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Rude boss

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Kiera Scott, a pretty single Lady. She's a well respected lady and very pampered by her parents. A high class lady that can get whatever she wants at the tip of her fingers. Kiera works in a very popular company and has secret crush on her boss He's Tibby Wilf ... Tibby Wilf is a freak, crazy, mean, extra arrogant, He hates being corrected... But Kiera keeps crushing on him. Her mom would always tell her her to quit her job since she has a boss as like him, but she keeps refusing cos she loves him but she never knew he was a s*x addict. He'd always scold her when she's wrong and not...till she got used to it ********************** Kiera heard a female loud voice as she hurriedly ran to a room wondering who could that be She doesn't wants to be seen by anyone cos her boss said so. If she by mistake let anyone see her in his house she'd lose her job. Panic took over as she ran in...just then Wilf walked out of the bathroom with towel around his waist "you!!" he called as she turned back shocked to see her boss half naked. "arrgh!" she screamed and shut her eyes closed "what you doing here?" she asked "I should ask you that!" he fired back as she opened her eyes ' hot' she gasped in her thoughts "I'm hiding... please" she whispered as she walked closer to him "hey... stay back" he hurriedly said as she staggered back "arrgh!" she screamed as he pushed her back but unfortunately... his towels fell of his waist.

Chapter 1 : he let me fall



{ He's arrogant but my heart pace for him️}

☆ ★ ★ ☆

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Written by ✑ Déra Brown

chapter one....

Kiera POV ding....ding

Ahhhhh!!!!!. The sound of my annoying phone rang loudly in my head. I grabbed my pillow and covered my ears turning to the other side of my bed. like for heavens sake I need rest. The weekend was d*mn annoying and hectic. If only the caller understands but I don't give a d*mn.

It ranged over and over as I groaned and stretched my hands to reach it. I answered the call without even checking the caller ID.

"Heelooo!" I groaned sleepily as I swiped the screen and placed my phone on my right ear.

Wilf POV

"heeloo!" I heard her groan over the phone and had disgusted face on

"what's heeeloo!" I asked mimicking her but didn't get a reply

"What's wrong?" Ted my best friend asked

"she's not responding" I replied

Kiera POV

I let my phone lid down my hands, sweetly enjoying the cool breeze

"answer me!!" I heard the caller shout as I angrily ended the call and pulled my pillows more closer to me

Wilf POV

What the f*ck...did she just hang up on me!!

"she just hung up on me!" I mouthed

"whfat?" Ted asked feeling surprised as I am

"why?" he added

"why and how would I know?" I asked sarcastically

"then you should call her back" he shrugged

"you know I don't call girls back" I said hoping it'd get to his head again. Like how many times do I need to explain it to him...

"fine I'd call her instead" he said as I passed my phone to him and watched him redial her number... and yes she wasn't picking up

"probably she's still asleep" ted said

"be sensible... why will a secretary be on bed 8:15am!!" I yelled

"OK!" he exclaimed

She finally answered the call

"hey... don't you get it...I wanna sleep more!" she yawned as my jaw dropped. I angrily snatched my phone and spoke to her.

"okay listen to me sleepyhead!!" I yelled angrily

Kiera POV

Wait...that voice sounds familiar...

I turned to my phone.... rubbing my eyes....just then it felt like my eyeballs would pop out

"rude boss boldly appearing on my screen"

"oh my God rude boss I'm so sorry" I gasped

Sleep immediately vavanished

Wilf POV

"did you just insult me?" I Asked taken aback

"OH my God... you heard me!" she whispers

"believe me I wasn't... I didn't" she said

"now you listen to's 8:18am...if I don't see you here before 8:30am...consider yourself done!" I said sternly

"I'd make sure I roast you alive!" I threatened and ended the call angrily. Ted was laughing His *ss out...noticed he had been trying to hold his laugh and now he laughed out.

"oh my goodness!" he said amidst laughter

"you're more than popular... really got fans!" he added

"and now nicknames!" he laughed

"rude boss!" he added

"its not funny!" I replied

Kiera POV

Am done, toasted, so done...what do I do

ahy...I scurried out of my bed and ran to the bathroom as I undressed myself. Took off my a clothes completely and jumped into my bathtub... What the!

f*ck! no no're late kiera don't... this is suicide mission.

I shook my head and stood up to use the showers... this will be much better since I'm late already.

Gosh look at how I'm sweating... ah!

Only me in my mansion... my bedroom, sleeps in a king sized bed with over 4 air conditions, more that two wall fans and two standing fans...yet I'm sweating all because of Tibby Wilf!!.

I groaned and angrily and hurriedly washed up... i immediately ran out the bathroom and walked to my closet

"oh what do I wear!!" I groaned shakily.

Sighted my Blue suit trousers and then picked it out along with my flowery blue blouse.

Wore my pants and bra and took my trousers... forcing my legs in.

"arrgh!" I shouted as I fell to the floor

"Wilf!!...." I added as my phone rang

"so done!" I gasped at the thought of him calling me again

I threw my hair backwards and crawled to my bed. I sighed deeply

"Ted!" I said as I answered the call

"hey you ready?" he asked....

"almost done" I replies and stood up on my feet finally wearing my trousers

"his face is burning" he said

"just a sec......and I'm done" I exclaimed after I wore my blouse

"okay..hurry" ted said as I ended the call

I ran to my hair is d*mn wet!!!

Took a towel immediately... ahhh....should have covered it.

it was partly dried up...its enough...

I hurriedly packed it in a pony style and wore some hair accessories on. I picked up my car Keys, my phone, some cash and my bag....running out.

I was already in my garage...didn't bother to check time or I'd increase fear.

"ton..ton!" my car beeped as I got in, reviving the engine and drove out .

Wilf POV

I was walking down my office with Ted...he insisted we eat another restaurant.

Already refused but he really is stubborn so I followed him.

"macaroni cheese?" ted asked

"when I get there...I'd know" I replied as I looked down

"sorry excuse me!" a female shouted but I didn't bother do look up..was busy with my phone.

"sorry please!" she shouted....

I looked up and could see people giving clear ways... rolled my eyes as i turned back to my phone


Kiera was running in the reception... Her phone then rang..."c'mon not now!" she groaned

She was running in stilettos...'chill!" she yelled at her phone and remembered her mom was gonna call her

"mom!" she gaped and began looking for her phone as she continued running.

"where the heck is this phone!" she groans as she searched her bags

Ted spotted her immediately.. she was few inches away from them...running so fast. He turned to Wilf who was busy with his phone and walking... Kiera was busy with her bags...

"incoming!!" he yelled.

Just then she found her phone and bumped into her boss ...Wilf

"arrgh!" she yelped as she hit her head against his chest and staggered back.

Wilf immediately caught her waist before she could fall.

Kiera POV

I was expecting a bang gbam wham...but didn't heard it...

I could only hands softly wrapped around my waist..stopping me from falling.

"oh...God can still send an angel !" I sighed as I looked up and screamed at who was holding me

"Boss!" I exclaimed

He immediately had this shocked expression... he was never expecting it would be me

"incoming already came in" Ted said

I looked around with my boss...eyes were on us...I blinked rapidly at the sight of almost everyone looking at us.

"what the!" I heard my boss whisper as we turned back to ourselves but the he did one thing I never expected

He let me fall

"Arrgh!!!" I screamed as my *ss went to the floor.






Chapter 2: dosing

Chapter Two...(meeting and you are dosing!!)

Kiera POV

ah....what the heck, this boss of a guy just let me fall

"what the !" ted gasped

I slowly looked round and yeah eyes were on me. i gulped down heavily and sighed as I turned to my boss.

" me in my office" he stammered as he turned back to leave.

"hey kiera!" Ted gasped as he helped me up

"I'm so sorry" he said

"ah its okay..." I laughed

What...I'm really hurt he did that but I can't let them know... especially Ted.

"c'mon to his office" Ted said as I trailed behind him.

in less than five minutes I was in my boss office.

I walked in with ted and found him seated on his chair. That cold face, Cold eyes glaring at me.

"good morning boss" I greeted as I walked in with low steps

"and what's good about the morning?" he asked as he


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