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Beth Jackson

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About me

Hi, I am quite new to writing, well sharing my writing at least, so please bear with me. I have been reading online for a couple of years and had story ideas of my own bouncing round my often empty head so decided to put pen to paper again. And in a moment of braveness I decided to share my work… And here I am..... My first book is now finished and available, and I'm working on some more, with many ideas noted down for more. I am a proud Mama of 3 kids, sent to surely drive me insane I am sure! I am a carer for one of them who has additional needs and learning difficulties, so I use what spare time I do have to relax and write. I hope you enjoy my writing, I realise it may not be the best, but so long as some people out there enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it then I am happy. Thank you.



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