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Living in the Shadows

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Dahlia Kye is a 16 years old pretty teenager. She lives with her dad in the duplex he owns, but sadly after few years, He died of a heart disease living Dahlia all alone. Mr Nathan, her uncle then moved into her house with his families. Her uncle wife, Mrs Mollie would always frustrate her life, She enjoys maltreating Dahlia but her cousin would always stand in the gap for her. She attends a school of elites since she was born..luckily enough her friends are highly ranked student. Things get complicated when her cousin began to attend her school and the school hottest boy hid his 3 years crush from her but was about to tell her just for her to find out her ^supposed to be^ cousin was her childhood crush and at the same time she was just getting lovesick over Kylo!

Chapter 1: I beg your pardon

chapter 1- I beg your pardon

Dahlia POV

It was another morning, I was up and ready for school.

I didn't wait for my alarm to ring before I woke up this morning. I'm having chemistry as the first subject this morning so I can't bear to go late and my school is d*mn strict with rules.

Luckily enough for me, I'm a scholarship student cos I know my uncle would never pay the school fees.

"Dahlia?" I heard my name.

that's probably my uncle...why is he shouting my name again

"I'm coming" I replied and walked down the stairs packing my hair in a pony tail style

"Dahlia?" he called again

"I'm coming..." I replied and walked down

There he was standing.. his eyes went up at me and then I sighed

"Good morning uncle Nathan" I said

his eyes ran down my body from my head to my toe

"where are you going?" he asked

"what's that supposed to off course" I shrugged

"school?" he scoffed

"I thought I told you to take a day off" he said

"and I told you I can't do that..I'm having chemistry this morning" I replied and walked to the table

"are you crazy...have you forgotten my family are moving in" he said

I sighed and turned to him

"I remember that..I'll live with my cousins.. that's good"I smiled

"you have to stay home and prepare the house ready for them" he said almost yelling


what's this supposed to mean?

"its your family not...they are not guest, we are families so why should I do all that?"

"don't ask me again.." he fired back

"don't get me wrong.. all I'm saying is they are free to move round the house..we are one anyways" I sighed and picked my lunch pack

"I can't miss today's class that's why I did all my chores as fast as possible" I said but didn't get a reply

"they'll be here any moment from now"

"no big deal" I shrugged

"bye uncle!!!" I waved at him and left

I sighed immediately... he can be frustrating


Its my fathers house anyways.. he better behave himself

I walked to the gate and just then a car parked before me

"hey!" I exclaimed

"how on earth did you get a driving license" I spat out

He almost hit me

Just as I tried to walk away I paused..

I turned back and look to see who came down...

A woman

A guy....

a girl....

and another girl...

"I guess this is the house mom..its really beautiful" the little girl said

"Awww thanks, its my house and please are you....?" I paused

"her house? I thought its Dad house" the girl said

I chuckled.. I guess you must be who he said was coming.

I said walking back to them..

"good morning.. uncle Nathan is in" I replied

I paused.. a girl was giving me some kinda look

I turned to her.."what?" I asked more of a whisper

"just get the loads in" the woman said and walked away with the girls

"loads?" I asked no one

I was standing with the guy and scoffed.. what's all this?

"sorry who was she referring to?" I asked him.

He turned to me and I could take a better view of his face


he's d*mn cute

"I guess me" he smiled

"Dylan get in!!" the woman said at the door

" sure?" I asked him

"She's telling you to get who'll pack the load?" I chuckled

"don't worry I will.. that's the way she is" he smiled and then the driver brought it all out from the boot as we pulled them behind

"I'm Dylan" he said

"I'm dahlia... nice to meet you" I replied

we got in and dropped the load down..

"I'm so sorry but I have to get going, I have class early this morning" I said in a hurry and turned to leave

"so who'll pack the remaining luggage?" she asked me

"sorry?" I scoffed

"mom!" Dylan said

"honey what type of niece is she...she lacks manner" she said

look at who's talking..."I'm sorry you're wrong"

"I love her uniform... sure the school is expensive" the older girl said

"what else... your mom makeup price isn't enough to buy the socks!" if only I could say it to her

"I see that too Dacy.. don't worry.. you'll attend the school if you want to" she replied calmly

"well nice..I'm outta here" I said and turned to leave

"mom no I'll bring them in" Dylan said behind me

"I'm so sorry but I can't stay much longer.. I'll be late" I said more politely

"the house is free..feel home" I said and left

"I see..." a girl said behind

"bye uncle!" I exclaimed and left

"baby what sort is girl is that?" the lady complained.

I paused and turned back

"you don't know how to welcome guest don't you?" she asked me

"I don't see you as guest, but as family... uncle said you're coming to live here with me and I don't know why you're making a fuss"

She scoffed. "oh goodness.. so sorry your parents are dead and we're taking over this house in case you don't know that"

"I beg your pardon!"

"you heard me...its now ours" she said

" you follow rules here.. rules i give alone" she said

I laughed.."is this a kind of joke or something?"

"nope..its all real" Dacy replied

"I don't remember selling my fathers house to you not even my uncle... Nathan!" I replied

"and please don't make this morning hard for me..I have to think straight in class" I replied

"I'm just letting you go cos it's your first time meeting me" she said

"I don't have your time now..." I muttered and turned to leave

"mom that wasn't nice" I heard Dylan say

"why...that's the truth Dylan" Dacy replied

"its her fathers house not ours.. respect that!" he replied angrily

"will you shut up.. what do you know?" my uncle said

"oh really???????"





hope you loved it...

Chapter 2: new people home

chapter 2- New people home

Dahlia POV

That was just my uncle voice wasn't it.

I turned back to look at them with no facial expression on

"maybe its because I'm in a rush...but with all due respect.. you're welcome home and please fell free but don't tamper with my stuffs" I said faking a smile and brought out my phone to check the time.. I'm running late

I hurriedly walked out without bothering to look back and stopped a cab as soon as I got outside the house

"spring high!" I said immediately

"alright ma'am" the cabman replied

I rested my back against the chair to think of the little scene that just happened in there

"what's that girl problem anyways!"

"I hope she's not the type that will bring me hard time" I thought and sighed closing my eyes for a little while

In the next 45 minutes I should be in school

Dylan POV


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