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His, Mate, His Girlfriend

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"Ellis," I followed Ellis' gaze, and he was staring at the woman behind me. "Mate," My knees weakened as Ellis whispered the words. I took a step back. "Ellis, baby," I regained composure and went to him in an attempt to get his attention. "Mate," he whispered again, ignoring me and looking at Charlotte. I could barely breathe, and all I did was step aside. Ellis took steps forward to her and slowly cupped Charlotte's crying face with trembling hands. "Hello, mate," No, no, no. I silently begged the moon goddess to wake me from this nightmare... *** Love Chasia is heartbroken when her boyfriend of ten years finds his mate and chooses her, forgetting the promise he made to stay by her side forever. The best and only option for her is to leave and never see him again, but what happens when she discovers she's pregnant? Five years later, they meet in a way they didn't expect. Now, he is her new boss. The passion, love, and lingering feelings they thought were buried come back with full force, especially now that she works in his company.


LoveMy boyfriend, Ellis Carter is the alpha to one of the most powerful packs in the world, The Grey Lycan Pack. He is not only devilishly handsome, and famous but a business mogul. We've been dating for ten years, and we were so in love with each other! Life was beautiful, and we were a power couple. I was the happiest woman in the world, he was my first love, and I, his.I smiled when I felt his kisses over my neck, and I gracefully hovered over his naked body. His fingers ran over my body and caressed my breasts as he liked, he sat up and kissed my lips again." I love you," he said in a deep voice that made a shiver run down my spine. " What do you love about me?"" Everything, your delicate pale complexion, your slim figure, your lovely smile, and your eyes, d*mn, your mesmerizing blue eyes are so warm and beautiful,"I smiled at his words. Ellis' love was like rain, calm and refreshing. My love for him was as deep and beautiful as the ocean.I looked down at his torso, feeling sad when I remembered he was not my mate. Ellis noticed this and cupped my face, " Babe, what is it?" I only shook my head. " Don't mind me. I'm thirsty, can I have a drink?" he nodded, and I got off him. I watched him stand and put on his pants, my mind going elsewhere as I was wet all over again. My man was a sight to behold, and no one compared.He entered our bedroom again and gave me a bottle of water. As I drank, I spilled some on my skin and he licked his lips as though they were dry. Goosebumps appeared on my skin, and he quickly got in bed with me. His finger found their way to my cl*t, and rubbed against it. The fire raging inside me made me shiver in delight," You're so wet," he whispers. I couldn't manage a word when I felt his large erection inside my core. " Ah! Ah." He smiled at me and I blushed, I hate that he made me blush even though we have been in a relationship for ten years! How embarrassing. I was breathing and moaning as Ellis continued to move his hard c*ck in me, slowly accelerating. " Hmm," I moaned. " F*ck, I love you," His expression changed, and I felt his gentle kiss on my neck. " Say it again," he orders, his kisses getting rougher. He loved it when I told him how much I adored him. "I- I adore you," I tried to breathe as he went deeper in me, ravishing me, and he shoved his tongue in my mouth without easing his movements in my core. I closed my eyes, focusing on the pleasure he was giving me. I couldn't hold my moans, and they resounded all over the bedroom, expressing my satisfaction. He pumped in me faster and rougher, like a man who has been denied for too long. With each thrust, he pulls deeper into the abyss of pleasure." You're tight..."I held his shoulders and rolled my hips against him as we drew closer to our pinnacle. I could feel it building in waves. His moves now getting reckless and he groaned in pleasure. I cried his name as I c*m undone but he kept going. F*ck, it felt so good." That's it!" " Ahh,"My legs were trembling as he rolled off me, and Ellis continued to caress me with his fingers. He was breathing hard as he gazed at me.We lay in bed for a long time, talking about life and our future. He had a great future for us, and I'm here for it. I feel like I'm just living in his world, and I'm okay with that. " Yes, whatever you think is best," I told him, and he smiled. " Let's get ready," he said. It was the day of the Great Beginning event, the Carter group hosts it every first month of the year, and all socialites in the city attend it. " Is your father attending?" I asked him. Ellis' father, Blanco Carter, has taken a step back in the business since he handed his alpha position to Ellis. He was so good to me and loved me for his son. " No, he's out on another continent, chasing down my mom," he chuckles. His parents were mates, but Alpha Blanco wasn't ready to commit to her, so she left him. After twenty years, he regrets his decision and wants her back. " That's good. I hope they can work it out," I said. " Me too. He did shut down his harem for her," he sighs, getting out of bed. I did too, and kissed his muscular back. His body went rigid, and he turned to me abruptly, grabbing my waist. He nuzzled his lips against my neck. " Wanna go again," I slapped his toned torso playfully and turned around to leave him, going into the ensuite bathroom. ...I wore a beautiful low-neck black dress, and my blonde hair was perfectly curled. I wore my heels and carried a small purse before going downstairs to meet Ellis. His jaw almost dropped to the floor when he saw me. " My lovely girl, you are exquisite," He says, giving me his hand, and I tilted my chin to meet his gaze. " And you look handsome," We left the penthouse building, and I got into the limo. My heart is pounding, and my inner lycan, Vee, murmurs something is wrong. I couldn't shake this dark feeling that suddenly came over me,


Reaching the hotel, everyone was smiling and interacting. They were in their best outfits and jewelry. They all noticed us and bowed respectively. Ellis gave a small speech about how more is to come and thanked me for being by his side always. " Hey," " Interact, I'll find Lila," I told him. He nodded and kissed my lips before going to his guests. Lila, short for Lilac, was my best friend and roommate at the university campus. Lila and I weren't close when I met her. She despised me because she thought her boyfriend, the pack beta, Jace, was secretly in love with me, but she was wrong. Jace only cared for me in a sisterly way because we originated from the same pack, The Golden Stone Pack. It is one of the largest and strongest packs in the world, and my father is alpha. We sat her down and told her our history, and now we are best friends. Like me, she left her pack to be with Jace. " Love!" I hear the excited voice of my best friend. I turne

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