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Bedmate is the CEO

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Kristy is just a poor girl, she just wants to do her job well at JSC Corporation. While going to a bar with her friends, Kristy accidentally has a one-night stand with a strange man. That changed her life. The surprise was: that man was her new boss. Kristy wanted to forget that night and pretend that nothing happened. She's trying her best to pretend like she's not who she was that night. The funny thing is that Samuel recognized her very well. A one-night stand is an affair that only happens once, but he doesn't want that. And now, he wants more than just a one-night stand.

Chapter 1 Waking up in a stranger's bed

The phone's alarm sound woke Kristy up. Her head was dizzy but she located the device and turned it off. Just as she went back to sleep, something caught her attention. That's the room. This room is not hers.

What the hell is going on? How did she end up in a strange room? She panicked and lifted the blanket off her body only to see that she was... naked. "Oh my god. What have you done Kristy? Not again." She cursed under her breath as she stumbled around looking for her clothes.

And then something flashed in her head. If she is in a room other than hers, and she is naked, that means something happened last night. She is not surprised because she feels pain in her lower abdomen. The pain she felt down there was like thunder. That man must be huge enough to make her so uncomfortable.

"But, who did I sleep with?" She almost tripped in the process but kept her clothes on. She needed to go home before the man she slept with came out to meet her from somewhere.

Kristy walked slowly towards the nightstand where her phone was located to retrieve them. Suddenly she heard the sound of the shower coming from the bathroom. "He's taking a shower and will probably come out any minute. I should go now." She thought, then grabbed her bag.

And just as she turned to leave, the water suddenly stopped flowing. "Oh no." She mumbled under her breath as she rushed out the door.

Samuel ran after Kristy as soon as he emerged from the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist. "Hey. Wait. Tell me your name." He shouted but Kristy had already arrived at Samuel's apartment door.

"Thank you for last night. It was a fun night." Kristy said sarcastically, pulling the door handle at the same time and leaving.

"Just a minute. Please." Samuel said he almost lost his balance on the stairs as he walked toward the front door but Kristy got into a taxi and sped away.

Frustrated and out of breath, Samuel stood and watched the car disappear on the road. Hands placed on her hips as she reminisced about Kristy's last words before she walked out of the house. He smirked. "S*x was good with you, you're so beautiful."

Although a little disappointed with the way she ran away, Samuel couldn't agree more that his night with that stranger was great. As he returned to his apartment to prepare for work at the new company, a gentle smile appeared on the corner of his lips.


Kristy quickly got out of the taxi and ran into the house to take a shower. She was late for work. Diana called and texted her to inform her that a new CEO was taking over today. That's why she has to be present and on time because she's the assistant.

Kristy arrived at work, wearing a high collar and royal blue jacket. All to cover up the marks the stranger left on my skin last night. She didn't want anyone to find out what happened. It wasn't that she wasn't mature enough to have s*x, but a one-night stand wasn't exactly what she bargained for. For Kristy, it was a sweet mistake.

She cheerfully greeted the woman at the front desk before entering the elevator. It's impossible not to notice how the women in the building are whispering to each other. She overhears someone talking about how hot the new CEO is. That means he had made his presence known before. Exhaling, she walked into her assistant's office and sat down.

Five minutes later, the elevator door opened and Samuel gracefully stepped out, surprising everyone, both men and women. He is as hot as they say. He was simply wearing an all-black suit and a black long-sleeved shirt to match his red-bottomed Louis Vuitton shoes.

Elias, the company's HR CEO, walked towards Samuel to greet him and that's what caught Kristy's attention from her office.

The moment Kristy locked eyes with Samuel, she staggered back and fell off her chair. "Impossible." She grunted as her back collided with the floor, her glasses falling off her face.

"Is everything okay, Kristy?" Elias asked as he led the CEO to her office for introductions.

Previously, Kristy was the old director's assistant. But the old director quit, so from now on, she will be the new director's assistant. Kristy quickly stood up, muttered an apology, and at the same time bowed to the CEO.

She couldn't deny that she didn't see the spark of desire, of surprise, besides the smile that appeared on the CEO's face when she greeted him. With the way Samuel was staring at her, Kristy swore the man recognized her but she didn't let him win.

This is unbelievable. She still couldn't believe that she slept with her new boss the night before he was introduced as their new CEO. Life is full of surprises. Just when she thought she had escaped the man.


It all started when Diana and Jolie invited Kristy out for a drink. The three of them have been working in the same company for a while. Although Diana was the first to start working at JSC before Jolie and Kristy joined about a year ago.

After all, it's Diana's birthday and the girls think the only way to celebrate it is to go to the club, drink, and have a good time. Anyway, it's Sunday night.

They arrived at the club in Jolie's car, while Diana came along in her car. The bouncer came to help them park well while they dove into the crowd of clubbers dancing and grinding on each other.

The music was so loud, that people could barely hear us scream. Who cares? That's the club for us, she's missing out on the fun of the club anyway. When they walked in, Kristy noticed that some people were dancing and forgetting about their surroundings. But, Kristy, being the hyperactive person that she is, rushed to the bar to order a cocktail.

Chapter 2 The reason why a one-night stand happened

Soon after, Jolie and Diana joined her in the bar area, followed by two guys who were probably clubbers like them. Everyone was having fun when Kristy felt the sudden urge to dance. Quickly, she pushed the fifth sip of wine down her throat before rushing into the crowd, fully aware of the hungry eyes looking at her. She swayed to the rhythm of the song.

Wearing a halter dress with a plunging square neckline, angular shoulders, and straight collarbones on full display, Kristy stood out the most tonight, a change for many of them both male and female.

The truth is, Kristy knows she's hot. So, she feels in control. She is very proud of herself because she knows quite well that she can make any man desire her because of her looks. That's her charm.

A few minutes later, holding another glass of wine to keep her going, Kristy returned to their table when she encountered Diana chatting with the boy who had come to sit with her earlier. While Jolie is somewhere i


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