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Wrong Contract With Mr. Hart

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"As you have done before, all you have to do now is sign a three-year marriage contract with me. And after our marriage contract ends, I will give you more than you can get now. I will give you everything to make sure that my ex-wife can still live in luxury after I divorce her." The day after her divorce, Vivianne White got that crazy offer from a man she didn't know. She didn't understand why, but Darren Hart, whom she had only met once in a nightclub, wanted her so badly that he kept pestering her until she finally accepted his offer of a contract marriage. . "I won't be shy with you because I know you are wealthy. So prepare a lot of money to make me your contract wife, sir." Vivi thought the contract marriage was as simple as being a dining and chatting companion for Darren, who looked very lonely. But she didn't realize she had voluntarily entered the tiger's cage when she signed the marriage contract with Darren. . "I contracted you to be my wife for three years so that you could be the object of my lust. That is your primary duty as my contract wife, so do well during this contract." And when Darren shows his true colors, can Vivi survive the three-year marriage contract? Or when another chance comes, will she prefer Lucas Warren, the ex-husband she still loves?

Mr Hart's New Target

"Welcome, Mr. Hart. Are you looking for a woman to have some fun tonight?" a bartender asked when he saw Darren Hart, a VIP customer of the club, sitting at the bar.

"No, I just want a drink. Make me my usual," Darren ordered.

While waiting for the bartender to prepare his drink, Darren wandered around one of the most luxurious nightclubs in the city. He only went to a nightclub for two reasons; to drink or to have a one-night stand with an unknown woman. Despite the fact that he frequently got drunk and ended up in a hotel room with a woman.

But tonight Darren had only come to the club to drink. He was so exhausted from work that he didn't want to flirt with women and wanted to relax with drinks.

Until someone suddenly appeared and drank the drink he ordered without permission, disturbing the peace Darren craved.

"Aaaah~" Vivianne White sighed in satisfaction after drinking almost half of Darren's drink. "Make me something better. Give me the most expensive drink! I have so much money that I'll buy all the most expensive things in this place!"

Darren frowned as he looked at Vivi, whose voice sounded rambling. And the longer he watched Vivi babbling while waiting for the bartender to prepare her order, the more Darren realized that his intention to come to this place slowly changed because of the woman sitting next to him.

"Where are you going?" Darren grabbed Vivi's wrist to stop her from leaving after tasting her drink.

Vivi squinted her eyes at him, apparently too drunk to see how handsome the man talking to her was.

"Don't you have to take responsibility after drinking my drink, miss?" asked Darren, who had started his move to get Vivi as his date tonight.

"Oh, you want a drink? Order it. Order whatever you want, the expensive ones. I'll buy it for you," Vivi said while trying to free her hand from Darren's grip, which unfortunately made Darren tighten his grip even more.

"I don't need a drink," Darren replied as he moved closer to Vivi's. He narrowed the gap between them till he could feel Vivi's breath on his face.

"I want you," Darren added, his desire expressed in a seductive whisper. "Would you like to have a little fun with me tonight, miss?"

Vivi blinked carefully, trying to process what Darren had just spoken to her. She was already very drunk, but the little bit of awareness she still had made her jump when she felt Darren's breath on her neck at the same time she understood what the stranger was saying.

"Wait! Hey!" Vivi pushed Darren's chest just as he was about to place his lips on her shoulder, causing him to look at her with both eyebrows arched as his pleasure was cut short.

"I'm married. Look at this. This is my wedding ring," Vivi said as she showed him the wedding ring on her ring finger.

"You're married?" Darren asked, moving his hands away from Vivi's body. He could play with any woman he wanted, but he never wanted to play with another man's lady.

"Yes..." Vivi responded by bowing her head, her eyes falling on the wedding ring that remained on her finger despite the fact that her marriage had ended a few hours before.

"But not anymore. I'm divorced," Vivi said again in a sad voice that only made Darren more excited.

"You're divorced?" Darren asked in a worried way, but his eyes showed excitement.

"He prefers his secret lover over me," Vivi said without realizing if her sadness might invite wolves to prey on her.

"Oh, that's a shame. Take a seat. Let me buy you a drink." Darren said as he forced Vivi to sit down once more. "You can tell me anything now. You'll be so relieved to have someone listen to all your concerns."


"Ah! Finally we're here."

Darren laid Vivi's body on the bed before stepping back to look at her. He admired Vivi's beautiful body, which still looked seductive even though the woman was wearing a shirt and trousers.

Darren had listened to Vivi's stories for tens of minutes, until the woman couldn't open her eyes anymore and put her head down on the table. Darren then carried Vivi's body out of the nightclub. And this is where they are now; in a hotel suite room, where Darren is unbuttoning his shirt one by one while his piercing stare never leaves Vivi's body like a wolf watching its prey.

Darren takes off his shirt and crawls onto the bed, placing himself on top of Vivi's body, whose awareness has been transferred to the other side of the world by the alcoholic drinks she consumed at the club.

"She looks much prettier up close," Darren whispered, gazing at Vivi's sleeping face. He felt hypnotized by Vivi, who appeared to be a very innocent angel while she slept like this.

Even though Darren was usually not the kind of man who cared too much about the face, this time he let himself be hypnotized by Vivi's innocent face, so he spent a few minutes without doing anything but just looking at that face.

"Eungh..." Vivi murmured in her sleep as Darren placed his lips on her neck. Her moans grew louder as Darren's mouth s*ck*d hard on her neck, but her body was still unable to resist the pressure of the alcohol taking over her consciousness, so she was still unable to open his eyes, even though Darren's hands had now removed her clothes as the man's lips continued to explore her body.

"No..." And Darren was left speechless as he saw something that was like a nightmare to him. He had already removed Vivi's top and was unable to continue his movement to undress Vivi's body when he noticed something clinging to her underpants.

"No... She doesn't have her period, right?" When Darren noticed the wings of Vivi's menstrual pad hooked to the outside of her black panties, a deep frown appeared on his forehead.

"How can... How can she have her period now, when I want her so much?"

The Last Goodbye

"Aaah... My head..."

When Vivi woke up the next day, the first thing she felt was a headache that made her groan in pain. She wasn't a good drinker, and it had been a long time since she last had alcohol. But when she thought about how she drank without thinking last night, Vivi could only feel bad about it.

"Would you like to have a little fun with me tonight, miss?"

Vivi's closed eyes immediately opened wide as a flash memory from the night before rushed through her head. Her heart seemed to stop pounding as she glanced at herself, already naked and wearing only underwear.

"W-what happened?"

Vivi pulled the blanket over her body with shaky hands as she looked around the luxurious hotel room. But there was no one there. All she saw was her face in the mirror, looking very worried.

"What did I do? That guy..."

Vivi shut her eyes and tried to recall what had happened. But she could only rememb


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