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Without reading the contract, Alexia signed a deal to be the pretense girlfriend of the devil, Jason Wale. However, things took a wrong turn when Jason’s family asked him to marry, so he would acquire the family’s inheritance. And who was to be his pretense wife besides Alexia? Alexia, bonded by her contract, either has to give in or find a way out. ** Craig Archer was more of a nightmare than a daydream for those who encountered him. As a billionaire who was hot, handsome, and powerful, every woman wanted to bear his last name. Due to his terrible experiences with love and women before his success, he lost his desire for things like relationships, marriage, and love in general. What mattered to him was wealth, power, and his ego. Not once did he think a woman would belittle him. After he spent a night with decent Alexia, he got a taste of his own. He was invested in finding and teaching her a lesson for disappearing on him. Going against his rule, he searched for the mysterious Alexia only to realize she needed saving from the tight grasp of Jason Wales, a man out to use Alexia to attain his selfish objectives. ** Will Craig help Alexia, or would he use her misfortune to his advantage? If she gets rescued by the man she thought wouldn’t see her face again, will Alexia accept the man who not only wants to own but dominate her? Would Alexia escape the tight claws of Jason Wales by choosing the sharp strike of Craig Archer? Or, would she have to endure a year of contracted marriage with an intolerable man rather than choose a possessive one? They say, “The devil you know is better than the angel you don't know.”


Craig's POV:

"How could you make such a mistake, Marina?" I questioned. Mistakes, errors, and oversights were the things I detested the most in the world of my business. They were simply intolerable.

I was what most would say was a perfectionist. I cared less about commending efforts. Give me good results. After all, to me, that was why I hired you. To give outstanding performance.

Marina quivered to meet my piercing gaze. She has been working for me for six months, yet, she still hadn't gotten used to withstanding the aura that came with my presence. Truthfully, no one could. And it didn't bother me.

"But, sir. . ."

"I despise negligence and defense mechanism, Marina." I furiously scanned through the documents on my massive mahogany table.

Imagine if I wasn't impeccable and meticulous in my affairs, I would have ended up losing a large partnership due to an incompetent secretary.

Maybe it was time to fire and replace my entire staff since they were becoming more relaxed.

"I rather you find someone more competent than you to handle the vetting process of my next schedule Also, inform the HR that she's fired. Put up an ad for the vacant position. Make such a mistake again, and you'll be next in line, packing your box for the exit."

"I apologize, sir," Marina said, her long lashes battling to restrain the overwhelming moisture forming in her eyes. She should be grateful that I wasn't terminating her employment. That was a miracle.

"That would be all."

As she took steady steps towards the door, she stopped and turned. "Uhm. . ."

I was getting beyond irritated. "What part of dismissal don't you understand?"

"Sir, it's important. Mr. Anthony Summer is here to see. . ."

Cutting her off, "send him in," I ordered without looking up from the documents I was reading.

I had my focus on four things; wealth, health, power, and my ego. If you weren't a source to achieve those four, I couldn't care less about your existence.

Since Anthony was a source of one, I had no choice but to see him, even though I wasn't in a great mood to.

Engrossed in making right my losses, I knew that Anthony could come up with great advice on how to take care of that. He has been my investment adviser for ten years. And, not once did I lose a dime.

A soft knock on the door was followed by the entrance of Anthony. He was in his late forties. He smiled broadly as his eyes met mine. "Tell me you're getting married this year," he teased.

He knew how much that topic aggravated me. But, Anthony enjoyed upsetting me to the fullest.

For me, love, relationship, and marriage were a myth. Those would never be found on my list. Not now, not ten years to come. Despite being famous, wealthy, and a woman's magnet, I saw my singleness as freedom and didn't want any form of restriction.

My close associates would always ask me, "do you want to die having no one to carter for you?"

My response each time never changed. "You can always find a maid to take care of you in old age. Or, better still, that's the relevance of nursing homes.Money can get you anyone and everything.

I frowned a bit before outstretching my arms to briefly embrace Anthony. We have grown beyond business partners over the years. We were more like friends now.

"I'm not in the mood for your teasing, Anthony. What's so important that made you drive all the way, having just gotten back from your vacation?" I knew he had something up his sleeves, but I was impatient to deal with it.

I unbuttoned my suit jacket and reached for the intercom, ordering Marina to serve us a light refreshment, which Anthony refused.

"Next time, I'll take that refreshment. For now, I came here for us to mine gold." Crossing his legs, Anthony reached for the briefcase he had walked in with laying next to his chair. He reached in and removed a document. He placed it on the table close to me.

"What's that?" I asked, not daring to touch it.

Anthony cleared his throat and began. "You know how you've flourished in every aspect of the business world? Well, there's an opportunity to seize. Entertainment!" he let out.

I quirked my brows, then sighed. "What about that?"

I wasn't sure where he was heading, but, I already saw myself declining the proposal. I had a lot to deal with. An additional project irrespective of the benefits wouldn't just cut it for me. That would be excessive to deal with.

"In front of you is a detailed document about Wales's enterprise. It's a huge entertainment firm in California, soliciting partners. If you look into this investment, you might as well retire sooner than you proposed," he beamed.

"What makes you think so?" I pressed further, wanting to get to the bottom of the proposal without missing out on anything.

"First, you don't need to do much, as others will run the business and do all the hard work for you while you earn. It's a lazy man's job. Furthermore, if you manage to become the CEO by acquiring the largest shares, let's just say you now co-own the company, my friend."

I faked to be thinking about the suggestions, which I wasn't. "Anthony, you bring the best deals. . ."

"Oh, I know," he proudly said.

"However," I continued, "I'll have to sit this one out. I have a lot going on for me and there are a few reasons, I can't venture into such an area. One, I don't like 'lazy men's jobs.' I want to be involved in my dealings. Two, I'm not planning to retire anytime soon. Three, with the little information I have about the CEO Jason Wales, I would rather not have a connection with someone like that."

"In totality, is that a no?"

"Yes, it's a no."

Anthony pinched the bridge of his nose in disappointment. "My wife will kill me if I get home. I didn't even settle. I drove all the way from the airport to meet you."

"You know I also trust your decisions. For me to decline this one, I have my reasons."

If I could, I would make my wealth in silence, with nobody knowing about me. But, Fame comes with power. And, I need power. The level of my fame was okay.

Venturing into entertainment might destroy what I have built for years. It almost did once, anyway.

Anthony rose to his full length. I must say, a man his age did take his health seriously. He was in great shape.

"At least take a look at the document later. Maybe something in there would change your mind."

"Surely. Say hi to your wife and the kids," I admonished.

When he left, I grabbed the file, deciding to toss it in the trashcan. On a second thought, as my eyes fell on the bold heading, 'WALE'S ENTERPRISE,' I changed my mind. It wouldn't hurt to go through it.

Minutes upon minutes of examining the documents, I kept seeing the future of the company. It was heading for failure in two to three years if the same people kept running it. I made a great call without even opening the paper. I might as well have shredded it if I did.

At thirty-four and with my long-term experience with life and businesses, I knew when to trust my guts.

Getting exhausted, I finally concluded to discard the remnant in my hand. They even had a section labeled, 'STATISTIC: ALEXIA SCOTT.' Which idiot prepares a document like that?

Without wasting time, I flung it to the side and went back to handling pressing matters. If I was ever going to reconsider my decision, then, the reason must be exceptional and unavoidable.

Little did I know there was more than a reason waiting for me to get entangled with Wales enterprise.

I should have burnt that file as fast as I could.


Alexia's POV:

The refreshing air of inspiration ran through me as I sang to the beat resonating in my eyes through the headset. It was lifting, and I saw myself connecting with it.

"Alexia, you're doing great. Keep going at this pace, and we'll have an album by the end of the year," my manager encouraged.

I have always wanted to be a singer, and my mom made sure to give up everything for me to achieve that.

What I didn't know was that being a singer meant that you would be famous. And, fame came with a lot of things. Mine came with a contract from hell. A curse, I would do anything to be free of

"Lexia, Mr. Wales wants a moment with you," my manager informed me as his eyes left the screen of his phone. The smile on his face had faded.

An audience with Mr. Wales never ended well. The guy was quite a handful.

"Let him know that I'm recording," I responded, trying to avoid meeting him,


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