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Samantha Abbott

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About me

Hello readers, so you'd like to know a bit about me huh? Well, I am an author. I have written and self-published four books so far but I won't be stopping anytime soon. All of my work is paranormal werewolf romance because it's what I love. I became an official author after the release of my first novel in 2021 The Last of The Moon Light Pack which turned into a series and is fully published and available on Amazon Kindle (Also paperback.) My goal with all my books is to keep my readers on their toes. I love a good romance but it has to have more than just the spice. I strongly believe in writing what you want to read and oh boy do I ever. Plot twists that keep you guessing and characters that pull you in. And let's not forget the steam because what's a good novel without that am I right? I hope you enjoy my style of writing and I can keep you coming back for more.


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“Megan Penswith.” Me!? Did they call my name? No, I must have misheard. “Miss. Penswith, we don’t have all day.” Growls our Alpha. “Step forward.” Oh My Goddess he did! Dropping my head, I reluctantly step forward. Unable to ignore his command. Goddess, I just want to sink into the floor. “Mrs. Harth!” he growls. “Why is Miss. Penswith, so confused as to how she is supposed to be acting?” “I-I- uh… it’s just nerves, Alpha. Sh-she.” “SILENCE!” he roars. “I didn’t ask for your excuses! It’s your job to make sure the girls are match ready! She isn’t even holding her head high! How can we send her to Alpha Zane?” My head snaps to attention. Alpha Zane! No, no, no, no, no. He can’t mean the Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack! Some of the girls gasp, and I don’t blame them. He’s the last Alpha anyone would want as their mate. Not only is he ruthless but he’s already had a Luna and he killed her! No, I won’t do it… For the first time in my life, I’m not going to just stand by and let whatever happens happen. My wolf growls in the back of my mind. Not in anger, but in praise. I’ve decided to stand up for myself in my human form. Squaring my shoulders, I face my Alpha. I know his reaction isn’t going to be good, but I can’t marry Alpha Zane… I won’t. “There! Yes, that!” he shouts. “That’s exactly how you should be standing. Head high, the look of determination, fearless!” Turning towards Mrs. Harth he raises a brow. “Your other girls should use her as an example. Not shrinking back and sniveling like some omega. Get her packed. She leaves tonight!” Wait! What!? No, no, no…. Go figure I finally decided to stand up for myself and I can’t even do that right. The Alpha strides from the room, taking any hope I had with him. Meet Megan, a self-conscious werewolf raised by her grandmother after tragically losing her parents. Despite being ridiculed for her curvy figure, she is chosen as a luna and her mate is none other than the feared Alpha Zane of The Dark Moon Pack, known for his ruthless reputation and rumored to have killed his own mate. Megan must now navigate through treacherous territory and leave her past behind as she faces an uncertain future with her powerful chosen mate.


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