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The Virgin Stripper And The Playboy

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She danced around the pole twerking her body Her flawless skin shone brightly. Her figure was killing...... In her panties and bra, her curves became so visible. She was wearing a mask on her face but she looked so beautiful on them The audience cheered and applauded her. She happens to be the best among all the entertainers. Wanna know her? Her name is Meria Williams. It's weird right? Why would such a pretty lady be a stripper? She's an orphan.... Helpless. ... Frustrated.. . But all her miseries are hidden under her beautiful smile. She is left with her younger sister who is very sick! All the burden was on her. ... She had no choice! But she's a VIRGIN! Is that even possible? A stripper? A virgin? Sounds crazy but true! Meet Damon Wilson...... The young billionaire! An an incurable womanizer .... He sleeps with different kinds of woman and dumps them like trash. A playboy! He GETS every woman he wants all it takes him is money. What happens when the rich playboy collides with the virgin stripper and determines to have her?

Chapter 1

Meria's Pov:

I laid Mia on the bed softly.

She was already fast asleep.....

Thank goodness!

She wouldn't let me leave if she's awake.

I glanced at the wall clock.

"Shit! I'm late already" I gasped.

I patted her hair softly as I smiled.

Tears gradually circulated in my eyes as it poured down slowly.

"I am sorry Mia! I have to do this for our family.... I have to do this to give you a better life" I said with a teary voice.

I'd like to share the story of my life with you guys.

My name is Meria Williams...

I am 24 years old and am a stripper in a very popular bar.

I know you see me as a flirt or maybe a flirt.

But the truth is.... I have no choice!

I never wanted this kind of life for myself and for my sister too.

But all my plans for the future ruined when our parents died in a ghastly accident.

They were very wealthy... Or should I say we were very wealthy.

But then my father's relatives took over all our properties.

Especially our father's younger brother Uncle Joe.

He hated my mom even when they were alive.

He took over all our father's wealth.

Chasing us into the streets to beg for food.

We almost died of starvation.

Back then Mia was very little.

That was how she got pneumonia

And as we speak,,, she's still very sick of it.

We had no home... No food.. No clothes!

They rejected us and pushed us away.

All thank to God,,, we finally made it to this stage.

I might be a stripper but believe me am not a s*x worker neither am a prostitute.

I only entertain people and get paid.

Mia's loud cough smacked me back into consciousness.

I quickly covered her properly with a duvet.

I pecked her cheek and turned off the table lamp.

"Good night baby sister" I said as I walked away holding my heels with my hands.

Damon's Pov:

"Fvck! How dare you Mark? Are you trying to tell me that I won't have any bi+ch to warm up my bed tonight huh?" I yelled at the already shivering man.

"Am so sorry boss.... I couldn't find you spec" He replied almost immediately.

I groaned angrily as I smoked deeply the cigarette I was holding.

There was a very little plate in the table in front of me so I only took the cigarette close to the plate and removed the ashes into the plate.

"You're totally useless" I muttered hoarsely

He kept mute with his head bowed to the ground.

"I am sorry boss" He said as I sighed loudly throwing the glass of whiskey on the ground.

The glass shattered into pieces.

I could see he was visibly shaking in fear.

"Get your lazy butt outta here" I ordered as he quickly ran off.

I snorted as I stared at the two packets of condom on the drawer.

"I really can't sleep without emptying into a bi+ch's hole" I thought aloud.

I brushed my hair backwards with my hands.

I quickly dropped the cigarette on the plate.

I need to clear my head.

I walked straight into the bathroom.

I took a warm shower and got out with a towel tied around my waist.

Showing off my broad sexy body.

Believe me,,, I am every woman's dream.

I combed my curly hair.

And massaged a sweet scent pomade on my body.

I applied my shaving cream and with the help of a shaving blade,,,,I shaved clean my beards.

My eyes caught with the clock hung on the wall.

It was already past eight (pm)

I didn't hesitate to dress up.

I looked at my handsome self on the dressing mirror beside my huge bed and smiled.

I quickly picked up my car keys as I put on my eye glasses.

I applied my expensive perfume before leaving and slamming the door.

I walked downstairs.

I saw one of the maids on my way....

"Sir dinner is ready... Your favorite food is ready" She said and winked at me seductively.

I slapped her butt playfully as she smiled.

I gave a flirtatious smile and she giggled.

"Is it the food or the food?" I reached for her breast and pressed the already erected nipples.

She could be wet down there.

"Any of the food sir" She laughed

I pressed her to my chest as I ran my fingers all over her.

She smiled crazily.

My hand reached for her thighs and I inserted my finger into pu**y.

"Aah" She gasped for breath

I know that's pleasure.

I fingered her slowly and she moaned softly as I gently yanked off her bra.

With my mouth sucking her nipples and my finger,,,, fingering her pu**y she moaned.

But suddenly, I stopped and she looked at me.

She was very wet!

That was what I wanted.

"Oh don't stop" She said as I grinned pushing her away.

"I don't eat any food twice, so fvck off" I said as I pushed her roughly and she landed her butt on the ground.

I could tell she was super horny now!

Crazy bi+ch!

I don't fvck any girl twice...

Are you surprised???

She's my worker yes! But I fvck my workers too.

I walked straight to the garage and hopped into my car.

I speed out of the compound.

My cell phone rang noisily.

It was Kelly my buddy.

I picked up the call immediately.

The place was a little noisy.

"Hello man!"His voice echoed out of my phone.

"What's up?" I snapped

"A lot is up man.... Having a lot of fun with my bi+ches" He said as I licked my lips.

Smiles escaped my lips.

"Where man?" I asked anxiously

"Orange juicy bar... At the courts lane" He said as I chuckled.

"I'll be there in a jiffy man" I said happily as I hung up.

Oh that's my guy!

I can't wait to fvck the bi+ches holes...

I speed off.

Pardon me for not introducing myself properly.

I am Damon Wilson.

The youngest billionaire all over the town.

And amma do any fvcking thing to get those bi+ches on my freaking bed.

I think that's all you've got to know..

I get whoever I want... Nothing stops me...

I drove into the bar few minutes later.

Meria's Pov:

I stared at myself in the mirror and hot tears pricked my eyes but I blinked hard to stop myself from crying.

I know this is not right but I have to do it.

I have a sibling to take care of, all by myself

I can't believe I am exposing my body just for money.

I looked extremely hot in the attire I was in.

"Hottie! Hottie.... It's time for your show" Miss O said giving me a smile.

"I'll be there" I said coldly.

Of course Miss O will smile at me.... I bring a lot of customers for her with my dance.

Actually Miss O is the owner of the bar.

She is called Miss O that's why the bar's name is Orange juicy bar.

I breathed out heavily as I blinked my eyes hard.

I quickly picked up the mask on the table and put them on.

"You can do this Meria!" I said to myself as I walked out of the costume/ makeup room.


I cat walked to the stage and everyone cheered me on happily.

"Go M! Go M!!" They screamed as I swerved my body.

I held the pole and walked around it seductively.

I could see lust in their eyes.

The dimmed lights shone as I pole danced in the most beautiful way.

I drew everyone's attention.

With my killing figures, I seduced them all.

I shook my waist and they continued applauding me.

Damon's Pov:

I am totally in some kind of trance, as I watched the stripper dance beautifully swerving her hips.

She was charmingly beautiful.

Smiles escaped my lips....

I thought of having the beautiful damsel on my bed.

And slamming into her from the back, having her on all fours.

She's everything I want right now...

Of course I'm gonna have that sexy bi+ch on my bed.

"Man! Bro... Why the heck are you smiling at nothing?" Kelly nudged at me but my eyes were still fixed on her.

"Are you seeing that man?" I asked licking my lips seductively.

Kelly scoffed.

"Fvck those thoughts off dude... You're never gonna have her" He snorted as I turned to him.

"Says who??" I half yelled

"That's her rules... She doesn't tolerate that!" He said as I smiled

"Well no woman ever turns me down" I said confidently

"I just wish you understand me... I've tried that too but Meria is not easy going" He said

"Meria huh? So that's her name?" I said as I chuckled.

"Who doesn't know her name? She's the star of the show here in Orange juicy bar" Kelly said

"Well am gonna prove you all wrong" I bit my lips as I watched her swerve her hips up and down.

I felt like grabbing her waist.

"What are you gonna do?" Kelly asked anxiously

"I'm going to do the needful" I smirked

He looked at me puzzled.

"The needful? Which is?" He asked eagerly

"Giving what I have to get what I want" I said as he laughed loudly.

"You think I haven't done that before? I did that countless number of times man and the bi+ch declined so what are you gonna say to make her change her mind?" He chuckled



Chapter 2

Damon's Pov:

"I want the stripper" I said with a hoarse voice.

"You mean Meria?" Miss O asked anxiously.

"Is that her name?? Well yes.... I want her" I said with all seriousness.

"Well am sorry sir but she doesn't accept special invitation" She replied.

I arched my eyebrows.

"What do you mean Miss O?" I asked furiously.

"What I am saying Sir, is that she doesn't accept special invitation from men.... All she does is dance and entertain." She replied.

Anger burnt through me as I hear her say those words.

No-one dares turn down my invitation.

As it stands now,,, I want her.... I want that stripper.

I need to fvck her holes so badly.

And I get whatever I want..... I use what I have to get what I need.

"A million dollar." I said as she turned around in surprise.

"A million dollar? What for?" She asked


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