saw her husband having an affair with Laura. Unable to continue anymore, she decided to divorce Derek. She will not waste her youth on a heartless man, someone who has trampled on her heart many times. After the divorce, Bertha returned to her parent's home, becoming the heir to the fortune left by her parents. No one knows her true identity. A life like a queen awaits her. As for Derek, he thought that after the divorce Bertha's life would be miserable until one day, he found Bertha and said. “I want to remarry with you. What are conditions?" Hearing Derek's words, Bertha just smirked, looking at him with disdain.

Chapter 1

Today is Bertha's husband Derek's birthday - she has gone shopping and will organize a surprise party for him, in the hope, he will understand her sincere feelings.

When Bertha entered the living room, she saw no one. She went to the kitchen and asked a maid where her husband was. But, the maid just smirked at her.

Bertha was used to the times when she asked but no one answered. Because all of Tibble's family's maids don't care about her.

Bertha went to their bedroom. Nearing the door, she suddenly heard a vague sound coming from inside. She thought she heard wrong but no, the sound was quite clear.

Frowning, Bertha slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. She was behind the door so she couldn't see if Derek was in there or not, but when she faced the bed, she froze on the spot.

Bertha didn't know if she was in reality or just dreaming, but she saw her husband in bed with another girl. They weren't wearing anything, what was covering their bodies was the blanket she used to cover. Her husband had an affair right in their bed, their bedroom.

Her chest was spinning, her breathing became heavy. Bertha didn't know how to react. Is this a joke? Even though Derek doesn't love her, he shouldn't treat her so badly. Her hands shook, and tears began to roll down her cheeks.


The girl's moaning voice pierced Bertha's heart like a sharp knife. She feels suffocated. She bit her lip and stiffened.

The woman in the room is Derek's ex-girlfriend - Laura, and the husband she loves with all her heart and soul.

Bertha let go of her hand holding the grocery bag, it fell to the floor causing a loud noise that startled the two people on the bed.

"Bertha," Laura screamed in mock panic.

Derek turned his head, he frowned, looking coldly at Bertha. He pursed his thin lips and remained silent.

The scene before her eyes stunned Bertha. She caught them in the act but Derek remained calm and nonchalant as if this was just a normal thing. What did he think of her? Why did he insult her so casually?

"You two... why are you two doing this right in our room?" Bertha stammered.

"Our room?" Derek sarcastically said. "This is my room. Whatever I want to do, that's my business." He got out of bed and got dressed. "If you have seen it, I have nothing more to say. This matter cannot be hidden forever."

Bertha stubbornly glared at him, refusing to admit she was a loser.

Derek clenched his fist. His deep dark eyes stared at her, trying to burn her if possible.

"Derek?" A gentle voice broke the deadlock between them.

Bertha looked towards Laura, who was walking towards Derek. "I know, it's not right for us to do this, but I really can't stop loving you."

Bertha's eyes darkened. She couldn't understand.

What is Laura thinking? Is she trying to play the victim to gain sympathy from Derek and get back at him? However, Laura is more cunning than Bertha thinks. She wants Derek so she can claim the Tibble family fortune.

"Laura." Derek looked back at Laura, his expression softening immediately. He stroked her hair and said. "Don't worry, we didn't do anything wrong."

Laura often comes to Derek's mansion and receives the favor of Mrs. Victoria.

Derek declares his feelings for Laura. But Bertha is his legal wife. Laura and Derek's shady love affair went on for nearly a year without Bertha's knowledge.

Even all the maids in Derek's villa seemed to support their love story. Those maids didn't like Bertha from the start. They were very happy that the boss had another woman to warm his bed almost every night.

Derek and Laura were in love before. But then they broke up. Derek has just agreed to marry Bertha - who is believed to be an orphan.

After Derek and Bertha had been married for a few months, Laura broke up with her boyfriend and wanted to get back together with her first love.

Although he was betrayed by Laura before, because of his love for her, in a moment of weakness, Derek fell into her arms.

Taking a deep breath, Bertha looked at Derek. "Let's get a divorce." She has enough already. It's time for her to let go of this cruel marriage.

Derek was a bit taken aback. He didn't think she would ask for a divorce. Because he knows that she loves him very much.

Without waiting for Derek to answer, Bertha walked out of that room.

Despite the pain, Bertha still held her head high, her back straight, and walked without fear. After returning to her room, she texted her friend - Windy - telling Windy to come pick her up in a few minutes.

Bertha sat on the bed, packing her luggage. After three years of living with Tibble's family, she didn't have many belongings.

Bertha dragged her luggage out of the room. When she opened the door, Derek stumbled into the room. She didn't look at him, her cold expression passed by him. She slowly walked down the stairs.

With no other choice, Bertha was forced to leave Derek's house, a place with too many painful memories. Everyone was indifferent, no one spoke or held her back.

She sat on a chair in front of the gate waiting for Windy to drive to pick her up.

Windy finally arrived. She got out of the car and saw Bertha's pale face, she was extremely worried.

"Bertha, what happened?" Windy asked, sitting next to her friend. Looking at the blood on Bertha's leg, Windy was so heartbroken that tears fell. "Where's Derek?"

Bertha wanted to open her mouth but she was very tired now. Her eyes closed. She fainted. Windy quickly supported Bertha's body, placing his hand on Bertha's forehead. Windy realized her friend had a fever.

"Why doesn't Derek care about you when you have a fever like this?" Windy mumbled, she didn't have time to work things out with Derek.

Windy helped Bertha sit in the backseat of the car, putting Bertha's luggage in the trunk. She looked at the giant house, shaking her head in frustration. Then she got in the car, stepped on the gas, and drove straight to the hospital.

Chapter 2

Bertha woke up the next afternoon. Windy is sitting in a chair, working on her computer. When Windy saw that Bertha was awake, he closed the computer and placed it on the table.

Windy sat on the edge of the bed and said. "Fever, injured legs and knees. All caused by people from Tibble's family, right?"

Bertha pressed her hand to her temple, remembering what happened yesterday.

"Bertha, what's so good about Derek, why do you love him despite your injury? I called him and said you were at the hospital. I told him to come here but he didn't answer but also disconnected my call." Windy was angry when he thought of Derek, that man was a beast in a human shell.

Bertha still said nothing. She sat still on the bed, crying non-stop. She didn't cry because she was beaten or injured, she cried because the person she called her husband was so cruel. Hearing Windy's words, she cried even harder.

"I warned you. Derek isn't as good a


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