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Her Unwanted Mate

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Werewolf Alice resides in the Diamond Crescent pack. She is physically and psychologically powerful and, as the chief pack warrior's daughter, she would battle anyone or anything that stands in the way of her objectives. She doesn't need a partner right now, but the annual mating ball is approaching and this year she is old enough to go. Will Alice succeed in her goals and leave the ball single, or will her soulmate track her down and compel her into a life she isn't ready for? Will she have the courage to reject the one person who was genuinely meant for her if her mate does find her, or will her years of preparation prove insufficient, and she will submit to his demands?

Chapter 1

Alice's POV

The sounds of nature leaking into my chamber roused me up. Even though it was very early, I liked waking up with the light. I felt tranquil as the gentle sunlight caressed my skin and the cool air entered through the window that was always open. This was my preferred method of beginning the day.

I stretched out in bed and fumbled for my phone. I opened my eyes to see that it was Thursday. I had only one day left before I was transported to the yearly mating ball. My eighteenth birthday falls on the first day of the ball, thus this will be my first time going. Only wolves who are not mated and are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine may attend. When a wolf reaches the age of 30, it's often considered that either their partner has moved on or is dead. However, most unmated wolves don't survive that long. Most guests of the mating ball are in their twenties or thirties. After age 23, the need to mate becomes so strong that most wolves choose a partner who is both handy and acceptable. Although a chosen mating is not nearly as powerful as a real mating, it serves its purpose.

Concerning maybe meeting my partner tomorrow, I had no anxiety. I was aware that it wasn't a guarantee. Sincerely, I'm not all that interested in dating. I tend to be a happy-go-lucky person who goes with the flow. Don't get me wrong; I could absolutely dominate anybody. Simply put, I like to live in the belief that everything is going according to plan. I am confident in my ability to deal with everything that comes my way. It simply isn't meant to be if I don't run into my pal this weekend. I'll go on doing what I'm doing and pushing myself to become the greatest female pack fighter. I won't lie; I've had my fair share of heartbreak, but I keep reminding myself that happiness always comes after suffering.

I got out of bed after reading my texts and made the decision to get ready for the day. I usually try to begin by going for a run around the outside to make sure everything is in place. My father, who leads the pack's warriors, instilled in me a sense of pride in our country and its residents from an early age. The toughest and brightest guy I know, he is both. He has taught me so much over the years, and as a result, I am a better wolf. He might have broken down when Mum was abducted twelve years ago, but instead, he became stronger, and I admire him for his strength.

My typical gym attire was on my dresser, so I headed there. I put on my sports bra and leggings and started to head down the stairs. This early in the morning, the pack house was still vacant, and it was comforting to take in the clean air of my deserted surroundings. The only odors in the space were those of the wolves from the previous evening. As usual, I was the first person to ascend inside the pack house.

As I opened the big oak doors into the cold, sunny morning, a sense of total tranquility overcame me. The distance between the pack house and the tree line is not great, and I could already smell the morning bustle in the forest. While not the largest, our pack is also not the smallest. We're situated in the center of a huge forest on a sizable piece of property. We like the seclusion of the location since it keeps us hidden from inquisitive human eyes while yet being near enough packs to act as friends. We are a peaceful pack, yet when it comes to fighting, we have a reputation for brutality.

Before setting off for the pack border, I warmed up my body with a few stretches and exercises. I cherished the sense of liberation I had as I ran through the soggy woodland. As I pushed myself to the edge, I could feel the ground shifting under my feet. As I got closer to the edge of our pack, I leaped over shrubs and avoided trees.

My morning routine was known to every border guard. We waved or greeted each other as I passed them. This morning, my dad's closest buddy was on duty, and when he spotted me making my way through the dense bushes toward his station, he flashed me a wide grin.

Alice, we can't keep you out of this world, can we?

Greg: "Not even if you tried." As I raced by him, I grinned broadly in response.

His giggle slowly dissipates into the atmosphere behind me. Since they were young, my dad and Greg have gotten along well. Together, they attained the level of pack warrior, and Greg was my father's staunchest ally when he rose to the rank of chief pack warrior years before I was born.

Fortunately for me, Greg has a daughter who is around my age, so we were able to continue the tradition by also being best friends. In a sense, Suze is my sister. Since I only have boys, we do everything together, so I certainly need a little lady time in my life.

I ran back to the pack house after finishing my circle while softly perspiring. If I don't push myself every day, I won't move any closer to my objectives. In addition to my regular runs, I train for four hours every day after school and twice a day on the weekends. My dad will oversee my training sessions when he has time, but since we have been working together for so long, I can handle them on my own when he is unable.

Before returning to the pack house to begin my day, I took one more glance at the sun as it began to gently rise in the sky

Chapter 2

Alice's POV

I took off my shoes and gazed around my room, which has been a familiar scene for as long as I can remember. It is nothing extraordinary, but over time, I have added my own flair to it. All of the furniture in my room is a deeper color, and I have a big bed. My whole wardrobe is in a spacious closet, and there is a private bathroom as well. I would rather have something functional than too ornate. My room is the only indoor refuge I have, therefore I want it to be relaxing rather than intimidating. To keep me focused on my objectives, I have a few basic decorations, photographs of my family and friends, and some posters I gathered when I was younger.

Naturally, Suze's room is just next door. She snores loudly, and I can hear it through the wall. She is not as early in the morning as I am. I need to go wake her up right now. She will not like not having sufficient time to polish her appearance before what may be our final day of classes.

I am i


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