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Sexy SEALs

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I graduated from college with no job lined up nor prospects. We had to go into quarantine. The cases were rising once again with the new variant, and the vaccines were not helping at all. 
Could it get any worse?
It did. 
Two hot, s*xy SEALs turned up at my door. Two of them I’d been writing to for the last few months, and the other one…let’s just say that he turned up for the ride.
What ride?
Adonis loves to make me wet.
David wants to strip me and put me into submission.
Chaz sets my insides on fire every time he opens his dirty mouth.
This was too much to handle. I didn’t expect to see Adonis or Chaz, and now I have all three of them banging on my door asking me to choose.
Why choose one…when I could have all three?


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