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Beth Jackson

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About me

Hi, I began my writing journey quite recently as a way to help my anxiety, and in a moment of braveness i shared my first story online and well, here we are, multiple books later. Me still writing as a way to help me but also because I love it, and love knowing that there are people out there that actually enjoy what I am writing! That was quite an astonishing discovery for me, someone with little faith in themselves… I love to read and that love brought me online, which in turn brought my stories here. I write as a means of escape, and while I know I am never going to be the best at what I do, so long as there are some readers out there enjoying reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them then I will be happy An added note for my readers, I do have epilepsy, and if there is ever a day there is no chapter updates when they are expected, please accept my apologies as there is a strong chance i have had a seizure and been unable to update my book that day and will be back to my writing as soon as I am able. Updates for my stories can be found on my social media - be it story excerpts, release dates for new books. Or letting you know when new chapters have been updated.



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