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A Walk To Our Forever

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She never thought about her wedding day to be like this. She had offered her heart to the man nd he simply crushed it before leaving her there all shattered. And now here she is sitting as a woman of an unknown Man whom she hadn’t even met before. Aarohi Basu ~ A simple girl with innocent heart, carrying a dream of marrying the guy she had fall in love with over the period of their engagement, never knew that she will be abandoned by the same guy just few hours before their marriage. And now she had to marry the guy she didn’t knew the name of. Advaith Abhiraj Singh Khurana ~ A shrewd businessman, went with his family to attend his father’s best friend’s daughter’s marriage, unaware of the storm waiting for him. He was shocked when he got to know that the marriage he has came to attend will turn into his own marriage, that too when he is already in love with another girl. One is heartbroken and other is already in love with someone else. How will their love story bloom in such conditions??

1. Eventful First Night!


Sitting in the middle of the bed, all decked up into the red wedding lehenga and a beautiful face covered under the veil, all she could think of was her life, life that took a sudden turn of 360° in last few hours which she never expected, at least not in this way.

Tears rolling down her cheeks and falling on her heena claded hands while her heart aching sharply.

She never thought her wedding day to be like this. She had offered her heart to the man who crushed it before leaving her there all shattered and humiliated. And now, here she is sitting as a woman of an unknown Man whom she hadn’t even met before.

All she was asking was ~ what was her fault in all this?

Looking at the figure sleeping on the couch, she was drown into the flashback.


“Abhinav is not in the room and instead I got this letter from there.”, A man said after coming out from groom’s make-up room, while here Aarohi’s heart feared thinking about all the bad possibilities, but still she comfort herself that nothing of that sort will happen, until her father, Arnob Basu, read out the letter loudly making her numb and dead at the same time.

Letter ~ I am sorry but I never ready for this marriage as I want to pursue my carrier but my family “forced” me. But today I cannot betray Aarohi anymore by getting into the marriage which has no future, and so I am running away from this marriage. Please, if possible, forgive me Aarohi.


And the next minute, bride’s mother, Mishti Basu yelled as her daughter was now laying unconscious in the wedding pavilion, Making her family worried as hell, and the next moment with heavy heart, bride’s brother, Abhoy Basu called off the marriage with his heart heavy and head down in shame.

Half-an-hour later:

“Advaith will marry her!”, Abhiraj Singh khurana dropped a bomb on each and every one present there, but the most shocked were those two, whose life were going to be entangled with each-other, may be for forever, that too without their consent.

“Dad how can I marry her!? I don’t even know her. I-- I cannot marry her-“, Advaith whisper yelled at his father after getting him in one corner, totally confused with all the happenings.

Off course, What was his fault in all this if the groom has ran away. After all, he was not the one who helped the groom to run away. Then why he would have to take the responsibility for the loss! ~ This was all he could think of at the moment.

“Advaith, look how she and her family are scattered. What are friends for when they don’t come for help in other friend’s hard time. Besides, Aarohi has all qualities that we need in your wife. Please say yes, hm?”, Priya khurana, Advaith ’s mother, requested her son after looking at the condition of his husband’s friend and family.

“Mom, he is dad’s friend and how can you take such a big decision of my life without asking me. No mom, I am not at all agreeing for this marriage where I don’t even know her properly. How can I spend my whole life with an unknown girl whom I saw just few hours back, let alone knowing her.”, Advaith whisper yelled in frustration and somewhere he was right as well.

“Advaith , I have already given my words and I am not taking them back. If you are recallmy son then agree for this marriage and be my pride.”, Abhiraj declared leaving no space for the argument and Advaith knew that now he cannot go against his father’s words, because pride always comes first for his father, and eventually he was left with no choice other than to marry the girl about whom he only knows her name and nothing else.

And there they got tied into this lifetime wedlock, where their consent or wish was neither asked nor mattered.

One had given her heart already to someone else whom she was about to get married, while other was in love with someone else. But at the end both were helpless and forced into this marriage.

In Advaith ’s Room:

Advaith entered the room after all the namesake rituals and saw Aarohi sitting in middle of bed just like a newly wedded bride, which she was! She was looking so beautiful that anyone would have fall in love with her immediately including him, if the situation was not the same!

“Listen I know whatever happened in last few hours was unexpected and out of our control. But I want to clear one thing”, Advaith paused for a minute to notice her expressions, who by now was looking up at him into his eyes with her beautiful doe-shapped eyes.

“Aarohi, I love someone else and I can never love any other girl except her.", Advaith finally confessed shocking her. Off course she was also forced into this marriage but she never thought that the situation will turn out to be like this. Immediately, a fear engulfed her heart that what will be her future in this unexpected and forced marriage, where her husband is already in love with some other girl.

“I didn’t got time to tell you this otherwise I wouldn’t have married you at first place. I know you are going through tough time but I am nowhere even related to your loss, yet I am also getting this punishment for the deeds I have not even committed. I cannot promise you that I will leave Aamira(Advaith ’s girlfriend) because I love her a lot and also I can’t promise you to give you your rights as my wife because I can’t and will never love you. You can surely be here as my wife in front of the whole world, but inside this four walls, we can never be together.”, Advaith selfishly threw his words on her, before taking his pillow and quilt and moved towards the couch to get some break from this exhausted event, leaving Aarohi behind with tears and broken heart.

Sitting in his room, she had finally accepted her fate and decided to give chance to this marriage, but now, Advaith ’s confession just broke all her hopes and dreams of a happy married life.

She chuckled at the game of the destiny where the one whom she loved, left her in middle of their journey. And now, the one she got married, is already in love with some other girl. She felt herself just as an unwanted person who is somewhere intruding in other people life unnecessarily!

~Flashback Ends~

Exhausted of all the happenings, finally sleep took over her and she let the darkness consumed herself as she fall asleep the bed, still in her same wedding dress, wishing for some miracle to happen in her life next morning.

Next Morning:

Waking up at her usual time at 5 in the morning, Aarohi frowned for a second looking around until her eyes landed on the man sleeping on couch, who is now her wedded husband.

Pushing all the negative thoughts away, she got down from the bed and kept her suitcase on the bed to take out her clothes before walking into bathroom, for a long relaxing shower.

Standing under the shower, she closed her eyes and let her tears leisurely slide down her cheeks, mixing with hot water, while remembering how excited she as well as her family were for this marriage, but now everything is changed in just a blink of moment.

Finally getting herself relaxed to the maximum and letting all the tiredness flew out of her body, she stepped out of the shower and went towards the dressing table to get ready.

Though her marriage was an unexpected event, but still she could not ignore the fact that now she is wife to someone, daughter-in-law of some family and so she got ready in the necessary outfit needed.

She wore a beautiful red colored Anarkali suit, alongwith nuptial chain around her neck, and vermillion adorning the partition of her hair. And honestly, she was looking the most beautiful bride at this moment.

After getting ready and debating with her heart and mind, she finally let out a sigh, before walking towards Advaith who was sleeping a bit uncomfortable on the couch. Shaking him slightly by his shoulders, she tried waking him up who was adamant not to wake up soon.

Again trying the same, this time she succeed to earn a “what?” from him and she replied, “you must be uncomfortable here. Go and sleep on the bed.”

Advaith rubbed his eyes registering her words until it hit him that now she is his wife and he is sleeping on the couch. Without exchanging any glance or word, he took his pillow before throwing himself on the bed making her sigh at his cold and ignoring behavior.

2. First Morning In The House Of In-laws!


“Aarohi, today is your first day after marriage in our house. So you can prepare one sweet dish while I will look after the rest of the breakfast”, Priya, Advaith’s mother, told Aarohi who just entered into Kitchen for making breakfast.

“What should I prepare, aunty?”, Aarohi asked confused about what everyone in this family likes to eat.

“First of all, you are now the daughter of this house so you can call me Mom. And about the dish then you can make anything, whatever you are best at. No one will judge you here.”, Priya said lovingly caressing Aarohi’s head who smiled widely in return.

Though her terms with Advaith were not good, she was happy that at least other members in the family is accepting her wholeheartedly.

Aarohi started preparing kheer (An Indian sweet dish)a sweet dish and once she was done, priya said, “Aarohi, go and give coffee to Advaith. He needs his coffee first thing in the morning.”

Aarohi nodded and took the mug of


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