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The White Wolf's Curse

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BLURB Selena White is a young woman who has always felt different from the other wolves in her pack. She is the only white wolf, and she is often bullied and ostracized because of it. But Selena has a secret: she is not just a white wolf, she is also a powerful shapeshifter. One day, Selena's pack is attacked by a group of rogue wolves. Selena is the only one who can stop them, but she is injured in the battle. When she wakes up, she finds that she has lost her memories. She doesn't remember who she is, or what her place is in the pack. Selena must find a way to regain her memories and her powers. But even more importantly, she must find a way to accept herself for who she is, even if she is different from the other wolves.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Hello, my name is Selena White, and I'm the offspring of The Red Blood Moon Pack's beta tester. I am what you can call the geek of the school exclusively for werewolves, and I can't wait to turn sixteen next month. My elder brother, who is eighteen years old, will be the next beta of the pack. Since we were little puppies, he has been incredibly protective of me and has already met his soul partner, whom I adore. What can I say, I've always wanted a sister, and the best part is, she's one of my greatest friends—that's right, she's also my sister-in-law.

It will soon be over since I will turn seventeen in just one month and I will be allowed to meet my mate. I also have two other closest friends who have also found their partners, but since I am the youngest of the group I still haven't met him. You see, I shifted when I was only fifteen years old while my friends and I were at our secret location in a pond close to the pack house within our borders. Everyone thinks that I haven't done it, but you see, I have. The only people who are aware of it are my closest friends; not even my brother is aware.

You might be wondering why I haven't told anybody about my shifting, and the answer is quite straightforward: I am a pure white wolf, and we are very far back. Because some of us have special abilities, we are occasionally pursued by members of our species. My friends and I have searched for clues about my abilities without success. We concluded that since I haven't found my partner yet, I may not have my powers, therefore we haven't tried to find out what they are.

My parents' names are Cleopatra and Ptolemy. Yes, it appears that my grandparents were drawn were Egyptian names since they visited Egypt for their honeymoon or something similar, so let me see what more I should tell you. The future alpha Fabian, along with Lupe and Mark, are the children of the pack's Alpha and Luna, Marcos, and Luz. They are incredibly wonderful individuals, but despite their strengths, they aren't as strong as they would like to be. After all, they have always aspired to lead the most powerful pack. They may never be so strong because they are extremely egotistical and only care about those who are on the same level as them, treating those who are below them as inferior or as nothing. In other words, they believe that they have the right to treat others whatever they like.

Although I was allowed to graduate early, I chose not to do so because I didn't want to leave my friends in their last year of high school alone. We should be graduating in two weeks. My friends and I started to help bring the children, women, and seniors to the safety of the house as we were being assaulted by rouges as we were getting ready to leave for school.

We then rushed outside to see if there was anything further we could do to assist. As I saw a little child ready to be abducted, I sprinted, tackled the wolf, hurled him in the direction of a tree, and knocked him unconscious. To aid my pack as much as I could, I took the little lad and rushed with him to the pack house, where I instructed him to remain until I returned. When we finished taking out the rouges, my family was about to hug me, but I quickly raced to the pack house where I had left the young kid, scooped him up, and brought him to his joyful parents.

They had always thought of me as merely the geek of the group, so they were all amused by what I had done. The Alpha and Luna demanded to see my family and me in their office as soon as we went to be bathed and changed since no one has ever seen me fight or move as quickly as I did during the attack, but it is one of the things I have been able to accomplish since I shifted into my white wolf. When we were prepared, Alpha, Luna, and their children joined us in going to the workplace. When the Alpha questioned me, "I don't know Alpha, I was just doing what felt right," I answered, "I don't know Alpha, I was just doing what felt right." The Alpha continued, "Thank you for coming; we asked you to come here because we would like to know how you were able to move and fight like that, we have never seen you at any of the training times." Did someone teach Luna enquired?

Alpha and Luna requested to see my family and me in their office as soon as we'd finished getting ready in the shower and changing. When we were ready, Alpha, Luna, and their kids came with us to the office.

"Thank you for coming. We asked you to come here because we would like to know how you were able to move and fight like that. We have never seen you at any of the training times," the Alpha said. "No Luna, as I said, I just did what felt right," Luna retorted. Where did you learn it from, then? In response, the Alpha said, "I don't know Alpha, I was just doing what felt right."I said, "Where did you learn how to move like that?" to which she replied, "No Luna as I said, I just did what felt right." I said, "Look Selena, if you have been training just tell us we will not be mad at you," to which my mother responded, "I have not been training." I then asked, "Then how do you know how to move like that," to which my father responded, "I don't know Dad." I said, "Sel please just tell us how it is that you can move like that." My brother then questioned, "Esteban you know me better than anyone here, why would I lie about Okay, then we're done here, so feel free to leave, Mike said. stated the Alpha

George, Manuel, and Gaby were waiting for us at home when we returned after leaving the workplace. We told them everything that had happened, and I made sure that my buddies wouldn't let on that I had already changed into a full white wolf. As we were getting ready to dine, they made an unusual request to speak with me alone. My brother interrupted our conversation to let us know that supper was ready after we had gone to my room and were discussing all that had happened today and how I was fighting without training and moving so quickly.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


When my friend Gaby asked whether I needed a ride to school and I said that I did, she said she would wait downstairs. I hurriedly put on my clothes and went downstairs where Gaby was already waiting for me. We said our goodbyes and then departed. Everything was so strange now that I went from being the pack geek to being the reason a little boy was alive and well and how I moved like a real fighter. When we arrived at the school, all anyone could talk about was how I saved the little boy and how I was moving quickly and fighting like I had been training all my life.

Aside from that, all the guys started asking me out on dates, which I politely denied because I'm not the kind to date. Not because I wanted to go on my first date with my partner, but rather because I wanted to spend my first and only time with him. My brother arrived at the school, and we were chatting when the future Alpha interrupted. Gaby and I walked


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