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Wrong Contract With Mr. Hart
  • Author: Nyan-Nyan
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 780
  • 7.5

"As you have done before, all you have to do now is sign a three-year marriage contract with me. And after our marriage contract ends, I will give you more than you can get now. I will give you everything to make sure that my ex-wife can still live in luxury after I divorce her." The day after her divorce, Vivianne White got that crazy offer from a man she didn't know. She didn't understand why, but Darren Hart, whom she had only met once in a nightclub, wanted her so badly that he kept pestering her until she finally accepted his offer of a contract marriage. . "I won't be shy with you because I know you are wealthy. So prepare a lot of money to make me your contract wife, sir." Vivi thought the contract marriage was as simple as being a dining and chatting companion for Darren, who looked very lonely. But she didn't realize she had voluntarily entered the tiger's cage when she signed the marriage contract with Darren. . "I contracted you to be my wife for three years so that you could be the object of my lust. That is your primary duty as my contract wife, so do well during this contract." And when Darren shows his true colors, can Vivi survive the three-year marriage contract? Or when another chance comes, will she prefer Lucas Warren, the ex-husband she still loves?

The Billionaire's Favorite Maid
  • Author: Nyan-Nyan
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 131
  • 7.5

"Do you want to lose your job to be my lover who will give you anything you want, or do you want to be just jobless for rejecting me?" Daisy just wants peace in her normal life, until she meets River, the owner of the hotel where she works. A rich and powerful man who, in just one night, could turn Daisy into Cinderella. But instead of being River's lover, Daisy became the big boss's personal maid. The maid who takes care of her handsome master's "most personal" parts. So, what's it like for Daisy to work as River's maid? Was it still as lovely as River had promised when life violently shook him from the highest peak to the lowest bottom?


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