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Jacqueline Gonzales

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Jacqueline Hills, a struggling writer drowning in debt, found herself at the crossroads. Her life was a struggle, working at a humble bookstore to scrape together enough to pay off her bills, while her relationship with Kent, the struggling musician, teetered on the brink. Suddenly like a tempest, Ethan Wilde stormed back into her life. The wealthy man she had stolen from three years. His arrogance was a force of nature, and his eyes held a memory she wished to forget. His proposition hung in the air, heavy with consequence: "Pretend to be my girlfriend, and your debts vanish." Jacqueline's refusal was swift even if it meant owing him a fortune. But he was unyielding. "Then you owe me a million dollars," he countered. "But I don't have your watch. Even if you arrest me, I'll remain penniless." Ethan's smile was a predatory. "Then be my girlfriend and I'll forgive you. I'll pay you $500, 000 extra." The numbers swirled in her mind, half a million dollars?! How could she refuse? Ethan Wilde—the heir to the illustrious Wilde empire—was no ordinary man. His grandmother held the keys to the kingdom. Her ultimatum for Ethan is marriage. A wife to secure Ethan's claim to the empire. Jacqueline's role was clear: become his pretend girlfriend. But Ethan is arrogant and it grated against her every nerve. How could she endure his company? As time goes by Jacqueline wondered if destiny reveled in irony. She had stolen time from Ethan once; now, she danced with him on the precipice of deception. The spotlight was on them, and the stakes were higher than money—a legacy hung in the balance. Jacqueline and Ethan dance a dance desperation, desire, and danger. And somewhere between the steps, their hearts stumbled—a twist of fate that dared them to dream.


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