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Chef Pamela

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chef Pamela [Romance in the kitchen] She's a chef..So sweet. Pamela Lee is a young lady aged 21. She lives alone in her 2 bedroom apartment after her parents got killed at her age of 18 on their way to her highschool graduation ceremony. It was a memorable experience and date she can never forget and hasn't given up on finding who murdered her parents she works as a chef in a small eatery and finds joy so much in cooking. Mason William, a very rich semi popular guy aged 23 is desperately in need of a cook but none could satisfy him, he had hired many chefs but they would always make one big issue or the other either the food is too spicy or salty, half done or burnt. His girlfriend turned out to be popular in the city, he could not even eat food prepared by his own girl. trying to learn online, he noticed it was impossible since he is a very busy guy and couldn't cope at all. Mason gave up, and preferred ordering takeouts but at that point he got told about Pamela... of course he ignored thinking she will be like the others but later....he didn't regret having her as his chef.

Chapter 1: you're fired

Mason POV

There's nothing much comfy than laying on a soft king sized bed with the duvet all around you. The air condition were doing their work so well.. the room is just so cold and filled with a nice atmosphere.

I turned to the other side of the bed pulling my bedspread more closer to my naked chest and slowly ruffled my hair.

My eyes went slowly vision at first were blurry and then I rubbed my eyes gently and could see better.

"arrgh.. I don't think I should get up now" I yawned and pulled one of my pillow closer to my chest..

Its a very large one and soft, also smells so nice

I hugged it tightly and could smell I'd fall asleep again if I'm not careful

I groaned tiredly and stretched out as I sat up on my bed, my hair went all over my face as I let out a heavy sigh and saw it fly back.

"Maybe I'll go get some hair cut" I muttered and checked the time on the small alarm clock beside me

it is past 7, I should get up so I'll head to work now

But still I'm tired. maybe I shouldn't have done late night work in empty stomach


that includes..

Just then I remembered I haven't eaten..

I didn't eat last night cos Lucy didn't come around to cook

I wonder how I will cope with her..She comes when her sense is around to cook and yet she is employed

I shook my head and got off the bed tucking my feet into slippers and strolled tiredly to the bathroom

"oh Good Lord!!" I groaned scratching the back of my neck and walked to the wash basin taking out my toothbrush and stared at my tired face in the mirror before me

"D*mn, Cohen its all your fault.. " I bit my lips and touched my face

oh my poor face..just a little wash up would do

I shrugged and placed my toothbrush under the toothpaste dispenser and got a paste on it brushing my teeth.

About minutes later I was done and took off my shorts throwing it into the laundry and walked into the tub filled with warm water already

"So Lucy remembered to do this?' I clicked my tongue and got in to bathe

I only use Aveeno products and now I'm using their body wash on my skin

I slowly slide my body down the tub and then the water was settled around my neck

In less than 20 minutes I was done bathing since I was already getting late for work.

"Ah hunger!!" I cleared my throat stepping out of the tub and walked to my towel rail picking up my towel and damped every water on my skin then wore my bathrobes on

I cat walked to the mirror sitting before it to dry my hair

"mm mm love holds no bound" I sang lowly and in less than few minutes I was ready and walked out of my bathroom to the bedroom to get my clothes

"What will I wear?" I asked myself walking to the closet and picked out my long brown coat jacket on a black turtle neck shirt and a black jean.

I made use of my aveeno body lotion and used my hair moisturizer also.

A call came in immediately..."who is that!!" I muttered picking up my phone to see the caller ID was Cohen

"This turkey!!" I chuckled and swipes the screen answering his call

"Hey dude you're up?" he asked from the other end

"no I'm still know I should have been sleeping right?" I asked him and heard him laugh

"Yeah after working lately and challenging me in the game you should be" he replied

This jerk challenged me in a multiplayer game with him, that's modern combat versus.

I wouldn't have done it..but I accepted the challenge cos it was eye catching and the action was thrilling

"You should have just gave up and slept on time" he laughed

"Yeah yeah thanks for your advice... at least I won you" I replied with a scoff

"Yes you did just this time" he replied

"and always" I grinned as I walked out of my room with my suitcase and key.

"So heading to work now?" Cohen asked

"yeah..want to have breakfast" I replied

"okay..hope you enjoy your meal" he laughed as I rolled my eyes

"I hope so" I sighed walking through the hallway

"I'll leave you to you later" he said

"sure!" that was my reply as I ended the call

I really appreciate Cohen prayer..but at the same time I doubt it

All the maids and cook I've been employing are always having one problem or the other

I just fired one of them last week cos she failed to clean my kitchen after cooking

Not like the food she prepared was super delicious and out of excitement to eat she forgot to clean but its the other way round

if food can be described as hell it deserves that title

The macaroni cheese she prepared was the type I have never ever eaten in my life

It will take time for me to describe it but one thing I can't forget is that it was tasting like noodles

That is she used noodles seasoning in it and added too much oil and pepper.

I just hope what Lucy prepared won't be something I'd reject.

I made my way downstairs with a sigh.. the living room was looking good and glowing from here.

I walked down slowly trying to peep in to the kitchen to see what she was doing but I couldn't just kept hearing sounds and all that.

I gulped down as I took the last step downstairs and walked to the couch

"Lucy...." I called out

"Ah Mr Mason, you're up already.." she said as she walked out of the kitchen with her hair all over her face

I squeezed my face immediately and coughed gently

"Oh good morning sir..sorry I'll get you water" she said as she ran back into the kitchen and came out with a bottle water.

I expected her to also come out with my food but where did it go to?

"Here" she smiled passing the bottle to me to open myself

"eh? no no thanks I'm better now" I replied and cleared my throat

"Oh okay then!" she replied and stood back looking at me

I raised my brows at her

"What? where's my breakfast?" I asked

"oh.yeah its on the dining table" she replied

I turned to the dining room and stood up "You should have told me that" I replied walking to the dining and took out my seat as I sat down gently

I glared at the dish covered before me and sighed

"Are you having problem with opening it..I can help tho" she replied and opened it up revealing


I paused for a while and turned to look at her.."is this my food or appetizer?" I asked trying not to sound harsh

"Oh no sir..its your breakfast" she replied as I turned back to it

Is she normal at all

I could only see bread with some things inside of it but no coffee!

"am I to eat it like this?" I asked

She raised her brows at me..."Sir... what do you mean" she asked as she leaned forward

"I mean just like this without tea or something???" I yelled out angrily

She jerked back immediately.."oh that...ahh.. how could I forget!!" she whispered scratching her head roughly

"I'll go make the coffee now" she nodded her head and was about to leave but CAME back

"But that really necessary.. I already stuffed your bread up" she said lowly as I turned back to the nonsense looking thing before me

It kinda looks attractive tho...but still I've got phobia about it

"you can give it a try..." she whispered as I sighed

I picked up the fork and knife..stabbing the knife in and cut a little out putting it into my mouth with the fork

I began to chew it slowly. at tasted like shawarma and then...peppery

my eyes went wide immediately... felt like my throat went too close to a gas cooker

I could feel my eyes turning red.."Sir, you okay?" she asked immediately and did the worse thing ever

She used her hands to push my bread away

"What the hell!! the same hand you used to scratch your hair!!!" I yelled out furiously and began to cough like hell

"oh my I'm so sorry" she pleaded she she ran in and later came back with bottle of water

I snatched it immediately gulping every content down

It was like I chewed raw pepper. wait..I think I did

I sighed heavily looking at the part that was cut out and indeed.. something red and long was there

"Is..this..pepper?" I asked her as I turned to her slowly

"oh it could be.. it is I didn't blend it well" she muttered


"I'm so sorry Sir please don't be mad" she pleaded

"Mad? off course I'm not..I just understand you're deaf!.. didn't I tell you to minimize the quantity of pepper you use whenever you're cooking my own food??" I asked wide eyed

"up till now..don't you know I'm..." I paused

She doesn't have to know

I sighed.."My point is you're fired" I said pulling the chair back as I stood up

"Eh? Mr Mason please don't say was just a mistake.. please I've been working for you for so long now" she said

"you call a week plus for so long?" I scoffed

"you're fired.. I'll send you your pay immediately you pack and leave... and yeah clean the kitchen up too before you leave" I said as I picked up my phone

"no please don't" she cried

"Are you crazy... I want to send you your 4 weeks complete salary when you only worked for a week" I replied irritatedly

"oh really??" she asked

"That's thousands of dollars!!" she added

Is she excited or what ?

"ah no problem... I'll go clean up and leave" she smiled as she ran into the kitchen leaving me stunned

"Like seriously....?"

and I coughed again

Pamela POV

The whole place looks busy....Many customers kept coming in and going out

The seats are almost filled up..

I kept admiring it and smiling... I really feel happy I got employed here that was two weeks ago

I left the previous restaurant where I worked cos of the boss who happened to be a lady refused to pay me

I mean her fellow female she couldn't pay...not like the staffs weren't working well

She was just too wicked to pay so I quitted and yeah did something to her to remember

Having me in her restaurant was a lucky chance so before I left after submitting my letter of resignation, poured chilli everywhere in her office and ran away

Luckily I'm not the only one who resigned that day so it won't be like I did it

But here, its cool..the environment is really good plus the building

And the pay is worth it I guess .I can feed myself from it and that is more important and provide shelter for myself

"Will you keep smiling?" One of my fellow staff Marian asked me

"Oh..just watching them" I replied with a slight laugh

"Could see that.. come me with the spoon" she said as I took it out handling it to her

"What do you think of this place Marian" I asked him

He looked round and shrugged

"its okay..just one thing" he replied as I sighed and heard my boss loud voice

"What the hell is going on chefs....people are waiting out there!!!" she yelled walking to us

"people..but they are being answered!" I replied

"Replied?..." she scoffed turning to me

"You better watch your mouth Pamela.... I'm talking so you keep quiet !!!" she yelled angrily

"But ma'am you should bring your voice lower..customers might hear you" I whispered to her

"How long have you been working here?" she asked me

"2 weeks now" I shrugged

"You...better hope you don't regret it!" she pointed at me and turned back

"you too Sally... where was the meal I asked for?" she yelled

"Don't take her words serious Pamela.. you and I know that's the way she is" he said as I sighed

"yep!" I shrugged and turned to get back to work

I'm just here because of the money.. not that She's the best!

she can be very rude...

Chapter 2: what a jerk

Pamela POV

She can be very rude...Ah Mrs Murphy... I'd endure a little no probs

I sat back on the chair and signed

"you okay Pamela?" Stacy whispered to me

"Yeah I am..I really can't wait for my shift" I said

"me too..I want to leave.. cooking is more fun when she is absent" she replied

"So you noticed that too!" I laughed lowly

"who didn't" Marian replied

Yep they are right.. it's way fun when she's absent

"I might stay here for a month" she said

"huh so quick!!" I exclaimed

"uh huh..why will I endure all her problems.. She's so problematic and a rude prick" she scoffed

"I can endure two months " I smiled

"oh really wonder woman.. I can't kill myself'' Stacy laughed

"Ah..I need to attend to customers Now.. we'll talk later" she said as she left


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