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Claimed By Wolves

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I’ve been sold to three wolf shifters.

After my husband lost big time at the casino, guess what the douche did? He sold me to the local pack as payment for his debt. Three owners, to be specific who look at me like they want to eat me. They are scorching hot, dangerous, and might very well be my undoing.
But I guess they can’t be all bad… after all, they offered me a deal.
Stay with them for 30 days in the casino, and the debt will be paid off. But I’m no fool and know there’s a catch. I just need to work out what that is and what exactly they want from me.
30 days.
I tell myself I can survive this, but it turns out I was right, and there are more secrets than I ever expected. Secrets that might very well keep me here longer than the deal we’ve made.
They insist they will claim me that I will beg them to stay by the end. I laugh because clearly, they don’t know me. I have every intention to prove them wrong, and then I’m leaving town and leaving my loser husband behind. I just hope I haven’t taken on more than I can chew.


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