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A Billionaire Forbidden Ties

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Out of greed, Dallas Vinise, a young brunette from a prestigious home was given into a loveless marriage by her parents, to Lucas Houston, an aggressive and cheating beast. Drunk, the night before her wedding, Dallas ended up having a one night stand with a stranger, a stranger who turned out to be Lionel Houston, her husband's older brother. Failing to resist the series of temptations, Dallas ended up falling into an erotic affair with Lionel, an affair which brought a vicious love triangle between brothers.

Chapter 1


"I can't marry him."

"I can't marry someone I don't love!"

I yelled as I stared at my wedding dress, my heart filled with sadness and anger.

My mother looked up at me, a frown rested on her face.

"This is already finalized, you can't back out, not under my watch!"

A tear dropped.

My fate was already decided.

Elegantly, mother, Clara Vinise stood on her feet, her blonde hair resting firmly on her shoulders, and her expensive 500,000 dollar necklace couldn't stop glittering from the sun rays.

"Love grows, you will grow to love him." she noted.

"It doesn't, I don't need to marry him!"

I blurted again, firmly this time as tears blinded my eyes.

"Don't be foolish!" Her voice held disgust, "You won't embarrass me and your father. You should be grateful we are giving you out to a billionaire who will shower our family with endless wealth."


It is always about family, not me.

"We aren't poor, Mother. Father is also wealthy."

"But not as rich and powerful as the Houstons. Your marriage to one of their sons will add more respect to our name." she reminded sharply.

I bit my lower lip. My heart shattered into bits.

"Dallas Vinise."

I gazed at my mother.

"The Houston are mighty billionaires and a good friend of this family. Your father has your interest at heart. That's why he wants you to marry Lucas, one of the Houston's Noble sons. They are rich, filthy rich."

I could see the excitement buried in her eyes.


Why me?

My mother always made me believe that money makes the world go round.

Now, I have to get married to a total stranger, just to please my parents.

"I don't even know what he looks like, Mother."

My mother gasped. Her green eyes sparkled.

"I heard he is as handsome as his father."

My brows furred.

"Don't worry Dallas, tomorrow is your wedding…" She picked up the wedding dress, her hands caressing the fabrics.

"You are going to look so beautiful. I am sure that when he sees you, he won't be able to take his eyes off you."

I sighed.

I have heard a lot of rumors regarding Houston's sons.

Their firm charisma, drop-dead good looks, and not to forget, they are wealthy billionaires.

Getting married to one of the elites here in New York isn't what I bargained for.

"Now, hurry, your bridesmaids will be here very soon," she said and walked out of my bedroom, leaving me buried in my thoughts.


The sound of my phone alerted me.

I picked it up only to find a text from Nancy, my best friend, and maid of honor.


I sighed.

Nancy has always been the wild one. She isn't just a friend but a sister I never had.

"You just never give up."

She laughed at the other end of the line.

"Guess who is getting married to a billionaire. Come on, girl, you will be swimming in money in the next twenty-four hours." she spoke loudly. I could hear loud music in the background.

"Where are you?"

"Club 69."

"I don't feel like going anywhere, Nancy."

"You better get your *ss over here and stop acting like a locked-up princess. This is your last day as a free lady, you need to be eaten wildly before that."

I laughed.

"Alright, I am on my way."


"I don't feel too well."

I touched my stomach. My vision suddenly became blurry.

Nancy laughed loudly and drank another shot.

"You took only four shots, Dallas. Come on, have more drinks."

Staggering, I stood on my feet. The club was crowded, and the stench of alcohol gripped my nostrils.

Immediately, I felt nauseous.

"I honestly don't feel good." I staggered and walked away from the bar.

'Where are you going?'

"To the restroom."

A strong feeling kicked my stomach from the inside. Quickly, I ran into the nearby restroom and puked all over my dress.

"Not tonight!" I groaned and tried to wash off the stain from my dress.

"Aren't you gorgeous?"

Startled by the voice, I gazed up only to find a drunken man staring at me.

"I, I." I stammered, taking a step back.

My visions were starting to forsake me, and I could feel my tempo rise.

"A lady Inside the male restroom. I don't get to see this often." he smirked and staggered towards me.

Immediately, It dawned on me.

"I am sorry, I thought this was a female restroom," I said looking away.

Embarrassed, I walked towards the door only for a strong hand to grip me around my waist.

I stared at him.

His eyes were cold, deep blue, seductive eyes.

To my surprise, I didn't resist his grip. Instead, I stared helplessly into his eyes. My heart raced faster than ever.

"Aren't you beautiful?" he whispered; his gaze fixed on my lips.

Dallas! Get a grip of yourself!

"Let me go!"

"Shuu!" He placed a finger on my lips, a grin on his face.

My inner voice cried out in resistance, but my flesh was willing to have this stranger touch me like he owns me.

Slowly, he drew closer to me and kissed me passionately.

My breath seized.

I felt his tongue entangle with mine, so hard and hot but brought so much fierce energy in me.

Gently, he let go of my lips and placed soft kisses on my neck.

I moaned.

"Please…." I muttered trying to stop him, but my body was already giving in to his touch.

"Do you want me to stop?" He kisses my left ear, his heavy breath not leaving my skin.

Speechless, I moaned again. I could feel my libido rise.

He let go of his kisses and stared deeply into my eyes as his hands slowly unzipped my dress.

I wanted to stop him.

I badly wanted to.

Who has s*x with a stranger in a restroom a few hours before her wedding?

But his touch on me was so gripping, and I wanted more.

He grabbed my boobs, his hands were firm, but his touch was so gentle, and my n*ppl*s hardened.

We kissed, desperately hungry this time.

At once, he carried me, and placed me on the counter, pulled down my dress, his eyes filled with lust.

He unzipped his pants, and I saw it, firm and hard as ever.

"F*ck me!"

I found myself saying.

"Beg, you sl*t." he commanded and rubbed his d*ck all around my genitalia.

I moaned, loudly this time.

"Do f*ck me, please!" I screamed as he inserted it inside me.

He rode me so hard, but I didn't care. This was the best s*x I have ever had, and I felt sad I had it a few hours before my wedding.

"F*ck me harder, don't stop!"

He pounded me, and I moaned in ecstasy as we kissed.

The s*x became so intense, and immediately, he poured his seeds inside me, a loud groan emitted from his mouth.

"F*ck!" He cursed, picked up his pants, and walked out of the restroom without taking a look at me.

Immediately, a deep realization dawned on me.

"What have I done?".

Chapter 2


A loud bang erupted in my head.

"Damn!" I muttered as I gently rubbed my eyes, my head aching terribly.

I raised my head, and the bright sun's rays hit me hard. Returning home drunk wasn't the best idea, but what other solution did I have to get the pain off my chest?


I heard my mother's voice down the hall.

"Here she comes." I groaned.

Immediately, the door opened, and she stared at me with fiery eyes.

"Don't tell me you are just waking up!" She yelled like a mania.


"What do you want?"

"Really?" Her eyes widened. "Sometimes I question myself if you are truly my son. You act so irresponsibly…" she stopped and sniffed hard.

"Gracious! Don't tell me you have been drinking!"


I cursed.

"It's none of your business!" I got down from m


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