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Khadijah Bunza

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About me

I've been writing since I was a child, and I have a passion for mystery and romance novels, both in reading and writing.


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In the beautiful Philippines, Isabella feels trapped in a marriage with Tyler, whose infidelity has shattered her heart and trust. Despite his betrayal, she remains committed to her vows, determined to uphold the sanctity of their marriage. Yet, every day she feels a growing emptiness, a void that Tyler's apologies and empty promises can no longer fill. Isabella's world takes an unexpected turn when she starts working for Drew, a charismatic billionaire who exudes confidence and charm. From the moment they meet, Drew's kindness and genuine interest in her well-being make Isabella feel valued and seen in ways she hasn't experienced for years. Drew's attention isn't just superficial; he admires her strength, her dedication, and the quiet grace with which she handles life's challenges. As Isabella spends more time with Drew, she begins to see what true love and respect look like. Drew introduces her to a world of possibilities, where her happiness is a priority and her dreams are encouraged. He listens to her, supports her ambitions, and makes her feel cherished and adored. With Drew, Isabella starts to rediscover herself, reclaiming the parts of her that were lost in the shadows of her marriage. Isabella is torn by her emotions. Her loyalty to her marriage vows troubles her conscience, yet she knows she deserves true happiness and love. She is caught between remaining faithful to a past of broken promises and pain, and embracing a future with Drew, filled with love, respect, and endless possibilities. Isabella must make a choice. Will she hold on to the commitment she made, hoping against hope that Tyler can change and their marriage can be salvaged? Or will she take a leap of faith, following her heart's true desire, and allowing herself to experience the love and happiness that Drew offers?


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