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Betrothed To The Alpha

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Hannah Jefferson, the daughter of the Alpha of the Silver pack, feels unfulfilled in her life. She yearns to meet her mate, hoping this will allow her to finally leave behind the difficult home she grew up in. However, on her eighteenth birthday, instead of meeting her mate, she is given a husband – Alex King, the future Alpha of the Sky Pack and someone she has secretly loved for years. The problem is that Alex's affections are directed at Alice, Hannah's adopted sister. Faced with this situation, Hannah rejects the arranged marriage, but it seems fate has other plans that are out of her control. Hannah finds herself at a crossroads. While she had hoped her mate would come to rescue her, she is now entangled in a forced marriage to Alex, someone she cares for deeply but who is mated to another. Read and discover how Hannah navigates the challenges of being married to someone mated to another, even as she harbors profound love for him.


The soft glow of the mirror lights reflected off my peach asymmetrical one-shoulder evening dress, and I couldn't help but feel a momentary pride in my creation. I had spent days making this dress just for tonight and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Tonight, the Sky Pack was hosting a party but how my dress turned out great was just one of the many reasons I was happy tonight. Anticipation courses through me; these gatherings are prime opportunities to meet one’s mate. Even though I'm not yet eighteen, by midnight, my mate will be revealed to Poppy. A delighted squeak escapes me—I can hardly contain my excitement.

The prospect of my heart's desire turning out to be my mate dances through my thoughts, and the idea brings a wave of joy. Yet, beneath the surface, a sobering reality casts a shadow. Even if he is revealed as my mate, a heavy concern gnaws at me—he may not accept me. He and his brother already had their eyes set on her as their Luna, and they were just waiting for midnight for the universe to give her to them.

I force a smile onto my face, attempting to push aside the disquieting thoughts. A silent prayer escapes my lips, hoping against the odds that my mate is someone else—someone who will cherish and rescue me from this emotional abyss. It pains me to label my home as a hellhole, but ever since she entered this house, everything changed. It transformed from a place of joy and happiness into one of sadness.

If only my brother hadn't... I hesitate, unable to voice the sentiment fully. The shame holds me back from openly wishing harm on someone. I wished she never arrived, yet a conflicting part of me hesitates to wish for her demise.

I give myself a final once-over in the mirror. The doe brown eyes that once sparkled seem dimmer now, and my pitch-black hair is pulled up into a high ponytail. Rosy lips are adorned with just a touch of lip gloss. I take a deep breath, mustering the strength to face the night ahead. With my purse in hand, I walk out, ready to step into the evening.

As I descend the stairs, the familiar voices of my parents and hers reach my ears. Mentally preparing myself, I join them at the foot of the stairs.

“Finally! ” Mom exclaims upon seeing me. She, a poised woman with auburn curls cascading gracefully down her shoulders, is dressed in a beautiful black gown. Her makeup is subtle yet elegant, accentuating her features with a touch of sophistication. A hint of annoyance lingers in her tone, something I choose to ignore.

“Hi, Mom,” I greet with a smile, attempting to overlook the undertone of irritation.

“You should learn to be more like your sister. She didn’t keep us waiting,” Dad remarks, adjusting his cufflinks, visibly annoyed. Dad is the Alpha of our pack, the silver pack. He stands tall with black hair framing a strong, chiseled face, and his brown eyes.

My tongue dares to remind him that Alice, my adopted sister, has also just arrived, but I wisely hold back.

“It won’t happen again,” I assure.

“It’s okay, Dad, we can get going,” Alice says, adjusting his tie. She hadn’t seen me as her back was facing me.

“Hello, Alice,” I say, and she finally turns around. Her green eyes widened, and a flicker of anger crossed her face before being replaced by a fake smile.

“Oh my goddess, Hannah, your dress…” she fakes a gasp, running toward me. I take a step back, narrowing my eyes at her.

“It’s so beautiful,” she gushes, her eyes sparkling as she admires it.

“Thank you,” I reply cautiously. Her compliments are unusual, and I sense something more behind them.

“Don’t you think it would look great on me, Dad?” she asks, batting her eyes at him.

I should've seen it coming.

“It would, dear. Anything you wore would look beautiful on you,” he responds, and a pang hits my heart. He didn't compliment me upon arrival, but the same dress would be beautiful on Alice.

What about me, your real daughter? Doesn’t the dress look beautiful on me? I wish to shout, but I keep my feelings bottled up as always.

“Too bad Hannah is wearing it. I would have loved to,” she pouts.

“If you wish to wear it, Hannah should give it to you. You're her sister, after all,” Mom adds, shocking me with her words.

“Yes, Hannah, give the dress to your sister,” Dad chimes in, and my shock intensifies. Are they serious right now?

I stare at them, lost for words. They didn’t compliment my dress upon my arrival but scolded me, and now they want me to hand over my dress to Alice just because she wants it—no valid reason given.

Closing my eyes, I exhale. I shouldn’t even be surprised; I should be used to it by now. But how could I? These two people were my parents, the ones who created me and loved me until she came along. Tears begin to fill my eyes.

“No problem. I will head upstairs and change,” I turn away from them as the tears drop.

I rush up the stairs into my room, quickly pulling the dress off. Handing it to an omega who followed me up, I instruct her to give it to Alice.

“You shouldn’t have given the b*tch your dress. You spent hours making it,” Poppy's angry voice echoes in my mind.

“And what else could I have done? Said no and made Dad and Mom hate me more because of her.”

“No! But you should’ve lied or done something. That b*tch doesn’t even like the dress. She probably just wanted to wear it because it looks so beautiful on you.”

“I know.”

“F*ck! Sometimes I really wish your brother didn’t bring her home.”

“Too bad he did, and I lost him in the process too.”

“You know if he was here, this wouldn’t be happening, right?”

“Yeah, I do.”

Poppy sighs. “Let’s just pray tonight your mate ends up being someone amazing and takes us far away from her, and we never have to worry about that b*tch.”


I cut off my connection with Poppy and finish putting on my second dress. Heading outside, I join my family to be on our way. Alice smiles at me as I settle into the backseat beside her, and I force a smile in return. Even if she doesn’t say it, she's gloating right now that she got to wear the dress, I spent tireless nights sewing. Poppy growls in my head, but I continue to hold my smile all the way to the venue. Once it's midnight, I won’t have to put up with her anymore. I can't wait.


We arrive at the venue, and the atmosphere is buzzing with werewolves from all corners of the country. It's no surprise, as parties hosted by the Sky Pack triplets are not to be missed. They are the heirs to the most powerful pack, considered by many as the royal family of the werewolf kingdom, and the triplets themselves are regarded as princes.

Mom and Dad step out first, followed by Alice, who receives assistance from two hands that belong to Cameron and Lorenzo, two of the triplets. Cameron, with jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes, glares at me, while Lorenzo, sporting a similar look, is equally unfriendly. Both have ripped biceps that catch the attention of many she-wolves. The triplets have always been hostile towards me, and I can't figure out why. I don't recall doing anything to provoke their animosity.

“Hannah,” Alice calls, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Yes,” I reply, and she grabs my hand, leading me a few feet away from Cameron and Lorenzo. I look a


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