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Chasing His Rejected Luna

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"I'm your best friend, and yet you did this to me!" I yelled. "Why are you so selfish, Adinah?" "Why won’t you let another woman come into the picture instead of making him feel less of a man?" She challenged me. *** "I will do whatever it takes to protect you. Even if it means making difficult choices like going against my family and the kingdom at large." "I don't want your protection," I whispered. "I don’t want the victory to be yours; at the end of the day, this is my battle!” When Adinah's trust is betrayed, her life takes a sudden turn for the worse. Reborn into a past she thought she had left behind, she sets out to exact revenge, but as her secrets come to light, she finds herself caught up in a vicious game of deceit, love, and unimaginable turns. Can she find true love again in the arms of her second chance mate and change her fate in the midst of the complicated web of lies, or will the shadows of her past drag her again into an abyss of destruction?



The moment my phone finally rang, I practically leaped out of my chair, hastily rushing to answer it. The voice on the other end delivered the message that would alter the course of my life. I could barely contain my anticipation as I thanked the doctor and hurriedly made my way to the hospital.

It was supposed to be the day that would have been my happiest and that of my chosen mate, or so I thought.

Getting into his office, I sat down as instructed while waiting for him, but each tick of the clock echoed my heartbeat, and I couldn't help but glance at the door, waiting for the doctor to emerge with the news I longed to hear.

Finally, the door swung open, and my pulse quickened. He held a report that could unveil my destiny.

“Doctor Martins, tell me it’s good news.” I pleaded, desperately hoping for a change of fate.

His face was still pale as he stretched his hand out and said, “Why don’t you see things for yourself?”

With my hands trembling and a lump in my throat, I accepted the envelope, tearing it open to reveal the words that held the weight of my future.

Tears welled in my eyes as I read the confirmation—a new life was growing within me.

“I’m pregnant?”

“Yes, you are; congratulations, Miss Adinah!” His lips parted into a smile, and I fought the urge to hug him as tears clouded my vision.

“How is this possible? You told me…” I couldn’t finish as he cut in.

“Miracles happen, and the goddess was on your side this time.” He revealed.

“It is indeed a miracle!”

Nobody understood the countless nights I had prayed but felt like they fell on deaf ears—the partial humiliation I had to face from the councilmen for failing to conceive an heir.

“Alpha Jeremy would be glad to hear this.” I added, rising to my feet as gratitude overwhelmed me, and I just had to hug him.

“Nobody would bully us for being barren again!” Dera, my wolf exclaimed, making me want to scream out of the joy at the top of my lungs.

I could already imagine the look of shock mixed with joy on Jeremy’s face. We both deserved this.

“You should get something to celebrate on the way,” she suggested, and I immediately took a turn to the nearby mart.

In the supermarket aisles, I carefully selected ingredients for a celebratory meal and headed straight home to carefully arrange the tableau at home with a notice card for him while a sense of contentment and happiness filled my soul.

However, as the hours passed without his arrival, a seed of worry sprouted within me.

“Didn’t he get my message?” I asked, a weight of worry settling on my heart.

Deciding to ignore the unease, I followed the signal from his phone to our special spot.

“Martins must have told him already,” I said, under the impression that he had planned a surprise for me as well, but as I got closer, the sound of moaning grew stronger, making me wonder if my ears were playing tricks on me.

“Do you hear that too?” I asked Dera.

“Yeah, I do, but it can’t be him.”

I wanted to believe so, but his scent was so dominant that I had to confirm. Getting to the doorstep, his groaning accompanied that of a woman, and my heart sank on the spot.

“It’s not him.” I repeated.

Jeremy would never do such a thing to me, but I summoned the courage to prove myself wrong since the door was half open.

Right there and then was my supposed mate having the time of his life; his cock was deep into the mouth of a woman whose back seemed too familiar.

Throwing his head back in ecstasy, he moaned, “Fuck, I’m going to nut in your mouth, baby girl.”

“You’re so fucking good, Sienna; don’t stop."

At that moment, time seemed to have stopped, and I staggered backwards, feeling my heart being ripped apart by a dagger in his hands.

How could he do this to me? After all my sacrifices?!

“You fucking bastard!” I screamed, my voice breaking with anguish.

They instantly stopped, and her eyes widened in shock, but neither of them showed a trace of remorse.

Instead, she continued, bumping her head so fast on it that I had to drag her off him and land a slap on her despicable face.

“You think this is a joke, you shameless whore!”

“I’m your best friend, and yet you did this to me!” I yelled.

She let out a bitter chuckle, eyeing me like I was a piece of trash. “Why are you so selfish, Adinah?”

My brows rose in disbelief, wondering where she got her audacity from.


“Yes, you’ve been with him for years now, but there's nothing to show for it."

“Why won’t you let another woman come into the picture instead of making him feel less of a man?” She challenged me.

This had to be a dream or something, because there was no way that the woman I would have gladly laid down my life for would utter such awful words to me.

“And that woman had to be you, huh?”

She bragged, wiping his semen off the corner of her lips, “Who else would it have been? I’m the best, and none came close enough, not even you."

I clenched my jaw and threw my hand into the air, ready to give her another resounding slap, but it hung.

“Enough.” He warned me in a cold tone.

“Is that all you have to say?” I inquired, still trying to fathom the betrayal and the cruelty of this man.

"Yes, and I won’t repeat myself.”

I scoffed, ignoring his command and instantly lunging towards her, but he intercepted my advance with a swift blow on my temple. The world spun, and the darkness embraced me.

When consciousness reluctantly returned, my head throbbed as I opened my eyes to the harsh reality of the cold, unfamiliar cell. The cold floor beneath me felt unforgiving, mirroring the chilling truth of Jeremy's betrayal. I could still taste the bitterness of deceit and the remnants of despair as I recalled his merciless words.

"Adinah," a chilling voice echoed, cutting through the silence. I turned to see his cold gaze piercing through the cell bars. His eyes, once a source of comfort, now harboured only malice.

"What do you want?" I hissed, my voice laden with anger and hurt. The man I thought was my chosen mate, my confidant, had orchestrated this nightmare.

"Oh, Adinah, you were always so naive; you didn’t think I loved you, did you?" He sneered, revelling in my pain. "I've been using you from the start."

I struggled to comprehend his words, my mind refusing to accept the magnitude of his deception. "Using me? But... our connection, our bond. I literally gave up everything for you!”

"Merely a means to an end, and I never asked for it," he replied, callously dismissing our history. "I needed you to secure control over your pack, and you played right into my hands."

"Why?" I choked on the word, desperate for an explanation that would somehow justify the agony he had inflicted.

"Power, Adinah. The pack belongs to me now," he declared with sinister satisfaction. "And to ensure there are no loose ends, I've arranged a little farewell for you."

He dialled a number on his phone, the sound echoing through the cell. A distorted voice answered, and I strained to hear the conversation unfold. The realisation hit me massively when I recognised the voice on the other end—my father.

"Dad?" I whispered, my heart racing with dread.

Jeremy held the phone in front of me, the malicious grin never leaving his face. I could hear the muffled sounds of struggle and pain, each one a knife stabbing into my heart. "Say goodbye to Daddy, Adinah."

"Dad, no! Please!" I pleaded, my voice breaking. I felt utterly helpless, chained both physically and emotionally.

His laughter filled the air as he disconnected the call. "Such a pity, princess. Your father fought for you until the end."

The weight of despair settled in my chest, suffocating me. Yet, Jeremy wasn't done revelling in my suffering. He produced a vial of poison, his eyes glinting with sadistic pleasure.

"Drink this," he commanded, shoving the vial towards me.

I recoiled, a surge of defiance rising within me. "No, you can’t hurt me, my father, or my pack and think you can get away with it; I won't let you win.”

He chuckled darkly. "Oh, you have no choice. Drink, or I'll make your demise far more excruciating."

His threats hung in the air, the silence in the cell broken only by the distant echoes of my father's screams. Trembling, I took the vial from his hands, the poison glinting ominously in the dim light. With a final glance at his malevolent eyes, I swallowed the bitter liquid.

The world around me blurred as the poison took effect, but I made a silent prayer to the goddess to hear my plea for justice.

“I’ll come back."

“Don’t think this is over." My vision dimmed, and the cold cell faded away.

As consciousness slipped away, the last image I saw was his triumphant sneer. He had achieved his twisted victory, leaving me to succumb to the darkness he'd orchestrated, but it was not over till I got my pound of flesh.



I opened my eyes to find myself in a strange room as the world spun around me wildly. As I tried to make sense of the odd conflict between my memories and the reality I was seeing, panic tightened its grip around my chest. The room, the smell, and the whole thing were different, so this couldn't be true. Nevertheless, the clear pictures of Jeremy's betrayal continued to haunt me.

Two years prior, my world had crumbled at his deceit, and the pain was etched into my very soul. But here I was, standing in a room that didn't belong to me, surrounded by the subtle fragrance of a pack that was not my own.

Confusion and disbelief clouded my senses as I walked around the room, desperately trying to reconcile my vivid memories with this alternate reality.

In my disoriented state, I stumbled upon the guards outside my door. "What day is it?" I asked, my voice betraying the turmoil within.

Their puzzled looks only deepened


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